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    Lisa Eldridge
      Fresh With a Pop of Purple Makeup

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      Christina Baal

        How cute, humble and absolutely adorable is Galina?! I love her! Such a beauty she is ❤️

        kim Lanoue

          YES! I love cool colors and so done with the warm colors💜

          Lea Alcedo

            Love this look and your makeup in this video!
            P.s… Still waiting for the video for the undereye area. Lots of love, Lisa!


              Yay for cool colors! I'm so bored with warm colors. They all look messy and muddy, make the red veins in you eyeballs more noticeable.

              Marilyn R

                Beautiful. Oh to be young again!


                  Ths is art! Soooo beautiful colour and make up❣️i ll try, to

                  Cleo Mondragón

                    Reminds me of a wearable Jules look from Euphoria

                    Natalia Taszka

                      As I said on the Facebook, my fave makeup artist and colour in one – I'm in heaven <3

                      Yiann SC

                        Ooh lovely! Cool tones back on!!! Thanks for sharing Lisa! 😘🤗


                          Amaizing! I have never seen a Model that reflect how happy she is that Lisa make her Make Up,. I would be too😍👏👌!

                          Swati Bishnoi

                            How does one do such lilacs in medium to slightly darker skin tones without it looking ashy or too whitey?


                              Lisa, you are amazing. Apparently so simple but perfectly executed.

                              Marissa Fairfield

                                I just love this look! Also, couldn't stop smiling when your model was so shocked that you've done Gigi's makeup. Ugh that was such a sweet moment. 😍 You are the queen, Lisa. ❤️

                                Jimena Alcaide

                                  What a gorgeous makeup look Lisa!! So chic and inspiring to recreate!! The model also is beautiful, so she could wear everything wonderfully!! Congrats!

                                  Danielle Sebire

                                    Also just got to say the models natural lip colour is STUNNING.


                                      She looks like a cross between Kate Moss and Julia Garner


                                        Hey Lisa, i love those looks but they dont look so great on me because i have eyes that need some reshaping make up, since they are small, downturned and narrow set. And these gorgeous minimal wash of colour dont work well on me. And i feel when i adapt them by adding a light cat eye it kind of ruins the concept. How would you do it?

                                        Gabriel Vaughan


                                          Kaline K

                                            This look is very of the moment! Very reminiscent of 1996-1999 very girl group, Delia's kind of look! The icey purple has the youthful effect! Love love love! ( also something cher from clueless would totally rock I think)


                                              I would love for Lisa to do my makeup. Her makeup is always so effortless and elegant

                                              Danielle Sebire

                                                I wear this look daily. I use the garden gate shade from the Nabla soul blooming palette. Its got some real character. I use the orgasm lip balm too! I find the Dior lip balms in holo pink or holo purple are fun too with this eye shade.

                                                Jani Moon

                                                  I´ve got hazel eyes and believe me, purple eyeshadows make me look like a sallow swallow ;))

                                                  nic pace

                                                    FINALLY! been waiting for this tutorial :DD the model looks like gigi hadid mixed mia wasikowska & cate blanchett

                                                    Frozen music

                                                      I am so happy whenever I see cool coloured looks! I can't wear warm colours and everything now is warm, warm, warm, and I just want to see some looks that work for my colouring, because I love some inspiration.
                                                      Oh, and I love the purple on the model's grey eyes!


                                                        This was wonderful! You educate and inspire

                                                        paulajulia s

                                                          Should I wear sth like that for my wedding? It's in may


                                                            I’m watching this but thinking at the same time “when will she release Velvet Jazz again” bc I missed the last two launches.

                                                            Ryan chow


                                                              Soma Roy

                                                                I love this look and having been looking for tutorials similar to this but on darker skin tones, but a lot of lavender shadows either blend into my skin or they are too stark looking. Any tips on how to do a similar application on for medium-deep to deep skin tones?


                                                                  Yours makeup tutorials are always breathtaking! You are creative beyond borders! So enjoyable to watch your blending technique, like a painter from the renaissance and yet, such a progressive makeup look!

                                                                  Simo Simo

                                                                    I'm so bored by the tide of reddish, brown-reddish eyeshadows all around in every brand. I'm looking forward to see some lilac violet and green eyeshadows.

                                                                    Silvia Giorgi

                                                                      Dop you think purple, lilac, etc, eyes go on 45 years old? 😛 ❤️❤️❤️

                                                                      Turquoise Greene

                                                                        I am going to recreate this look with an aquamarine blue. PS The model is very beautiful!

                                                                        Lyn Lee

                                                                          HI LISAAAA

                                                                          Becky C.

                                                                            Very pretty for the last gasp of summer and such a happy, beautiful model as well. Thank you.

                                                                            Jordan Haleigh

                                                                              You are the best makeup artist I've ever had the pleasure to watch.

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