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    Wayne Goss

      Its full coverage. Its waterproof. Its a concealer. And you can get it in 30ml if you like! Links Below! US UK Small Large …

      D D

        Gorgeous, "wink"!!!

        Omyara 15

          That look after covering his ear naughty look I loved it, so lovely. God bless you Goss sweet guy.

          Sweet Tater Pie

            Don't cover up your ears ! They blend in with your shirt !

            Manamea Skin

              The only Male makeup artist I follow and probably will ever follow!! He’s just so classy so handsome and stays looking fly… love how you review products while you keep your masculinity! I don’t know if others agree but that’s just me hahaha #toomuchsauceforYouTube 🤣😍

              Em B

                I live by this stuff.

                Tracy Lea Beauty

                  I mixed this with a moisturizer and made my own BB Cream😃 I had got the large tube and didn’t know how I was going to use it up and it worked out really well!🌺🌺🌺


                    Hey Wayne, 2 questions:
                    1. Can I get this in Canada?
                    2. Assuming 1. is "yes", would Farsali Rose Gold be ideal as a primer under this if I wanted to use as a foundation?
                    I have dry skin.

                    J N

                      Lmao. That's the brand I use. IT is amazing. I don't have the concealer, but thank you for this video. Will have to get it. There makeup is flawless.

                      Becca Giessing

                        I love this concealer. Covers my dark under eyes. Does settle in the lines so use sparingly.

                        Donna DAlessio

                          I have used this concealer and was blown away with that coverage

                          Paula Holmes

                            I love this product so much, it was my favourite concealer until they started not filling up the tubes properly 🙁 I bought one from QVC and Boots that were half-empty and the lady at Boots told me they knew this but were told to sell them, which was so disappointing and I haven't tried to purchase it again since, but I miss it and can't find anything that matches to it!

                            Heather Graff

                              This is my favorite concealer of life! I have quite dark under eye circles, and this is the only thing I’ve found that can cover them, but still keep my undereyes looking smooth and hydrated. I simply cannot be without this amazing product!

                              Victoria Hanke

                                So Dashing in the V-Neck sleeves sweater!!

                                Brandy C

                                  You look so dapper today! Ty for the video. They always both inform and amuse 😁


                                    It's a great Brand but it doesn't have many colors for dark skin tones

                                    IDK ITS EMILY

                                      Who else always heads straight to the comments 😂🙋🏻‍♀️

                                      *anyone wanna be youtube friends 😊

                                      Nisiepie N.

                                        My theory…
                                        Wayne has been especially dressed up for high level Goss Cosmetics meetings.
                                        Hence the new logo.
                                        I keep lusting after makeup, and then have to calm down because I really should be waiting for what Mr. Goss will be coming out with in the near future.
                                        I need gorgeous, sultry blush for light medium skin, Mr Goss. hint hint

                                        1969Vanessa G

                                          Double take!!!

                                          lori engelmann

                                            Wow! I think I will have a try. BTW, I just bought the Rikki Mirror. OMG!!! What a difference in my every day. I can't wait for my daughters to come home from college to use the selfie attachment. Thank you for the recommendation!!!

                                            Col. Ruby Dimples Manacha

                                              Looking good Wayne!

                                              Samc W72

                                                Thanks for this video, I have this product but wasn’t very keen as it was way too thick and wouldn’t blend…………….now I know you’re supposed to warm it up on the back of your hand I’ll give it another try!!! ❤️

                                                Mally Flower

                                                  I've been slowly adding more IT cosmetics to my makeup collection/routine.
                                                  You're gorgeous Mr Goss

                                                  Kelly Wolfe


                                                    Carol Pardee

                                                      Love you!

                                                      noemi acevedo

                                                        Wayn you should try Dermacol foundation it is insane stays on until you Wash it of leaves your skin soft and moisturized.

                                                        Steph OnTheRocks

                                                          God, I love you! You always make me smile.

                                                          Cheryl Emmanuel

                                                            Looks good. Thank you for the Holiday Brush restock – I just got mine along with the synethetic blending and pencil brushes! xx

                                                            Lena Hall

                                                              I have been binge watching!! I just found your channel-i love it, and you

                                                              Fi Perez

                                                                You’re very awesome today….. beautiful eyes …..!!!!!!👍👍


                                                                  I just could not get along with this product. It was way too sticky for me. So sticky. The texture of it just grossed me out and made my under eyes look awful. 🙁 Everyone else seems to love it. Just was not good for me.


                                                                    👏🎉🎊👏 THANK YOU! I've been searching for a full coverage waterproof concealer w/spf to minimize acne scarring for summer swimming 😍! SO EXCITED to try it!!!


                                                                      Love the ear bit… so funny 👂😊

                                                                      trish pugelli

                                                                        you look extra handsome today xo is this good also for aging skin with lots of crapyness? (sorry for the spelling)

                                                                        houria hafsaoui

                                                                          OMG well done you are so funny when you give all you re knwoledge i love the way you are please keep going you have all my support
                                                                          Naziha from France 🇫🇷

                                                                          Daniel McIntosh

                                                                            This is my husbands page but I'm gonna say it anyway.,,,you are very handsome 😊💛💖💛

                                                                            Argoz Smith

                                                                              Thank you handsome!

                                                                              Lisa Leal-Ontiveros

                                                                                Love your reviews!! Great timing as well! I am looking for new concealer for my mature under eye! ❤️

                                                                                Leanda Bollinger

                                                                                  I just love you and your videos.


                                                                                    I have a lot of concealers. But always reach for It. It really is the best. Great for dry under eyes!

                                                                                    C Momtoboys

                                                                                      😂 the look you give after you covered your 👂🏼- love it

                                                                                      Gracie Jimenez

                                                                                        I have it. It really is the best for 58 year olds like me😉

                                                                                        Katherine Hayes

                                                                                          GORGEOUS, YASSSSS!! 💖💋

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