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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I do a full face of glam using makeup that costs 5 dollars or less! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching!


        How could the queen of scent not say something about the smell of the wet‘n‘wild foundation? I think it’s terrible 😵😵😵

        isamar Contreras

          Ok i always see those lashes and i never get them thinking nah they probably suck. Omg! Girrrllll cant wait til payday!

          Maria Torres

            From now on every product you don’t like you should #ElectricChair lol

            yasmeen suraya

              do the mini hands challenge pls!!! 😁

              Ayesha Ghaffar

                Can you do a review of Bath and Body Works water collection or their hyaluronic sleeping mask? I bought it already but I want to see how you feel about it.

                Heidi Bingham

                  I. Loved. This. Video. SO MUCH!!!! You're the BEST!


                    Love the eye look and those lashes! 🔥

                    Daisy Marquez

                      Look at that nail polish thooo🧐😍

                      Cody Jay

                        I just did a video like this a week or so ago! Great minds think alike!! There are definitely some hidden makeup treasures in low priced stores!

                        Corrin Floyd

                          No outtakes?!!!!

                          Krystal Manzano

                            Girl you're so funny!!🤣🤣
                            You make me laugh so much love watching you're videos!

                            Madison Layfield

                              Hi Kathleen!! Loved this challenge😻🤩

                              KK Malik

                                Plans to give away a mascara that you've already used?
                                Those lashes though 😱

                                Alyssa Cascos

                                  Kathleen: "No no no….electric chair".
                                  Me: 😂 I am dying

                                  Stephanie Ramos

                                    OMG YAY

                                    Tina Pientowski

                                      Great video maam hope you have a great week maam:))))).


                                        The editing in this is fireee!

                                        Olivia Newberry

                                          i am really tired of all the spam "im a small youtuber btw" comments disguised as compliments to kathleen; no covert spam pls 🙄😑
                                          on a separate note, kathleen, i love your shirt ❤️

                                          Kellie P.

                                            Plwase do a full face of cruelty free Indy brands!!!!!!!


                                              The foundation is the same one that smells like paint and has the little paddle looking applicator. It’s just in different packaging.


                                                Do a full face of Sally's makeup! Love this look and those lashes are so you 🙂❣❣

                                                Mama Molly

                                                  Love late night Kathleen Lights videos for my insomniac self ❤️

                                                  Mona Christensen

                                                    Mascaras are the one and only product I can't go cheap on 😜

                                                    Erin LeFevre

                                                      Wow, these are huge! Thats what she said hahaha sorry couldn't help it

                                                      Alanis Jang

                                                        I’ve been watching you for years and I just realized how really green your eyes are. I thought you were wearing contacts for a sec haha

                                                        Megan Scull

                                                          U look gorgeous as always 😊😊

                                                          Denisse Castillo

                                                            Idk if you like Jeffree or not but I would love to see you try out his make up!!!

                                                            Stacie Berry

                                                              This literally looks amazing. Those falsies are stunning

                                                              Sandy IAA

                                                                Please please please TRY lord and berry lip crayons holly guacamole you will thank me later yes its wooden but its not your ordinary pencil so creamy and soft let me know what ypu think of them

                                                                Sajia Hanif

                                                                  Dollar store makeup please! Or cheapest at the drugstore or the cheapest or most
                                                                  Expensive in your stash

                                                                  Ashley Harsh

                                                                    That wet n wild foundation is the same one as the one in the glass bottle & spatula thing. It's just in a tube such a good foundation for so cheap tho 👌

                                                                    N N

                                                                      Ever wondered how things can be products for that price and still pay people? Right.

                                                                      Vanessa Romero

                                                                        Your so damn funny i love it

                                                                        Kawaii KimKim

                                                                          Please do a full face using Korean makeup products 🤗

                                                                          Haunani SH

                                                                            Great video! But maybe don't use plastic bags next time!!


                                                                              I’m so confused about how they created a huge super cheap palette with crappy shimmers and awesome mattes?! Like it’s usually the COMPLETE OPPOSITE?! Huh?!
                                                                              Also yeah mascaras that cost $1.66 do NOT go near my eyeballs. My eyes and my skin are SO sensitive and I can FEEL a rash the moment someone says “dollar store makeup”.

                                                                              Stay Melendez

                                                                                Hey kat ur eyebrows came out great! For being someone who rarely uses brow pomade 👏

                                                                                Cynthia Guzman

                                                                                  Your editing is KILLING ME KATHLEEN. LOVE THE NEW EDITING STYLE. I LAUGHED SO MUCH

                                                                                  Jazzi Girl

                                                                                    Such a pretty eyeshadow look n even when products don’t perform well you still kill it.. thanks Kathleen how about a vid using number 7

                                                                                    Elettra Rubbo

                                                                                      Essence has very good mascara under 5$, try one of them next time 😊

                                                                                      Devyn Kubley

                                                                                        Since when is the photo focus foundation in a squeezy tube instead of a glass bottle?! Am I the only one that didn’t know!

                                                                                        Jacqueline Acosta

                                                                                          Looks amazing!! Would love to know how it was a few hours into wearing this whole face.

                                                                                          Adriana Taddei

                                                                                            18:52 lol the glitter from the mascara even went to her hair

                                                                                            Twin Peaks

                                                                                              Kathleen makes anything look stunning . Our five below has more summer junk sfuff than a makeup section so its not as interesting to look through

                                                                                              Mariska Luye

                                                                                                Loving this look those colors and the lashes 😍Would you please do a full face of Essence make up or Cartrice make up.


                                                                                                  lmao im impressed and not with the product but with myself hahaha

                                                                                                  Marika Österlund

                                                                                                    Go to Youtube to see another video, finds a new Kathleen-vid and immediately the other one is forgotten! 😍

                                                                                                    Princess Punzalan

                                                                                                      You should try the jelly pop by elf

                                                                                                      Adriana Taddei

                                                                                                        Of course you can make the cheapest make up products work ughh kat u really have goddess hands

                                                                                                        I was pretty impressed with the eyeshadows they looked so pigmented!!!

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