FULL FACE of Black Owned Makeup Brands!

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      FULL FACE of Black Owned Makeup Brands!

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Today’s video is a full face of black owned makeup brands. Please suggest more black owned brands below and consider …

      Alexa Quinonez

        Hope colourpop is more inclusive this year, their bronzers and blushes are a joke!

        Alexa Quinonez

          I miss you kat 💕💕

          Alexa Quinonez

            So happy you did this ❤️❤️
            I discover so many awesome brands😍 you tell they really care about their customers and that’s what i love from a brand

            Pompon’s Life

              You are an angel ♡

              Marlina Carlos

                We’re so glad to see you back! 🥺 Hope you’re doing well! ❤️

                Ginger Christmas

                  who or what gets money from donations to blm? I looked at their website and still unsure. they get it all or they give it to different places? just curious.

                  Taylor Loeb

                    This should totally be a BOMB challenge! And I knew most of these brands b/c you do use them and shout them out. But would to see other influencers bring out some of their, in particular, indie favorites, or HAVING to try new choices for a full face. Tag your people!

                    Maria S

                      You have a good heart Kathleen 💗

                      Bursta Sunshine

                        This is such a beautiful look & such a great idea to highlight black owned businesses! ❤️


                          Yes stunning look as always! SO glad to see u back on Youtube!!


                            You're such a queen <3

                            Clarissa C.

                              Annette's makeup corner had something removed for saying she was doing it to donate to BLM. Hope this does not happen to you

                              Lexi Pedersen

                                Kathleen is such a damn QUEEN

                                Diamond Johnson


                                  claudette mejia

                                    Love you so much even more for this 💕

                                    Jenna Frazier

                                      Beauty Bakerie has such great marketing that everyone steals her ideas 😠😡🤬
                                      But she is a very sweet woman. I got to know her personally a few years ago, before they went “mainstream”/I’m Ulta.
                                      JD Glow is also an amazing company with exceptional products 💜


                                        thank you, kathleen! 🖤

                                        Gibson Stone

                                          You're awesome Kathleen. Keep speaking up!

                                          Huda R

                                            Love this!!!!

                                            Colleen Marie

                                              I just ordered some JD Glow eyeshadows! Thanks Kathleen for this video! 💗

                                              Keyla Contador

                                                To everyone who is reading this, remember to love one another no matter what skin tone you are, we are all equal! 🥰❤️

                                                Heather Nowak

                                                  thank you for sharing these brands!!! skipping ads?? could never be me

                                                  Mari Roncetti

                                                    2 weeks without you was SO BAD!! Missed you so much

                                                    Bevelyn Portillo

                                                      I dont rly mean to offend anyone with what im about to comment cause it's meant to compliment Kathleen but i rly love when Kathleen puts her hair this way, she looks like santa Maria Magdalena. She's very beautiful but im rlyyy sorryy 🙈🥰

                                                      Katie Marie

                                                        I’m glad you’ve shared your support for BLM. I’ll be looking into these brands. I’ve been looking for clothes and stuff too by black owned companies. BTW, I love the darker hair.

                                                        Diana Perry

                                                          How did I not know Pat McGrath is black? Lol. Awesome to see her brand be so successful. Thank you for finding a way to use your platform in this way.

                                                          Maia Lee-Chin

                                                            didn't you say the n word

                                                            Michelle Guerrero

                                                              Thank God for a new video, I needed some Kathleen Lights in my lifeeeeee

                                                              Marisol Vega

                                                                please do another video with the products you ordered from Black owned brands.

                                                                Marisol Vega

                                                                  I NEED those purple polishes in my life!




                                                                      8 shades in…….this really is an easy Smokey eye. 🤣

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