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      Full Face of Brands That DON’T Hate Me... Yet

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I’m doing a full face of FREE makeup I’ve gotten in the mail over the last month! Makeup is my favorite …

      MacKenzie Beesh

        14:30 😂 me when I heard two pallets

        chris softer

          stupid fucking whore!

          mimi Kaur

            Jefree please can you do a meet and greet in liverpool uk 😘😘😘😍😍

            Kitty Kat

              That crocodile skin bag reference made me sad.

              aunpaidintern !

                Jeffree, as someone who doesn't really know make up, nor am I into the bright colors, could you make a tutorial or something for simple coverups? Hide acne scars, junk like that.

                Retrohalez TriniDan

                  You never know what someone is going through. Stay cool J⭐️

                  aaliyah mcintire

                    “I’m not Mariah Carey let’s talk”

                    Eddie knotts

                      Someone is running out of ideaz


                        Okay, first of all….

                        Nate looks SO GOOD in purple WHAT


                          But who also wants to see Jeffree with a beard



                            Janelle Lim

                              6:007:00 everybody needs to listen and remember that, wow thnks jeffree!

                              Sharon Heemskerk

                                I 💯 need to try Beauty Bakery! 🍥
                                Wich product(s) do you Guys recommand?
                                Hope they ship to Amsterdam 🇳🇱

                                Mady Netzer

                                  I didn't look far. But am i the only damn one who noticed this is sped up?? 😂 if you put it at .75 speed its natural and he just high so he sped that bitch up


                                    Full face of esteé lauder please

                                    Lucy’s life

                                      loved this xx

                                      Hannah ._.

                                        When jeffree said postmate some wendys i felt that. I relate hard core

                                        Lola Finch

                                          Please post another asmr video I live for those!

                                          Laci Shearburn

                                            That’s something we have in common, eczema.

                                            Crazy_ Kupcakes

                                              What about the juvious place new foundation?

                                              Shane Luckett

                                                Miss Pricey Indeed.

                                                parvathy pradeep

                                                  I dont even use makeup but I love watching him speak😍

                                                  brianna tellez

                                                    Review kylie skin !!!!

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