FULL FACE OF COLOURPOP + Just a Tint Lip Crayons!!!

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      FULL FACE OF COLOURPOP + Just a Tint Lip Crayons!!!

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here’s a video where I show you all of the new Lip Crayons from Colourpop while giving you a full face of makeup!!!! I hope you guys …

      Liz Herrera

        I just love the way you do your makeup ❤️ always look at your videos for inspiration 😍

        Eunice Audian



            With your coupon code I know it's time to go shopping!



              DJ KHALID X s

                Good video honey. 😊🧡🧡👍👍

                isamar Contreras

                  Stranger things season 3 was so awesome!


                    is there more product in the pencil? or is only the tip? if there is more product is there a way to sharpen it? does it have a sharpener at the end?


                      Damn, I haven’t get my hand on the blush stix and now they released a tint ? 🤦🏻‍♀️ there’s goes my money to colourpop

                      Just Abeer

                        I love how Kathleen uses colorful eyeshadows almost in every tutorial this summer 💜

                        kingma king

                          Omg Kathleen your feet are hidious saw them on you cafecito video so fugly damn

                          Jessy Guzman

                            Love this look

                            Makeup And Brunch

                              Do the lip tints have to be sharpened? Or does the tube wind up for more product?

                              Amusing Ingenue

                                I love that you're embracing blush! It is very flattering on you!

                                Brandi Verstraete

                                  Love everything about colourpop


                                    Aw shit now I want 2 more colors😂 I bought gimme s’mores and rise n shine. Now I also want z boys and city of stars lol. Well maybe I should wait until the first 2 ship😂😂

                                    Alex Sneed

                                      When Kathleen doesn’t include bloopers at the end of the video I always feel so bummed lol

                                      Hope Davis

                                        Wow I really loved the way you did your whole makeup start to finish that was really interesting and fun to watch you do the eyeshadow

                                        koco sun

                                          wow so beautiful

                                          Gia Anderson

                                            Am I the only one who got an add for boxycharm with Kathleen in it on her own video 😂

                                            saima karim

                                              As you have too dry skin, then I think should try Ciate London watermelon burst hydrating primer and their extraordinary foundation!

                                              Sharon Massie

                                                The brown mascara makes your eyes POP!

                                                Susie Lewis

                                                  I love your bold eye choices! I swear….if I were doing this….I would want to stop after each color….afraid to ruin it….but with each additional color….your eyes just got even prettier! 💕

                                                  Maureen Mendoza

                                                    Love all the Lip colors


                                                      Love the eye lewk

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