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      FULL FACE OF DOLLAR TREE MAKEUP!! & I’m shocked!!!!

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I do a full face of Dollar Tree makeup! There are some hits and some definite misses. Hope you enjoy! Thanks …


        Ulta doesn't have the Essence blush but Essence still sells it on their sight. It is my favorite and I just ordered a couple yesterday.

        ysolla jane

          Kathleen: I love a dewy, glowy look.

          LA Colors bronzer: I got you, girl.


          Carla Hernandez

            There’s a supernatural eyeshadow palette at Hot Topic you should do a get ready with me trying it out 😂😂😂


              I like the highlight and lip products the most. A huge miss for the eye makeup though.

              ysolla jane

                Okay but wait, that eye look actually looks stunning – like a purple wedding look. But YOUR EYES!! 😍 They stand out so much and I never realised how GREEN they are! 💚

                Kat Turner

                  Swimple eye look 💫


                    omg the GREASE of that foundation 😂

                    Jessica Baca

                      I know so many look down on this makeup, but let's remember, sometimes this is all that many women can afford if they want to try and look put together for work and what not. It's great that you've shown such a nice look at low cost.

                      Jacqueline Almanza

                        Hey Kathleen!!!! Can you please please please do a video on that little gadget that heats up to curl your lashes ???? It’s from the brand eyelash queen

                        Edwin Peterson

                          That purple eyeshadow is so pretty on you

                          Karla Torres

                            It's freaking me out how much of a perfect match that foundation is for you lol

                            Karla Torres

                              OMG I used that eyebrow/eyeliner pencil when I was in high school lmao

                              Sarah Weaver

                                I like that you ACTUALLY gave these products a for real chance. I dont use the dollar tree products, but some people cant afford much. It really annoys me when these snobby girls do the dollar tree makeup videos, and act really shitty and rude. Its refreshing to see you actually give it a fighting chance!
                                ❤️ You for being the sweety we all know u r

                                Tina P

                                  Ummmmm…. WTAF!? Where are the Bloooooopers kathleeeeeen!!!!??????? 😭😭

                                  Karina Rodriguez

                                    Leave it up to Kathleen to make any makeup brand work and pull of the look😍❤️

                                    Neta Sezan


                                      Renee Paiz

                                        So?try the la colors FELT TIP
                                        LIQUID EYELINER……
                                        ITS GREAT N DRIES MATTE.


                                          Hey! Cubanita Bella… Pa' cuando otro video en español…. Love all your videos…… Hi from Costa Rica…..

                                          Bushra Sayed

                                            For sure you can make any product work😍

                                            Melissa Quinton

                                              😂 This is great 😂

                                              Honestly you look great and thank you for trying it out for the rest of us. 🖤

                                              Adriana Ramirez

                                                When is the room tour??? I can't wait lol

                                                Jovana Kocić

                                                  LOVEEEEEE Essence Satin Blushes, the Love one, the Bronze one and the Peach <3<3<3 But all of them broke on me 😖
                                                  BTW I love how you line the sides of the top lip. I would personally recommend you to do the cupids bow a little more closed inwards

                                                  Anna G

                                                    I love how you usually wear your natural hair! It really gives young girls confidence , I remember when I was younger I hated my curls. It’s so nice to have an influencer like you showing us appreciation for the curls!

                                                    Siti Hayat

                                                      I like that you actually took the products seriously and made it work and didnt treat them or treat the video like a joke. Thank you. 🙂

                                                      Yvette Richardson

                                                        Honestly…I NEVER comment but wow your video had me smiling and laughing with you..and for the duration of this video everything felt good, felt okay. So THANK YOU for that!!!!


                                                          I think all the makeup looks great on you! So pretty! Here’s a tip for you and your readers from an old makeup diva like me – when applying lipliner, brace your baby finger on your chin – it steadies your hand! You’re welcome!😉 With love and greetings from Buffalo
                                                          Thanks for fun video! 🌷🌺☘️❤️🌹🌸🍀🌼

                                                          Belle Clementine


                                                            Nathalie Marie

                                                              “The ass” LOOOL

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