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      FULL FACE OF GLAM MAKEUP | Go To Look for special occasions

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I walk you through my GO TO look for events or special occasions! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for …


        This video was prerecorded!!!! That’s why I’m being sneaky about my blush lmao!!! I’m wearing my new “I NEED SPACE” blush


          This is beautiful!

          Also, just found the makeup look I wanna do for my wedding. Thanks Kathleen! ❤️

          Christy Woods

            Aquarius Has To Be My All-Time Favorite Most repurchased Colourpop product I've ever Bought.Its Just so You.And its a Gorgeous nudge for Me to!We,Aquarians are so ridiculously alike Its strange.lol.love You Kat🐶🐕🤩😘💖💕💜🦋🦋🦋🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️

            Jennifer Hernandez

              I loooove that Capricorn is that black color!!

              Christy Woods

                I love The Colourpop stick!


                  It’s not a pet peeve but for some reason it gives me satisfaction when you put on powder after foundatuon and concealer. Like when that full on shine disappears😂


                    Kathleen: I’m gonna wipe off this makeup as soon as I finish it.
                    Also Kathleen: I forgot the most important part, to set my makeup!

                    Sharon Laurencia

                      Please make moony in singles!

                      Natalya Krahel

                        wow stunning

                        Mousumi Das

                          Jacklyn hill lipstick review please

                          Chelisse Rosario

                            What did you use for your hair here? I love the waves!

                            Nujhath Tasnim

                              **Jawdrops**Your makeup is soooo feminine and pretty my goody God 😍😭😭And u r looking bheryyyy gorgeous Kat 💝And yeah can we get an updated version of fourth ray beauty video,please??😊

                              Lucia Cisneros

                                YEEEEEEESS!!! this looks so good!!! I get married in 2 weeks omfg this was great!


                                  I can’t focus on my problem areas with foundation, my whole face is a problem area Kathleen lol. Thanks to cystic acne and scarring. So I have to do heavy makeup to cover it up 😖

                                  Rebecca S

                                    I swear you get prettier and prettier

                                    soul ripeanutbutter

                                      Anyone know what time of year the Love is the Foundation brush usually comes around?

                                      Allison Hernandez

                                        some of us have really pigmented lips n need foundation lips for the lipstick to show 😩😩😪😂

                                        but I agree w highlight before blush!! it really prevents the highlight from looking like it’s just sitting on top of everything

                                        Maly Yang

                                          You should watch Juicyjas’s nude lips video, she raves about your Colourpop products 🙂


                                            Kathleen ad playing before Kathleen video 😝 ANYWAY! This is perfect!!! I have 2 weddings coming in the next 3 weeks and I’m already doing one of your looks for the Maid of Honors (Maids of Honor?), as I am doing the makeup one of the weddings, and yes, instead of having 1 MOH and some bridesmaids, she’s doing 2 MOHs and no bridesmaids at all, same for the groom with his best men. The look I’m doing on them is usually my go to going out look and I was wondering what I was going to do now since I didn’t want to match them, and here THIS IS! It’s magic. Thank you.

                                            shilpi kaushik

                                              Your skin is way way wayyyy too beautiful. The only youtuber i know who has such beautiful natural skin. You look like a porcelain doll idk. Love and light to you, Kathleen.🤩

                                              danyelle desipio

                                                when people wipe their beauty blender across their face rather than bouncing 😭😖

                                                vicki lopez

                                                  Loved this video!! You look beautiful Kathleen 🌺🌺

                                                  THE GRAN FAMILY

                                                    you literally taught me how to do eyeshadow. fast forward my followers ask me how i learned. i started watching and realized it was YOU!! thank you for sharing!!!<3

                                                    Xu Shwu

                                                      ahahahah kathleen r u talking about nikkie when you say foundation lips

                                                      Isabel Hochleutner

                                                        i get that EXACT same problem on my nose !! I feel like it never looks good on my nose no matter what

                                                        Beauty Bulletin

                                                          same youtube makeup pet peeve.

                                                          Evangelina Ortiz


                                                            your dead senpai


                                                              b w

                                                                I WANT TO GET that foundation brush but CANT find it anywhere ugh!

                                                                Michelle Rodriguez

                                                                  Wish you did a go to summer foundation routine or a summery look for the first day of summer! This is pretty though <333 I'm sure alllll the summer looks are coming anyway haha. Happy summer!

                                                                  Molly Arrowood

                                                                    Going to do this look for my engagement party coming up 😍💘 so beautiful Kathleen!

                                                                    Mindy Fields

                                                                      LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! 😍❤😍❤

                                                                      Sofia De La Vega

                                                                        Who else was thinking about Nikkie Tutorials when she was talking about 10 pounds of foundation and foundation lips😄❤️

                                                                        Sofia S

                                                                          Why are you so gorgeous. Also I love that shirt.

                                                                          Natallie Anastasova

                                                                            Kathleen talking about Nikkie Tutorials lips 😀 😀 😀

                                                                            Leslie Lasseigne

                                                                              ever since you’ve said you started applying your highlight before blush, i’ve been LOVING doing it!!

                                                                              Shauna Chapman

                                                                                Great tips! Your makeup is always flawless!

                                                                                Mookie Pookie

                                                                                  Your thumbnail is GORGEOUS 🔥


                                                                                    omg doing a little bit of the foundation stick under the bronzer on the cheek bones is a game changer, can't wait to try it out tomorrow 😍❤️

                                                                                    Anais Reza

                                                                                      Omg! I hate it too, when ppl leave there foundation or concealer on there lips while there doing there makeup. it drives me insane! Wow #relatable ❤️

                                                                                      Lilly Hernandez

                                                                                        I hate foundation lips!!!!

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