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      Full Face of New DRUGSTORE MAKEUP Tested

      Today I’m doing a Full Face of NEW Drugstore Makeup Tested. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE » » » …

      LizziChi Ⓥ

        Shouldn't contour be cool toned? Especially under the cheekbones? This looks like there is a tan in an unnatural place. Any MUAs know what I'm talking about? The warmer colors should go where the sun would naturally tan you, forehead, tops of cheekbones basically where you would bronze.


          This was one of the funniest tutorial. When that illumination powder went on, I couldn't stop laughing. Your reaction was priceless. Love your channel

          Jasmine Williams

            Tati I love your videos ❤️

            Hannah Corley

              Did cristine turn you on to those root sweat pants?! 😍😍😍

              Belle Castro

                Can you do the reckon cushion lip tint?!?

                Emily Rose

                  Hi Tati. I never really comment on videos but I just thought I should say that Ive been watching every video you put out for quite a while now! I appreciate your unwavering authenticity and kindness 💛

                  Lu Leyva

                    Tatiii you look sooooo good like extra extra good 😍


                      Haha the try halo beauty info made me just realize how broke I am

                      Liv x

                        TATI was that a kurtis conner reference?

                        Begelmer Imer

                          It’s a pitty that we can’t see anything of the actual make up applied because the shot is so far away..

                          its mee

                            This is hillarious 😂❤️

                            Sharmila Aahil

                              Yo look so bronzy and 90’s and sexy, just perfect!


                                Kokie Crystal Fusion Liquid Eyeshadow, yet another item international makeup lovers cant get hold on… Great!

                                IGot7, VIP, Aroha, Beauty

                                  “Why am I even using you?!” The way Tati tossed it reminded me of a child throwing a toy at someone they didn’t wanna share it with but was forced to share. Lolol

                                  Michelle Smith

                                    I'm still not buying the "Tati LOVES Sally's Beauty". It's always Col-lab and they're the greatest. Sally's has more brands than just Col-lab yet that's all I hear. I also struggle with the cream contour/bronzer. Had it been another brand that made you look like Vaseline you'd have thrown a fit

                                    B S

                                      Please review Patrick Ta

                                      Sonja Milicevic

                                        This selftanning lotion is bad. You look dirty.

                                        Jenessa Knapp

                                          is it me or does tati seem high on smtn 😂

                                          Esther Kelly

                                            why do i love this video so much 😂😂😭 such good vibes. i was laughing at my phone watching this looking like a weirdo. i think this is my favourite video of yours. 🤣💕

                                            Rajinder Issar

                                              Love you ‘Queen’😘😚

                                              Mila Warwicker

                                                Your hair looks incredible 😍❤️ thanks for all of your hard work and staying true to makeup and to yourself

                                                Riley Stepp

                                                  idk if this is just my dollar tree… but they have a whole aisle filled with all makeup products!! maybe a dollar tree makeup review/tyrone would be sickening!!


                                                    12:49 Oh my god! She looks so good😍😍 She needs to do her hair like that


                                                      omg i love this look

                                                      Grace Chapman

                                                        omg I want a review on this foundation please! and what self tanner?


                                                          U are such a pleasure to watch, love yas♡

                                                          Arlene Brogan

                                                            Who me? 🤣

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