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      FULL FACE Trying New Makeup Products!

      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty I’m testing a full face of NEW makeup products! Thumbs up for more makeup videos/tutorials!

      Poppy Underwood

        okay sis use ur fingers to do the brow tint. its easier than tweezers so that u dont pull ur hairs out with em 😂😂

        Stephanie Cierra

          Girl you’re so beautiful! Love your videos 🙂

          Almonde Francis

            Lisette, your curls are POP-PING!!! ❤

            sophia ortiz

              girl u do NOT need ur brows microbladed ! & it aint even cute


                Girl put some ads in your video and get that extra schmoneyyyy

                Shila Robinson

                  Can you do a 2019 morning routine? 🥰

                  LeeannahsMusic Channel

                    PLEASE stay this BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 🙂

                    Ivory Gilmore

                      Plz do more of these and call them First impressions 💕❤️🥰🤪

                      Christina Cherubin

                        loveeeeeeeee uuuuuu lisette beauty QUEEN!!!!!!!

                        Aaliyah Fox

                          ur so cute 😂 u said and just let it melt on your face


                            I see people doing those freckles thing do you like it

                            Marie Barbie

                              Love this makeup look!! So pretty! 😁💕

                              Andrea xo

                                Please do a video of tips on how to gain weight

                                Y o d e l i n e

                                  USE ME AS A “I LOVE LISETTE” BUTTON❤️

                                  👇small youtuber here btw 🥰✨

                                  K breeann

                                    You’re skin is so nice 😍😭

                                    L Henn

                                      The makeup looks so good😍

                                      Kyra Moore

                                        “Put this on my face”😂💀 @11:10

                                        Kayla Arianna

                                          this look lw gave me lion king vibes with all the gold and brown😍

                                          Madison Senior

                                            The eyebrow products looks so cool!

                                            Zoirre bass

                                              What camera do you use, because girl… that focus is on POINT👌🏽!!! Also love 💗 you!!!

                                              Adore Remi

                                                i lost it when you brought those big scissors to cut your brows

                                                Regan Hicks

                                                  you’re seriously SO BEAUTIFUL!! don’t let anyone tell u anything else angel xoxo

                                                  T’Naya Albury

                                                    What is the background music?😭

                                                    Sophie Southerland

                                                      Where did you live before moving to California?

                                                      Lovely Darling

                                                        Its been a long day for me so its nice to just relax and play in some makeup with Luhsetty. 😌😌😄

                                                        Mahira Mustak

                                                          Lovely…….. you always inspire me 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗love all the videos you do

                                                          Rebeca Cipres

                                                            Beautiful face♡

                                                            Rina Edwards

                                                              I liked the Freckles

                                                              Mel Ho.Martínez

                                                                Throughout the video, my brain is going: Lisetteeeeee, the frecklessssss are being covereddd.

                                                                Janessa Quintana

                                                                  I just got my notifications😟😭😭😭😭

                                                                  Aya Ahmed

                                                                    How is she that pretty? 😍

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