Full Face Using Only E.L.F. Makeup… I'm Speechless!

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      Full Face Using Only E.L.F. Makeup... I'm Speechless!

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to another makeup review. Today I’m testing out a full face of ELF makeup products that are new at Ulta! I’ve heard so many …

      andile nyoni

        I wanna win!!!!😊

        Fau Julkanain


          Neea Laukkanen

            Love this

            Noura Amgad

              هؤلاء هم شياطين الارض

              Cynthia Tobin

                I have been WAITING FOR THIS since jeffrees first video doing all elf products. I personally love elf (Except their foundation and eyeshadow ) and have an collection of their products.

                kuro dhiah

                  How can you make affordable makeup look so good and effortless 😻😻


                    Definitely trying the elf camo conceal. People are saying it’s a dupe of the tarts shape tape

                    The Music Arena

                      I know Nobody will read this But for the single percent that does ready this it will make my day❤️Hope you have a nice weekend and may God bless you and all your dreams come true♥️♥️ I know fame doesn’t happen over night but I work my hardest to become the best YouTuber I can👍🏼 Wish me good and help me grow to 20000 subbsss

                      Abeni Mcnair

                        New fan love that you support all products ❤️

                        Jennifer Franklin

                          I love that you love e.l.f. You are on top of the world right now but still showing love to the underdogs. You will always be my favorite YouTuber!

                          Sierra Gutierrez

                            I really need your brushes!

                            Jem Menor

                              Hi 😘

                              Amber Paul

                                aw I follow you on Twitter, snap and here…. but there's no Ulta in Australia and they don't post to us 🙁

                                unaiza abid

                                  Hi, how are ya?


                                    Love you!!!! Always looking 10/10. When are you coming to London????

                                    Ash Cox

                                      Jeffree opening that Jelly Highlighter made my entire day. "YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS! *jiggle jiggle jiggle jiggle*"

                                      Kirsty Dinan

                                        Hi jeffree how r ya?

                                        Gacha Life

                                          I have followed all accounts and I would love the brushes and I have been likening all and I have turned on the notifications and I said to my bff to follow you and everything so you are my favourite you have made me so much better at makeup and to have your brushes would be amazing 💖❤️❤️

                                          Beauty and the Vlog


                                            Alicia J Olivas Mata

                                              Dang might have to give e.l.f a try but in the meantime me and my money are just patiently waiting for jeffree to drop his new products this month. Can't wait to see what he has come up with!!

                                              Alina Navarro

                                                Love a snatched queennnn !

                                                Anne Phoebs

                                                  done 💓 in mechanics

                                                  Aemang The Awesome

                                                    Queen Jeffree trying products I can actually buy! 😍😍😍😅

                                                    Elizabeth Gonzalez

                                                      Literally ballin on a budget rn so love the fact you reviewed drugstore! Love your hair like that babe! 😍😍
                                                      Following you on twitter & here, hopefully I get the chance to win!

                                                      Don Daniel Emelo

                                                        Hi gurl!!

                                                        Anna Bullard

                                                          Ok I’m shook


                                                            You´re such a KweEn. Sosososososos much love <3

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