Game Of Thrones Actors' Complicated Relationships

Main Game Of Thrones Actors' Complicated Relationships

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      Game Of Thrones Actors' Complicated Relationships

      Game Of Thrones Actors Love Lives In Real Life Subscribe to our channel: …

      Christopher Reichert

        I don't know what I am going to do with my life when GoT ends

        Jung Shooketh

          I'm suprised that the Talko didn't say anything about the James Charles scandal

          Kaur Amy

            Starbucks lover emilia clarke. Okay i see what you did there. 😂

            Nicola Ferrari

              Iv only seen 2 season's!, must buy the box set, busy life that dose not give me a lot of spare time

              Margarita Hernandez

                Love is a wonderful feeling!

                Tabatha Moanalot

                  I know nothing about GOT. Why did I not watch it from the beginning…back under the rock I go

                  Adolf Hitler

                    They all pornstar… It is funny about there relations 😂😂🤣🤣

                    Health & Household

                      Thank you so much

                      Rithin reddy

                        After 10 years, Macey still looks like 8yr old that she debuted as

                        Cynthia Denniston

                          Can't believe its going to end tonight so sad to see it over😭

                          Taisen’s Cool Stuff

                            Wow, GOT has come a long way, I can't believe it's gonna end!

                            (I'm a youtuber btw!)

                            Jarren Lumpkin


                              Jane Doe

                                I need this show to continue on, it's my addiction!

                                Sara Bussolati

                                  What am I supposed to do with my life after tonight?

                                  Meghana Yasamneni

                                    Starbucks lover Emilia Clarke

                                    maggee •

                                      At least brienne got the D before Jaime died

                                      Meghana Yasamneni

                                        I miss got

                                        maggee •

                                          I still feel like Arya is 12

                                          maggee •

                                            Now what else do I do with my life lol. This show was my entire life

                                            ep épico

                                              Please upload a video about rapper or something about celebrities

                                              sticky 28

                                                The talko is the best channal so smart and great voice



                                                  Psychic Lisa Paron

                                                    I LOVE this show ❤️ Thanks for sharing this

                                                    Santosh devi sharma

                                                      Hi talko

                                                      i miss games of thrones

                                                      xXCrystalXx 909


                                                        Ann George

                                                          Hi…!… guys…
                                                          What's up…

                                                          kkika T.folau

                                                            love your content so much
                                                            keep doing what yall do best

                                                            Ari Playz Roblox


                                                              Guylian Viaene

                                                                This how many people love Game of Thrones
                                                                I’m a underrated YouTuber btw* ❤️

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