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      The Sad Truth Of How Game Of Thrones Cast Lives Were Changed

      How Game Of Thrones Affected These Actors In Real Life Subscribe to our channel: …


        Daniel Portman needs to start punching those disgusting “fans” in the face, if it had been the actresses getting groped by men I bet the men would been in jail or the hospital.

        unnati priya

          I don't like sophie….😕

          Ajay Let

            Emila is strong 💪 I commend her

            Ajay Let

              They all need a break. We all need a break after the heartbreak season 8 is.


                Sending hate mail to an actor because you hate their character shows a serious mental deficiency and detachment from reality. Those people need professional help.


                  I don’t know why actors would ever read comments by normal people?! Like shit that could mess you head up! Cuz many people are just hating on the character instead of the actor but these actors can’t separate the two so why would you torture yourself with that kind of hate?!

                  Drop Down

                    A beautiful woman has to be a whore and a handsome man has to be gay. Jealousy will always be there.

                    cerys nicole

                      Sophie is a beautiful young woman people are cruel❤❤❤

                      Rabekka Oram

                        Lame 😒


                          I was a model in my teenager time, I did an advert, when i went my school. Students laughed at me and told, I was ugly and fat to do modelling. I finished my year contract with my age and quitted the industry. Lots of bullies out there.

                          Micro Tube

                            Shes so fucking hot bruh why do girls do this dumb shit

                            Riri Pari

                              Its sad that people that get so invested in the show take their emotions out on the actual actors. Game of Thrones is not real and people need to get over themselves. Yeah Joffrey deserves all the people's hatred, but the actor himself deserved nothing but praises for his portrayal of the character.

                              Elizabeth Nortjé

                                People who are rude to Sophie because thier jealous that she's beautiful on screen and off screen . No plastic

                                Joellie Allwin

                                  People are brutal😬

                                  Woyam Chny

                                    I feel so sorry for all these filthy rich people.

                                    Paul House

                                      Omg, I had no idea how hard it is for an actor or actress, I truely feel for each and every one of them, I know the feeling

                                      Vishal Yadaa

                                        What does Game of Thrones has to do with Emilia Clarke’s brain. That’s a different issue

                                        Vishal Yadaa

                                          This video is made by most dumbest people on earth

                                          Dr. Tamara Worley

                                            Whose responsiable for this BS in the writing? We watch this for 10 years and they kill off all the dragons, make Terion our favorite loose his wits and intellect, eaten up with the dumb. Jamie should have stayed with Brie Anne…..Bran should have used his mental powers and signaled more dragons and 50 come flying in….Hire me I know what the GOT watchers want. Its official we are mounting up and coming for the writers! Dr. Tamara worley

                                            Quentin Collins

                                              I wanna smell maisie Williams and sophie Turner's feet and butthole


                                                Damn that is sad about Jack. Tbh He took the most Kingly photos. Some of his poses we're like damn! That is a king right there! Haha

                                                Mitch Duwel

                                                  Oh boo hoo. I have so many problems. I’m rich and can have anything. Oh my life is so bad. Waaaa! 😂

                                                  Black Raspberry

                                                    Support and hugs for Sophie and Emilia <3 <3 <3

                                                    Saphira GT-CS

                                                      Emilia is my hero and seriously I would like to thank all of them for tremendous acting, best show ever!

                                                      hanaa selim

                                                        SPOILER ALERT PEOPLE, COME ON.

                                                        William F.

                                                          Yo Sophie is SOOO attractive and does a great job as Sansa. I've read the books. What ppl dont like is just the character, but its the same as Gleeson. Idoits who cant seperate characters from actors. I hate Sansa up until she escapes to the but it was the character. I am truly sad that actors who r just at the start of their careers have to recieve so much hate that they fear the spotlight. If they were terrible ppl off camera it be understandable (*Brie Larson*) but Gleeson and Sophie should feel proud of their amazing achievements.

                                                          Zwarte Zeurpiet

                                                            Background music please.

                                                            Mrs J

                                                              Wow I feel sorry for all these people 😊 but I'm glad that they are all good and can't wait to see it

                                                              Queen Poopoo

                                                                Ok this voice over person is speaking way too quiet

                                                                Richard Michael

                                                                  The 'good, the bad, and the ugliness' of showbiz is really sad especially on characters like Geoffrey (Jack Gleeson)

                                                                  Kewell Waters

                                                                    That's terrible considering there suppose to be fans of the show how people act like that it's terrible. We know Joffrey was an character to dislike but it's not him at all in real life because Jack is an amazing actor . Also I think maisie is like so good what she does shes so top A class levels . And sophie has a perfect body like honestly if I dated a girl I would want her to have the same figure as sophie shes prefect. But all of them are so awesome and they deserve a standing ovation

                                                                    Rebecca Clouser

                                                                      Wow I know what that feels like I have been dealing with depression myself for yrs everytime I have to be out in public my mind switches to role I play just so I can go out its hsrd to live like this and I'm not anyone famous I'm nobody I don't know how they do it I'm not that strong

                                                                      Dylan Thomas

                                                                        This why I loath youtube vloggers and obsessive fans of GoT, who are obsessed with critiquing the show!! There has never been a TV that has been flawless or had the perfect ending no matter which way they try to twist it!! I've enjoyed GoT from the beginning and I've enjoyed the Books but I don't compare them as they are two different genres , Same with any book or comic that have been adapted to the Big and Small screen eg. Harry Potter, LOTR, MCU, DCEU, Hunger Games, Millennium series(English version), The Handmaids Tales (which is now beyond the book)

                                                                        David Hernandez

                                                                          Boo hoo and all that money to wipe all those tears😂

                                                                          Sarah Jewett

                                                                            Emilia's brain anurrisms? Why did she have them? The blonde wig chemicals? Very curious…

                                                                            Manuel Toloza

                                                                              The voice of the narrator is so sweet

                                                                              Kim McGrantham

                                                                                Ummm… Did you not know that Kit Harrington did comedy on SNL a cpl weeks ago??? Or that he's done a comedy movie AND a Broadway play that has comedy… ya might wanna do a Lil more homework honey.


                                                                                  Sophie has the same birthday as me and that's why I love him

                                                                                  Kawaii IceCream

                                                                                    I feel sorry for these actors mostly because I Love Game of Thrones and them

                                                                                    Mk. Rowe

                                                                                      I feel for each and every one of them. And people need to back off and leave them alone.

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