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      Jessica Alba stopped by & we played with makeup (The End) … OMG BEST DAY!! Hope you enjoy! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Mallory Alesna

        Am I the only one who didn’t know there was books on make up 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂

        Serena Schiavo

          Nice chat! Nice duo 👍🏻

          Jamie S Noyola

            Yay wondering if she was gonna make make-up. Can't wait for my goodies🤗 jewelry line next. Rose gold, white, silver 🙏

            Denice Gomez

              Who remembers Dark Angel? That’s when I first saw Jessica Alba.

              roseluvtm ____

                omg my fav ladies


                  For a min on the main pic of the video it looked like it was Dulce Candy, that was with Tati. I mean I know it’s Jessica Alba but they have a resemblance.

                  SIUNEH HAROUNIAN

                    Can you please do a video with your morning and night skincare routine

                    Jacob V

                      Is it just me or does it look like Tati has a baby bump when she stood up to get pressed powder?


                        If this was 2007, this video would be a lot more exciting

                        Real Maloyski

                          Ekkk so fun!


                            bro i dont even like make up but here i am watching this . Jessica alba is so nommmzz shes gorgeous

                            Candice Cooper

                              Jessica is such a sweetie!

                              Adrineh Rose

                                OMG how incredible. Jessica Alba is on your channel . I'm shook. Was not expecting this! Two BOSS BABES! love this!!

                                Jessa Lehman

                                  My phattest girl crush…. Send help….


                                    What was the tool Jessica used to lift her face? It looked like a blow dryer.


                                      ok what was that vacum device

                                      Athra A

                                        I can't believe she is 38, she looks so young wow.


                                          What's the name of that sucking/lifting device Jessica used on her face ? The one that look like mini hair dryer. TIA

                                          Makeup by Mary

                                            Omg love it didn’t know she had a makeup brand

                                            S Baqa

                                              Awesome video!! Tati you are amazing. Love from Tennessee!!

                                              Jess jms

                                                Jessica Alba is the woman for me, I love her so much and it’s amazing how humble she’s stayed all these years.

                                                Linda’s Favorites

                                                  So sweet! Loved this

                                                  Lillian Jane

                                                    I wish I had the money for clean makeup & to try this brand…maybe one product at a time haha I’m a poor college student at the moment

                                                    Lori McMillan

                                                      for creating your own make up line, Jessica.. WHAT aRE YOU DOING PUMPING YOUR MASCARA?! HONEY!! You pump air into your mascara which will dry it out faster and pump germs into it as well.. LOVELY LADIES!!

                                                      Camila L.

                                                        God Jessica Alba will always be gorgeous, she doesn’t age and her skin is no kidding THE ULTIMATE GOAL ❤️

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