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    Carli Bybel

      Thumbs up for more get ready with me videos 🙂 CHECK OUT MY SUMMER FASHION LOOKBOOK: …

      Carli Bybel

        I love you <3


          You scared me lol I have a xs max and i am upgrading my storage right now to back up my stuff lol 🤦🏼‍♀️

          Arwa w3

            Waves is so trendy this summer,,thank you carli ,stunnin’

            Ixchel Gil

              Missed you, gorgeous!!! ❤
              You're literally the only influencer I've bought products from (your palette☺) Can't wait for the lip products!!

              Amanda Sun

                The same thing happened to me when I got my new phone… google photos has been amazing with the auto-save function 😘

                And of course your lipstick collab will be amazing! I remember back in the day I got Mac Modesty and Blankety because of you, and I low key need this neon Huda palette because of how great it looks on you!

                sandra perez

                  So much talent!! Love love love you!! 💕💕

                  Oana Andreea Cercel

                    Is she still in a relation with that guy ?

                    Nyuu NS

                      If you're crazy for having 5, i m gonna be locked in! I have 6 :D. Love from France

                      Nika Ciaffoni

                        Cat moms we are a fierce group💖Don't talk about my sons and daughter I birthed and raised. Seriously how rude was that guy😡I have 8 they are all rescues and I adore them and really keep up with their litter boxes plus I have a large home so they have a lot of indoor space to roam❕

                        Nidia Rodriguez

                          Cali , I’m still waiting on your perfume girl! Don’t think i forgot😆 loving the flowers in the back💕!!

                          Vanessa Krystyna Beauty

                            Wow you look so gorgeous in this video 💕 love the flowers in the backround

                            Roxie Eyeleers

                              I couldn't take my eyes off the bright colors you used…..really pretty. Loved the flowers on your headband as well. I am so glad your dad is doing well. You are giving him some great memories to hang on to and same goes for you as well…days spent together are treasured forever!
                              Can't wait for your secrets to be made public!! Thanks for this video Carli!

                              Rikki Schroeder

                                CARLI!!!! Similar iTunes issue happened to me. Did you try old lock screen codes? Or has your code always been the same? I tried my old lock screen code and it worked!

                                Also, instead of choosing “iCloud backup” choose “back up from this computer” even if you didn’t actually back it up to your computer, it may just use your last backup. This also worked for me as well when I didn’t know my “encrypted password”. Please let me know if this works for you!! I hope so 🙂😩🙏🏽

                                Najihah Razak

                                  I can’t wait to see your make up collab 😍 i know it be soo goood! Congratulations Carli ✨ keep inspiring ✨

                                  Cecilia Sierra

                                    Omg lmao dramatic lol. Who cares if your a crazy cat lady😂 I would have taken that as a compliment.

                                    Terenaaa R

                                      Omg that happened to my iPhone too girl!😤It sucked


                                        It’s so nice to have a daughter like Carli. Becuase nowadays sons don’t care and aren’t humble towards parents. It’s always the girls who comeback and are emotional. Thank you carli for being there for your dad and supporting him. Death is closer than your eyelash to one. So it’s important to be there for parents especially since their so rare and no one can be your parent or love you as much as them❤️💜

                                        Paige Elizabeth

                                          I just wanted to let you know that I had the same problem with my backup being encrypted when I got my iPhone XR . The password on my backup was the password to my phone so maybe try that if you haven’t already ! Just a thought !!

                                          Undead Ida

                                            You without makeup already look amazing like super model

                                            Mimi Meyers

                                              My Baby German Shepherd/Husk named Damian Wayne. Yes I get you with someone saying like that about my Baby. My baby just turned 5.

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