GET READY WITH US IN SPANISH *disaster* (with english subtitles)

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      GET READY WITH US IN SPANISH *disaster* (with english subtitles)

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        Sweet Jesus. I’m so so so sorry.
        I didn’t want to post this video. I didn’t.
        But then there would be NOTHING to post today……. so I decided to just go for it lmao.
        Like I said … I’m sorry.
        We got too lit.

        vale amaya

          I’d be ok with only one upload per week if every video was this funny. It’s so hilarious!!


            Las adoro, mis videos favoritos 😂😂🥰

            Priscilla So

              Oh. My. Gossshh. I was dying after your 40 minute break. 😂😂

              sara alvarez

                Jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja ay diosito me ha encantado. No tengan vergüenza chicas.HA estado genial , mi inglés es más o mnos como vuestro español y mi consejo es que practiquen aunque cometan errores 😄.Queremos más vídeos en español. Saludos desde España


                  Literally couldn’t stop laughing😂😂😂😂

                  Oh Gizzy

                    El mejor espanglish video que eh visto……..en mi vida coño!! Ay no puedo dejar de laughear!😂

                    La Diva 👑

                      I’ve watched this video at least 5 times today. Que risa dan chicas 😂


                        Dios, me he muerto de risa 😂😂😂


                          forever and ever my favourite friendship duo. has never failed to make my day better <3

                          Agustina T

                            Link = enlace

                            thelma yela

                              Dude I fucking cannot! This shit right here had me laughing out loud for real! 😂💀

                              Vicky Victoria

                                I’m cracking up

                                Filzah Azizul

                                  in love with buzzed Kathleen!!! 😂😂😂

                                  Agustina T

                                    “En esta casa no compramos Natasha Denona porque no tenemos dinero”. I felt that.

                                    Michelle Sarti

                                      This is my favorite video ever of you and Jessi and it makes me really sad that I don’t have a Cuban bestie to get drunk and speak Spanglish with.


                                        im high and i watched this video halfway through before i realised it was in spanish and i wasnt reading the

                                        Adriana Soto

                                          I am dying !!! I love you guys , you and jessi are hilarious.

                                          Melissa Navarro

                                            Tomada y con risa igualmente. Omg ustedes juntas es todo lo que pedimos,… y borrachas 😂😂😘

                                            Maddie Osborne

                                              Best video you’ve ever made

                                              Vanny’s Corner

                                                The video I have been waiting for all my life!

                                                Ellie Colón NuYoRicanSunshyne

                                                  Muchacha pero que desastre! Pa’ eso toman?….lolll

                                                  Irlanda Nieto

                                                    yes yes yes yes yes yes this is everything i've ever wanted !!!


                                                      Literally one the the BEST most FUNNIEST videos that has ever graced the internet
                                                      Thank you Kathleen you legit made me cry laugh so hard! I love it! Love you and Jessie
                                                      Congratulations to Jessie on her first collab 💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️


                                                        OMG BEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!!!! You guys have made history!!!! So so hilarious!! I swear i love love love y'all! You guys arr seriously goals!!!! Pleaseeeeee do more videos!!!! You have to!!!! Yall were made for each other!!!!!!!

                                                        Courtney Sigmon

                                                          This is too hilarious I can’t breath 😂😂😂

                                                          Arelis Benitez

                                                            Me muero de la risa! Para haber nacido en eu tienen el acento cubano bien marcado. Me encanta

                                                            Annemarie Hutt

                                                              This is my favourite video

                                                              Flor DeLiz

                                                                Laughed all throughout but the Walter mercado. I was DEAD 💀😭

                                                                Erin Mitchell

                                                                  I LOVE IT 😂❤️

                                                                  Kimberly Dominguez

                                                                    Omggg no joke these types of videos with Jessi make my day, you guys are so funnyyy I wish to have friends like you guys

                                                                    Sahiry Marure

                                                                      “Wipes de culo “ Im dead 😭😂💀

                                                                      Rei Life

                                                                        this was the best


                                                                          Kathleen's spanish is wayyy too cuban to understand lmao. I loved how Jessi kept it going with Spanish though hahaha toooo funny

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