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    All Things Adrienne

      Get That Summer Glow | DIY Body Skincare

      It’s difficult to think of something that makes me feel more confident than perfectly silky smooth legs for summer time! Here are a few of my favorite DIYs to keep …

      Selena Diaz

        Love, love, love!!! Your makeup here 😩 Please do a tutorial on it 💜


          I love doing my own diy beauty products. Especially for my face! I need to try this for my legs! Now if my mommas roses are missing ima say Adrienne made me do it haha jk such a beautiful scrub! My legs are so bad 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m so sensitive… have so many scars because my skin has always been like that. One of my insecurities. Your so beautiful Chica! 💕

          Linh Thach

            I love this! Thank you! I’m a big fan!


              Lemon is drying, hyperpigmentation is normal ans nothing to be ashamed of

              Chew Chewy

                All I can think of is 1. No water, razor burn. 2. All those little hairs are going to get on everything!

                Beck Cetera

                  I usually exfoliate first and then shave…I'll try doing it the other way around!

                  Azlynn Hill

                    yess would love more diy!

                    Christine Kapileo

                      Just tried that body spray and holy mack it is AMAZING!!! love love love you A!

                      Ali C

                        Love love love these DIYs and all your other videos!

                        Melissa Whitehair

                          I ❤️ short hair on you😉

                          Medina Yesuf

                            You look amazingggg sis

                            Anai Arias Cortes Bustos

                              Best video yet!

                              Shane Tallon

                                I think she meant hyper-pigmented but she said pigmentated & I thought that was so fuckin cute!’😍🥰

                                Shane Tallon

                                  Love you Adrienne !!’ Thanks for your videos

                                  Leah M

                                    How long do you think the body scrub lasts for? Like if I make the same amount she does will it go bad in a week or so, does the sugar dissolve?


                                      Loved this!! Such a girl

                                      Charlie Brown

                                        Looks like roses lemonade!! 🤪


                                          Don't nuke coconut oil. Killing all the good stuff in it.

                                          La Sirena

                                            I really really loved this video. Might be my favourite so far!!!!

                                            Emily DelBuono

                                              More videos like these! Omg loved this!!!!!!!! 💝💝💝💝💝

                                              Lovely Genise

                                                DIY rose water is Amazing

                                                Jessica Reeves

                                                  Girl your hair looks amazing short . I’m also loving the color !!!

                                                  N Alm

                                                    i thought adrienne had laser hair removal

                                                    D’Havian Scott

                                                      This is so cool. I love diy creations. How long does these products last before going bad? I would love to try them.❤

                                                      Sherry Mercado

                                                        I will be making my stuff tomorrow thank you Adrienne ♥️

                                                        SweetBerry Clay

                                                          Love this video…. I love diy…. Yassssss honey do more DIY videos…… Thanks love

                                                          brianna dudley

                                                            Next we need to know how do you keep your skin so golden 😍

                                                            Jessica Trasvina

                                                              The moment I tried a man’s razor it completely changed me life😍I only have to shave once a week and it’s so smooth!

                                                              Klaudia Arriera

                                                                I usually scrub before I shave that way it gets all the dead skin out of the way & I have a smoother shave! It also won’t tingle with the lemon if you do it before because your skin won’t be as sensitive. I don’t enjoy tingling unless it’s with mint! Haha I also shave with the men’s Gillette razor which is amazing and lasts forever. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse & dry the razor after you use it to keep it from oxidizing.
                                                                Also I can’t shave without water! Just watching ade was making me itch Hahahah loved this A
                                                                Thank You !

                                                                Cinthya Benavides

                                                                  How often do you exfoliate??

                                                                  Anuradha Naik

                                                                    The doing nothing part got me ! Hallelujah

                                                                    Ashley Quiles

                                                                      Love All Things Adrienne, Love Your DIY, Love your hair, Maybe you could do another video with your stylist Ray and give us some hairstyle inspiration for the summer, So us ladies can switch it up, I’m talking Color,Cut, Styling your hair in the summer, Your personal experience with your own hair, It’s just an idea, Can’t wait to see the next All Things Adrienne. 💗

                                                                      victory victory

                                                                        I enjoy your personality so much.


                                                                          More diys yes def rite up my alley👊💪💜👍

                                                                          Lolo Sain

                                                                            Make a morning routine video


                                                                              Omg what a change you looks so beautiful with short hair. I love it.

                                                                              Kimba Chapman

                                                                                Love her she is so cool

                                                                                Kimba Chapman

                                                                                  She is so gay 😂

                                                                                  carol carol

                                                                                    Heck… yes.. sista! Do more was super easy…

                                                                                    Natural Tish

                                                                                      Yes more DIY..I live for anything DIY


                                                                                        glow game is on point Mamacita

                                                                                        Lakeshia Chapman

                                                                                          Please do more DIY beauty products!!

                                                                                          Suriya Ali

                                                                                            I definitely OD on rosewater

                                                                                            Yami Lolette

                                                                                              LOVE LOVE LOVE THIIS ROSE IDEA!

                                                                                              Laura Santos

                                                                                                Can you make this ahead of time and keep in your bathroom or do you have to make it when you’re gonna do it only ? Will
                                                                                                The sugar dissolve ?

                                                                                                Jaq Sis


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