GETTING A NEW TATTOO!! Tattoo Confessions!

Main GETTING A NEW TATTOO!! Tattoo Confessions!

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      GETTING A NEW TATTOO!! Tattoo Confessions!

      For the longest time you’ve been asking me what my tattoos stand for, so today I’m spilling the tea! I show you my favorite pieces, plus I’m taking you to the tattoo …



        Btt7k x

          OKAY. NOPE NOPE NOPEE . hun listen sometimes nice lips can look amazinnng with everything, and they do but!!! when ur doing a makeup look it’s better of you experience a little bit. i have been waiting for u to put on some kind or color on your lips for a long timmme 😂 please start putting in other colors of lipsticks😩

          Corrine Nebeker

            I have a watercolor otter patronis coming from the deathly hallows symbol on my inner forearm that I will have levenslang!

            لطيفة البلوشي

              Please I need it badly because I want to put make-up but I do not have the possibility to buy it

              Gina Vasquez

                I wish I could sleep for levenslang 😴😂
                Love you Nikkie 💗
                IG: ginas_beaug

                kelly b

                  I love my husbands levenslang😉

                  Ig: azkellz

                  Ilaria Galloni

                    You are grown as a strong and enjoyable woman. We are very proud of you!

                    Sebastian Luna

                      I will be subscribed to Nikki for levenslang!

                      Insta: @cherub_bby

                      Audrey Drury

                        I will be in college for levenslang! I’m getting a doctorate in psychology and it’s gonna take forever 😅
                        Twitter: @audooarie


                          No tattoos yet😊

                          ig- _rosexmary


                            been waiting a levenslang for a HAIR TUTORIAL(twitter: maej26)

                            Jeny koshy

                              I will love ein levenslang the chocolate i luv to eat

                              Jessica Calderon

                                i will cherish my tattoos for levenslang!!

                                love all of these stories Nikkie! IG: jessickarae


                                  I‘ll support you levenslang Nikkie! 💎♥️
                                  IG @y.amae

                                  Alexis Rosales

                                    Watching your video of your tattoos was so precious to me. For me, family bonds are so important to me and the feelings we share I hope will last for a levenslang. Thank you for your video nikkie! IG: paintingsbyx

                                    Priya Roy

                                      Wishing you a “levenslang” of happiness and success Nikkie!
                                      Insta: that_sparkles


                                        I’ll watch your videos for a levenslang!!! @madelinee13 on twitter & insta

                                        Laura Tóth

                                          I will be apriciateing Nikkie for a lavenslang

                                          Tylan Drummer

                                            This video is al over the place but i love it 🥵

                                            Brandi McBride

                                              I will love you for a levenslang!!! Beautiful look today as always!
                                              Ig: missy_mashea

                                              Lorena Peralta

                                                Instagram: _mrs_eapinoza


                                                  I will watch your videos levenslang ❤️

                                                  Faithfully Golden

                                                    I will be a fan of Nikkie's for a levenslang!
                                                    IG: faith_boltz

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