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      Getting A Tattoo from Yelp's WORST Rated Tattoo Shop

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel!!! Today I’m finding the worst rated tattoo shop in Houston, Texas and getting a tattoo!! My friends and …

      Poppy Newman

        Love you Jeffree wish I could meet you sending all of the 💕

        Isaac Thomas

          Worst amusement park

          L.E. S

            At 16.18 just jammin to Shawn mendes😂

            Isaac Thomas

              Worst hotel

              Isaac Thomas

                Worst makeup artist

                Erika Oropeza

                  Jeffree even shut down the Yelp reviews lmfbaooo! DAGOS IS CANCELLED THE HOUSE

                  Isaac Thomas

                    Worst jewelry store

                    BABY Avendaño

                      OMGGG this is so dangerous like you could get a virus or smthng

                      JULIO REYNA

                        Just say dagos lol everyone from Houston knows this place 💀

                        Sami Kaye

                          Can Jeffree just do an undercover series with Shane 😂😂😂😂😂

                          Shannon Abbott

                            Mastitis is an infection of breast tissue, it’s common in breastfeeding women when their milk ducts get clogged and it fuuuuuuuuckkingggggggg huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurts.

                            qiestina merican

                              Cant wait for the hiv update

                              Anna R.

                                Omg all that fakeness and phones in his face gave me anxiety! Like they must be only taking pics with him bc they know of him and nothing else.


                                  Don’t do a 1-Star tattoo. That is risking your health way too much and unnecessarily. Worst case is that you’ll get infected with HIV or some other disease that can be transferred through a used needle. Don’t do it.

                                  lizeth madrigal

                                    Let me know if you need a surrogate Jeff (:

                                    Maria Guzman

                                      Giiiirrlll I can’t believe you really went to that side of town 😆😆 that’s crazy.

                                      Bodie Buckby

                                        what. the. fuck. are. you

                                        Hailey Chao

                                          I would love to see a review of EM Cosmetics

                                          Anna Marie

                                            Jeffree: getting a tattoo from yelps WORst rated tattoo shop!
                                            Also Jeffree: doesn’t get a tattoo from yelps worst rated tattoo shop

                                            Tae Tae – TaTa

                                              Instead… how bout a 1 star mc Donald's?

                                              Luna Lovegood

                                                THANK CHRIST YOU DIDN'T GET A TATTOO THERE AFTER ALL

                                                Ava Singbeil

                                                  “Famous Youtuber Jeffree Star Dies After Going to a One Star Tattoo Parlor for a Video”

                                                  Miranda Masonick

                                                    Zangg..your eyeshadow👁️is on fleek Jeffree🌟😉


                                                      18:15 the orange sign was no longer blurred 🤫

                                                      Joyce Wong

                                                        did anyone else catch the shane music at 19:30? the track that he usually uses for the more serious parts of a video? esp in his documentaries (even the jeffree series) >u<

                                                        Erika Dominique Baltazar

                                                          If he actually went back there, they might get kidnapped. Putting aside the sanitation problems they have, that place is too dangerous.

                                                          Jojo Caitlin

                                                            Love you jeffree but this is such a bad trend and a bad idea 😂💟

                                                            Eve mclean YouTube

                                                              What about trying 1 star makeup 💄?
                                                              Like if you agree

                                                              Sofia Alvarez

                                                                Eeey you're in H-Town where I live! You should've visited the colleges or University of Houston there and see the reactions of students!

                                                                Jessica Innes

                                                                  Wait y’all does Jeffree have bodyguards?

                                                                  TimeWith Richie

                                                                    I'm not even mad that the title was clickbait..

                                                                    Diamond Borealis

                                                                      Jeffree be careful. Maybe you don’t know this but places like that tattoo parlor can be disguises for illegal activity like trafficking or money laundering and etc. The fact that said they were booked sounds really sketchy bc what kind of awful place like that would be booked completely?! The consent form was really shady and the fact that more guys showed up vehicles when they left makes it seem like the place has something to hide and are obviously making good money to get that much security. Be careful when going to places like that 💜

                                                                      Sky B.


                                                                        Ebony Blake

                                                                          A one star Gucci store. Lipstick Nick is the og, what an amazing person!

                                                                          Giselle Barajas

                                                                            Y’all I got my nose pierced here and although like it was okay the customer service was so shit the lady was so rude and bought she owned the place when she was just a worker

                                                                            Jordan Albers

                                                                              i actually got most of my tattoos there, they day crew is rude night crew is lit.. but it is the sketchiest area in houston there were slot machines in a gas station near there(pretty sure thats illegal in texas) and i went in and they all stared at me.

                                                                              Melancholy Dreams

                                                                                Not a big fan of the spooky music :p Still loved it<3

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