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      getting ready so chat with me!

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is another random video while I put on some makeup! I wanted to talk a little bit about Cafecito con Kathleen & Get your …


        Aw crap I didn’t list the products!!! I’ll do that as soon as I get out of there shower lmao

        It’s Zoe Noel

          I love videos like this! Does anyone want to support a small YouTuber or support each other?


            if you did like a The Office tribute that would be amazinggg

            C A

              it truly pains me how hard kathleen can be on herself like she already put TWO videos up to make up for a cafecito episode she didn't think we would like when we haven't even seen it yet. and it makes me think how hard it is to be in her shoes, and her headspace and it made me wonder if everyone could be a little gentle, not just to kathleen, but also other youtubers, in the comments no matter how constructive you think it your comments already is – would it make a difference for her? would she feel even 2% less anxious about her contents. granted, she's already so self-conscious and critical, but if the youtube and social media community were less mean, i'm sure it would somewhat make a difference.

              and to kathleen, i truly love everything you post, not because of the content, but because of YOU. seeing you alone is enough to make my day, so no matter how silly you think your contents are, no matter how unimportant you think your rambles are, every second of your videos makes my entire day and keeps me grounded and less anxious. remember that at least one person loves you for who you are and everything you put out, then multiply that by a million, because that's the truth. i love you, kathleen ❤

              Yaso L

                Minion Me

                  Lady!! People paid for Cafecito!!! Definitely you have to have a good content. Never forget it and always strive to give the best to your audience. 🙂

                  Lacey Makayla

                    GIRL. Just think of season as your rough draft. Youre doing just fine! I love it so far. Cant wait to see what season 2 has to bring! 🙂

                    Stephanie Harlowe

                      Also why doesn’t this video have more dislikes cause your before makeup skin is my after makeup skin 😂

                      Sarah Thompson

                        SPANGLISH VERSION OF THE OFFICE…. 100,000,000% YES!!!!!!

                        ramsey flood

                          I’ve never met you but I just have so much love for you.

                          cronkie crizzle

                            Prom is coming up and it would be nice to see glam/prom look! With pink eye look if possible doesnt have to be. Love the video and makeup look and love the show so excited for the this episode, I love Jane the Virgin😍 thank you for the video love you!

                            Megan Bloom

                              I loved the Amanda Show!! Ugh Moody's Point was amazing!


                                Love you 💙💙💙

                                Lauren Estridge

                                  What clip is that? and Where did it come from???

                                  Alondra Perez

                                    Omg yes! I love you Kathleen 💖 can’t wait to try it too!

                                    Stephanie Harlowe

                                      Hey girl hey!


                                        i really want you to do like a q&a on instagram stories or something and react to our birth charts 🤪

                                        Luanne Santos

                                          I love you so much Kathleen! This is such a fun video. I’m glad you did it 💕

                                          Margarita Sharonova

                                            the fact that my favorite youtuber loves Jane the Virgin as much as I do makes me so happy❤️

                                            Vanessa Camales

                                              I don’t mind a second GRWM this week, the more makeup tutorials the better! 🤗

                                              Arun Vithayathil

                                                Hey kathleen,u have to realise we love u no matter what, u are working so hard to create content unlike other huge beauty gurus…….u are a ☆ ; please dont stress out….

                                                kaley pacheco

                                                  STFU MOODYS POINT WAS MY JAM

                                                  Kristina Skys

                                                    Cant you do all this But on this channel?-.- for free 😏

                                                    Michelle Winchester

                                                      I have lost a lot of respect for you now that your asking for us to pay to see some of your content… like are you not making enough money already? Sorry to be a hater but I’m just truly disappointed and would’ve never expected this from some I respect as an authentic youtuber. 😐

                                                      Ally Lin

                                                        I love getting ready with your videos especially these kind of casual ones❤️ sometimes I just play through your old videos too😂😆

                                                        Pepper Colwell

                                                          I understand the nerves. It is scary. But girl…do the damn thing!!! You'll never know how people will respond to anything. And you taking this giant step is amazing!!! You're conquering your fears and that says a lot. Keep up the great work!

                                                          Paridhi Singh

                                                            Lovely makeup..
                                                            My YouTube channel
                                                            Please go and watch everyone..

                                                            h s


                                                              Ayla Beal

                                                                Love all these random rambles and love all the content you put out no matter where it is!

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