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    Jackie Aina

      Getting Ready To Go View Ferraris | Jackie Aina

      Hanging out and doing makeup and hair from START TO FINISH! P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D: C O L L A B S Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my …

      Gia Jones

        I enjoyed watching you in this video hell I like watching you in all of your videos.

        Bath House Becky

          You gotta get livestream moderators!


            It does taste like that for sure. I mean even Parmesan goes bad after a while right? for some cheese to stay ok in that bag for months… hmmm… Youtube seriously needs to figure out the comments. I mean the feed is crazy! No one can keep up with that! LOL

            Ayanda Dore


              IM UPSET

              Tiffany Bethea

                U need to make your own flavor pop corn or Jackie pop lol

                Shelby Frymyer

                  Liked this as soon as I saw your face. This is me in a face mask.

                  Spicy Channel ShoutOuts

                    Really, two hours of just talking and no trip to see the ferraris, that was the exciting part, lol. Anyway, I'll come back when I see some cars.

                    Disa Jardine

                      How? Hmm? How? Plz tell me how I keep missing all the funzies?! Sis… keep it up! πŸ’–πŸ™β˜

                      Sherreen Golding

                        Heya, I think you just need more lighting.x But you can connect your DSLR to your computer with a USB cable and tether our camera to it for live stream.

                        Laron Mukati

                          Really Wanna Know Your Thoughts About The RCMA – No Color Powder .

                          Tiana Lokelani

                            my favvvvvv πŸ’œπŸ’–

                            Shanice25 Es

                              Hey Jackie jackie

                              Justina Urbanaviciute

                                Hey from Ireland

                                Kiara Pearl

                                  Ohh my God,u look like a monster😘

                                  LaDonna Sankey

                                    What are some must have brushes to start off with?

                                    FREEBIES & WINS

                                      Loving the live videos.


                                        Best content on YouTube.

                                        Princess _Essence

                                          Damm this is 2 hours long πŸ˜₯ let's get to it then!!

                                          Louise Sharpy

                                            You are way too funny even with the mask ha ha. The voice sounds kinda garbled but it’s you. So who cares ha ha

                                            Nana Hauwah

                                              Nothing but love for Jackie πŸ€—

                                              Nona Morton

                                                I just love you! ❀

                                                Ms Edna

                                                  I think they use the webcam that you can buy separately


                                                    Auntie Jackie looking fresh and young girl!! U are a S.T.U.N.N.E.R! I live ur fab life through u, girl u give me Lyfeβ™‘ MadLove & Respect! Bummed I missed u Live! I'll catch ur next 1 for sure!

                                                    Elijah Quinn

                                                      '" THIS IS NOT CRAIGSLIST ! " snatched me

                                                      Michaela Jackson

                                                        hey auntie! Binging with Babish does great livestreams and he even has a system where if you donate money your comments get highlighted! you . should ask him about it

                                                        Divya Nair

                                                          2 hours
                                                          My god!


                                                            Ummm actually love this πŸ’•

                                                            Kateari Kerwin

                                                              I wish I could use that much powder
                                                              get it ❀️❀️❀️

                                                              Siobhan Zoe

                                                                I keep missing these. 😑😑 oh well better late than never.

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