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      Getting Ready with NEW MAKEUP! (And chatting about life)

      Hey, guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I get ready and update you on some of the things going on in my life! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for …

      Rachel Cooney

        I definitely saw the grey in the foundation initially.

        Melissa LuvsPlease

          God Bless Danny's Grandmother and God Bless your sweet heart for giving even one tiny sh*t what we think. We all have difficult parts to our lives and I can not even imagine doing those AND having 4 million people waiting on me to put up content for them to watch.
          Kathleen…….There really are 50 other YouTuber's to take up the slack for a minute. Not that we don't love your content doll, but we gonna be just fine. You handle your family and we shall see you when you get back. XO and a few prayers sent your way.

          Brianna Aguilera

            I'll keep your husband's grandma in my prayers 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

            Kelsi Jenkins

              When I thought I had an issue during my pregnancy, and I saw out the window a little baby dove landed on my deck, and I just knew he’d be okay ❤️

              CLAUDIA CHIRCO

                I love the products, I love your look and I love yaaaaa! Sending love to Danny's grandma ♥️

                Ashley Martinez

                  It’s ridiculous but girl u did it omg girl/// still luv u


                    Awh prayers for you honey ❤️🥺 ily!!

                    Laurel Lovemark

                      I love when you post just to make sure we know you’re thinking of us. Don’t feel like you have to though. We all understand that you have a life outside of YouTube.

                      Paige West

                        We love you! Take the time you need for yourself and your family 💗

                        Stephanie Santiago

                          YouTube is so empty without you 🙁
                          Can’t wait til you fully comeback but for now sending you lots of love ♥️

                          Ellie McGuckin

                            I seriously feel like you’ve officially lost your mind if you think two birds are a sign….what in the world

                            Audrey Weinlader

                              Can u film the declutter? And reorganization?

                              Jenna Miller

                                Saying some prayers for Danny’s Grandma and family. 🙏🏼🥰

                                Meredith M. Garza

                                  Yes I've been waiting for someone to review the jouer concealer pen! I'm recently getting into concealers, I'm only using the age rewind one but I got a really light shade 😫 so I have like morticia vibes going on


                                    Sending healing love to grandma, and your entire family. God speed.

                                    Tasnoor Khan

                                      Please film declutters!!


                                        And now you look like Natalie Portman with that beauty mark❤️

                                        Blue Side

                                          I have a cat and she lets me know when she wants something by meowing loudly. It drives me crazy but I love her so much that I know one day I'm gonna miss it. She has been so good to me.

                                          Amanda Mercer

                                            I love you, Kathleen! Your videos help me so much always. I hope and pray that Danny’s grandma will make a full recovery very soon🦋✨

                                            Blue Side

                                              My mom always said that they were messenger birds. They are beautiful. One time after my aunt passed I seen like three huge white ducks. And it made me think of her. It's hard to have a loved one in the hospital. Sending well wishes your way.

                                              Chris Rodriguez

                                                Hope Danny's Grandma feels better soon 💖💖💖💖🦜🦜


                                                  I know I'm not the Melissa that she is grateful for….I can pretend 😛


                                                    Cardinal medicine symbolizes relationships, courtship, and monogamy in Native American lore.

                                                    Native American lore says if a cardinal attracts your attention, and you're already in a relationship, you may experience renewed romance and courtship. If you or your partner have been unfaithful, monogamy is the cardinal's message.

                                                    The number 12 is considered a lucky number by many Native Americans. The number 12 also is associated with the cardinal. Cardinals are seen during all 12 months of the year. A cardinal's nest often contains 12 eggs. Native American lore holds that if you have encountered a cardinal, expect good luck to follow, possibly in 12 hours, 12 days, or at noon or midnight.

                                                    We are all sending positive vibes to his abuela.

                                                    Madeline Clark

                                                      i love u kathleen but that mole does look like an infected pimple


                                                        Sending good thoughts to Danny’s grandma, you and family. Grandparents are such a huge and important role in our lives. It is so tough to have one not well. I hope she can recover.
                                                        For a good laugh
                                                        “ does it look like an infected pimple now” my thoughts well ummmmmm yeah kind 😂😂 then the pink powder on top had me laughing. I just love you! But hey by the end with all the setting powder it didn’t look bad.

                                                        Bianca Vargas

                                                          Can you do a house tour!!!


                                                            Ah I missed watching your videos! ❤️❤️❤️ How everything goes well with your family, wishing you the best!


                                                              I’ve been on the struggle bus since August.. last year was the absolute worst year of my life and I hope 2020 gets better for everyone.

                                                              Tina Bahena

                                                                One of my dogs passed away Christmas Day and I miss his barking so much. When he would bark I would always try to tell him to calm down but eventually I stopped and I would just listen to him bark. I miss it SO much 💔😭 I miss him SO much 😢

                                                                Laura Castro

                                                                  "Impressive", cariño


                                                                    Take care kat❤️

                                                                    Rachel Collins

                                                                      Well not to get to into it but I will be praying for his gram and you and him amd your whole family…and btw hun it's wonderful to see that life happens to everyone and plans get pushed so I double love you kiddo. Virtual hugs and warm wishes and good vibes going out from me to you. Love you chicky and I'll be here when you get back into the swing of stuff.

                                                                      Alissa Erin

                                                                        Kathleen: Such a weird spot for a mole
                                                                        Me with a mole in the same place:😅😅😅

                                                                        Laura P

                                                                          Please try the bite beauty micellar foundation!

                                                                          samantha dow

                                                                            Meanwhile I’m always trying to take makeup off my mole I have where a Monroe piercing would be. I want it to show always cuz I love it but it ends up looking funny when I take makeup off it 😩

                                                                            Sarah McAlpine

                                                                              Use Thieves essential oil on the bottoms of your feet and your wrists (dilute it with some oil) before you go anywhere you might get sick. It will boost your immune system…oh and I stopped getting sick so much when i started getting regular chiropractic adjustments and took lots more vitamin C and D…regularly.

                                                                              Alexandra Hunter

                                                                                Love you Kathleen!!!! So sorry life is feeling a little hectic and blue. I can totally relate. The New Year has me motivated and happy and Tun Tun tunnnn… but hey it'll get better just watch!!! ✨💗🌈 I hope things turn around for you guys!!! There's nothing you'll post that I want watch!!

                                                                                Rachel’s World Colored

                                                                                  Kathleen…this is your reminder to breathe 💓 Things don't always go as planned and that's ok. It's ok that your backdrop isn't as "professional" as you would like, we can still see you and enjoy your company. It's ok that you've been away longer than expected, you're human and things happen. As you can see, we're still here and we still love you all the same 🥰 Be kind to yourself always in all ways. I'll be praying, sending positive energy/vibes, lots of love for healing and comfort for Danny's grandmother and everyone ❤🙏❤

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