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      Getting ready with some new makeup | RANDOM RAMBLES

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Heres a random video where i’m just putting makeup on at my vanity! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! PS- I FILMED …


        Ok wow this video was such a disaster to edit!!!!!!! Mercury? Are you trying to play me??? Guys… I have tried to fix the WEIRD editing & it keeps happening. You’ll notice randomly throughout the video it will jump to other clips for a split second then go back to normal…. IDK WHY THATS HAPPENING!!! please don’t be freaked out. It’s not a ghost on your screen.
        Sorry this video is up late. It’s BEEN A DAY.


          That whole time with you spraying that mist on your face!😂😂😂


            Great video. I was wondering where you got the hand fan? So cool. I would like to get one. Love ya Kathleen 😊💖

            Melody Greene

              Don’t say you’re the worst instagrammer ever, it’s not true! Also, I think a lot of your followers like that you don’t always conform, so don’t speak so negatively about yourself even as a joke! We love you Kathleen!

              Zoch 7

                I don't see the jumps on video.
                Also idk if my screen is weird, but at 720p video isn't the best quality like other videos 🤔

                Amber 0127

                  I want that palette so bad, unfortunately I won't be buying anything anytime soon. My roommate hasn't paid her half of the rent since January and now I have to try and come up with $ to move before the 5th of April, and that's not gonna happen. Ugh. I just wanna do retail therapy and buy makeup. 😁

                  Really Nailed It

                    Your skin is just PERFECTION!! ❤️


                      Ill never get sick of Kat Chats 😂
                      “I’LL PAY THE SAME PRICE .. I SWEAR!!”
                      (Under your breath) “.. Maybe not the same price..” 😸


                        Kathleen welcome to " I am in love with Korean / Asian mists system" club. Really, they are THE BEST, as you can see.


                          the editing glasses is sooooo cute.

                          Jasmine Cazares

                            Sing it to me Barry!

                            Haley Marie


                              DO May.

                                You’re the cutest person ever

                                Elaine Faye Seville

                                  Kathleen, pls try the new icon palette from charlotte tilbury ☺️

                                  Amy Kod

                                    Omg kathleen stop fanning your face with that mirror it gives me so much anxiety! Being clumsy af i feel like if i ever do that after a mist i'd let go of the mirror and it'll smack me in the face 😩

                                    P C

                                      What camera is she using again? Canon .. ?

                                      Ashley Kahea

                                        The Glow Recipe Mist EDITING ❤️❤️❤️ freaking love it!

                                        Carol Nabhan

                                          This is the best makeup look i've seen in a very very very long time FROM YOUR CHANNEL AND OTHERS

                                          Jordyn Rae

                                            Those blue light glasses make you look like Edna from the incredible 😂 ilysm

                                            Arnis Yusof

                                              isnt there a brush that is included in the benefit boxed blushes & bronzers? its not just an empty space….right?? ive been thinking about it ever since ur "makeup with packaging i hate" vid because as far as i know the empty space on top of the products is where they put the brush and when we take out the brush (because nobody ever use brushes that came with the products) then only it will look like theres too much space in the box. no?

                                              Clara Tiara

                                                when she said that danny entertains them (the guest), i imagine him juggling or do some party tricks

                                                Clara Tiara

                                                  when she said that his husband entertains them (the guest), i imagine him juggling or do some party tricks

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