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      Getting Rid Of $1,000,000 of Makeup w. Shane Dawson

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel!!! Today I’m letting you all in on a little secret… I’m a makeup hoarder!!!! I invited Shane Dawson over to help …

      hannah m


        Lauren Phillips

          Literally love you both in videos! Please do more together ❤️❤️

          The Music Arena

            98% of people won't read this but…

            My goal is to hit 50000💚❤
            To the 2% that sees this, I HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY AND DONT FORGET TO SMLE!! STAY AWESOME!

            Janine Lambor

              I think I know what Shane's undershirt is.. HHAHAHA .. Literally his favorite shirt

              Paulina Jachimovičiūtė

                Shane and Jeffree would be such a hot couple 😍

                The Music Arena

                  WHO WANTS COOKIE?
                  ( • – •)
                  / ⊃🍪

                  cost = 1 subbbsss
                  Much love from a mini u tubr 👦

                  TONG JIA SENG

                    Why don’t you just on the air condition on full blast????? Unless American houses don’t have air conditioning.

                    Rud3 b0y

                      Shane seems a little "off" in this video tbh

                      Blayde Ella

                        Michael Jackson reminds me of Jeffree lol

                        Weinmonster Chicago

                          Shane is a true comedic genius

                          Kiara Clarke

                            I wish Jeffree could donate makeup to me…. urghhhh why is makeup so expensive

                            Novya Astriani

                              this is me when im about to clean my room but end up finding my old stuff

                              Lily Davies

                                Hi how are ya jeffree by any chance a giveaway on the bikes 😂😂

                                Chenggy Cheng

                                  Jeffrey: "Bed, bath and PIGyond"

                                  Underrated comment

                                  niche luver

                                    I can’t afford any of it.

                                    Felix’s Sausage

                                      shane looking like a snacc

                                      alyshia fox

                                        Wow 😳 can I say blessed 🙏🙏

                                        Jgbfg Fhghg

                                          I like how jeffree weared trashbags and still make it expensive that GUCCI belt is more than your rent like lil tay fuck yeah qween 🤣🤑🤑

                                          Casmilla McMahon

                                            I don't even have two mascaras


                                              Wowwwwwwww… 🔥🔥🔥

                                              Reyna Nina Rizal

                                                Jefree, you need Marie Kondo. K, bye

                                                Krystel Baughen

                                                  Would have been much easier to have a garage (yard for U.S) sale lol


                                                    I am just crying with my trash life while watching this and thinking how poor and useless I am

                                                    Regan Cunningham

                                                      Junk truck drives away
                                                      Shane: “Bye Tarte……. bye Milk”
                                                      Jeffrey: “Bye Huda”
                                                      ahfjskwihdi I’m DONEEEE

                                                      Mike Ellington

                                                        This is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen.

                                                        Shauna Barber

                                                          Wow such a shame that all that has gone to garbage n is unusable I wish I could hav free shit n end up having enough for 10 trash bags which I would get rid of the make up after after video to ppl that need it or just want it n it wouldn't go to waste tlike this I'd luv to own something tht js has touch

                                                          Mobby 29

                                                            Hi Marie Kondo, Can I help you ?

                                                            Kylie P

                                                              Jeffree please let me be your maid. I would clean tf out of your place 😎

                                                              Carlos Herrera

                                                                Jeffree and shane speaking like Rich Lux… And also mee. Its contagious tha house!

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