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    Freddy My Love
      Girly & Classy LOUNGE & GYMWEAR! ~ CYBER WEEK SHOPPING EDIT ~ Freddy My Love

      Welcome to my CYBER WEEK EDIT, here is my round up of the cutest lounge and gym wear I could find! I will update the description box every day with the …


        Love this video Freddy!! Would love to see what tips you have for garment care to preserve the longevity of gorgeous investments! xx

        Olivia Ann

          Plz can you do a my workout routine and what I eat in a week .?

          Tadeja Zagoršek

            Wow this video is everything 😍 kinda different but absolutely love it!

            Piggy Oink

              Hi Freddy! You are fab! But I hope you will lighten the filter you are using on your videos that we may see the actual color of the items. 😊

              Martina Nilsson

                That cami top and lounge pants looked so cute!! Loved it but when I changed the currency from GBP to SEK the set cost me over a 100 pounds in the Swedish currency ^^; I guess it's only fair for the price to be extremely high in Sweden since we don't really have that many Asos shops oh whales, i still love seeing your video tho! #Comfort

                Ruby Jefferies

                  Her abs tho 🤩

                  debora asn

                    I will never buy from Victoria's Secret. Although their sizes fit me, I couldn't support a brand that is so nasty towards larger women.

                    Fashionista In pink

                      Freddy has kinda abbbssss


                        My loungewear goals have always been Cameron Diaz in the Holiday! Feel like I could see her in the camel jumpsuit if it came out today!

                        Calico Cat

                          I've been waiting for this forever~ Thank you, Freddy!

                          Ali Lamb

                            Amazing omg loved this so so much 💕💕

                            Saray Guchi

                              chicas he subido un video de outfits muy bonitos y solo tengo 16 vistas me ayudáis??

                              Sophie C

                                5:22 just a heads up that set is really really see through

                                Natalia River

                                  Awesome video as always!!!

                                  Maria Luiza Dib

                                    I've waited so loooooooong for this video!! please do more content like this one Freddy!! maybe a VS haul!!
                                    Loved it xxXX

                                    Cristina Eus

                                      Have u tried the vs high waisted knockout tights in (i think it s called) gray marl? The color îs really nice, no show for Any panty color, and the seam îs usually Black, defining your shape. They used to be my favorite pants, and i have like 5 of the same model and color 😂😂😂 i don’t think i have Any other thing that i bought So many in same model and color. And i think it looks really good with Pink tops, if you want to change from Black 😘

                                      Del Rey

                                        Your body is extremely beautiful. It’s sort of Lara Croftesque 🙌 even your stance is very balanced. Nature has carefully crafted every shape of yours. You should wear bottoms more often, it’s flattering to your figure! 💫💫💫💫💫

                                        Lucy Bonomo

                                          Everything looks beautiful especially on you! Love the ballet sweater!

                                          Elanya DeJesus

                                            It amazes me that you’re able to find your signature colour in workout wear too!


                                              Girl your absss!!! Yesss 🙌🏼

                                              Ella Nina Mazzucco

                                                Omg her hair though

                                                So gorgeous!

                                                Shasta Stephens

                                                  big fan of the alo yoga pieces you showed. I've been wanting to purchase some new workout gear so this was great, especially since they're on sale! Thank you!

                                                  Lol Lol

                                                    When are you doing the Christmas gift guide?

                                                    Madison Herries

                                                      Absolutely loved this gym set !


                                                        Not sure if you've ever watched cheetah girls freddy, but 9:58 track suit makes you look like a cast member and I'm LIVING for it

                                                        Des’s Extraordinary World

                                                          love those white joggers from Victoria's Secret 😍


                                                            I love this series! Nice to have something to look forward to get a look in on what's out there!

                                                            najd mathers

                                                              A workout routine would be HIGHLY appreciated Freddy ):💞💞

                                                              Katie Pecotich

                                                                Even your gym and loungewear is so posh 🤩. Like waaat! Real life barbie hehe

                                                                violent teddybear

                                                                  Can someone tell me what kind of underwear you wear with thin leggings like this please?

                                                                  Emily F.

                                                                    omg yaaay so excited for this! I run my own business from home & am desperate for non-slobby but still comfy loungewear but I struggle to find any decent options. Especially because a lot of trackpants not much attention is really paid to how they fit. It just makes me feel more productive when I know I look nice – even if it's just for me hehe.

                                                                    Jazz And Moll

                                                                      Such an aesthetic video💓


                                                                        Please do a workout routine video!!!!

                                                                        Esther x

                                                                          When Freddy first cut her fringe I was like noooo but omg was it the right decision it’s so pretty on her x

                                                                          Princess Lottie’s Life

                                                                            Okay so now I want a gym membership so that I can wear these beauties 😂😍

                                                                            Alice Walker

                                                                              Missed u

                                                                              Celine Aurora Engelklem

                                                                                10.00 I’ve always been worried about velvet material because I feel it get dirty so fast and then loose the softness over time and by each wash… any tips or suggestions? I’ve tried some different fabric softeners …

                                                                                Lee H.

                                                                                  Love this edit so much ! I can remember loving your lounge wear outfit in the travel in style video 😍😍 So happy you did this ! Can’t wait to get some little pieces of this video!!! I really appreciate all the work that goes into this weeks videos ! It really gets you into the shopping mood💕 Cheers to you Freddy for keeping up with everything

                                                                                  ken cooke

                                                                                    I’ve been waiting for this video omg


                                                                                      Why do you still support Victoria’s Secret?

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