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      Glowing Daytime Skin Tutorial

      AD: this video has paid-for content with Rodial. Please see below for product info and links and 35% off with RUTH35! Rodial Vit C Glow Tonic (£40 or £26 with …

      Sarah Amir

        Love the contrast between the simple makeup and the ruffles x

        Kimmy Tilley

          Loved the Zara Prop Top and you and your friend at Rodial had me in stitches. I love your energy and outgoing attitude. That's what makes your channel so fun and of course your captivating beauty 💛😘

          Elizabeth Paredes

            Great video Ruth! Missed your makeup videos!

            Lana Price

              i LOVE this ruffle zara shirt. its beautiful on you. ive tried to get my daughter to ley me buy it for her and she said she doesnt have any place to wear it. looking into rodial. your face is so pretty

              Madeline Della Mora

                Your head looks like it is coming out of a gift bag in the shirt! I love it, so perfect for the season and very fun

                Josephine Robertson

                  AHAHAH you kept it! I love it! (Your shirt, obviously.)


                    I've been curious about this brand. Thanks for the hands on tutorial! Looks really nice!

                    Jacinta Salt

                      Thanks, Ruth. Always a joy! Been waiting for the ruffle shirt to make its tutorial debut.

                      Maureen ormston

                        Looks really nice and fresh. Am still laughing at “glamming round the house all day”…….😂😂……I think I could turn that into a sport 😂😂

                        Guisella Losa

                          honestly, your skin looks like a 24 years old gurrrllll!

                          Joycelyn Steib

                            I have been following you since before you had kids and you haven't aged one bit….is this your secret??? So pretty!! Thanks for sharing with us.

                            Kimber Lee

                              Beautiful and I do love that top from the Zara haul. I love the banana concealer idea, I also put a lighter concealer in the damn pit in my inner eyes.

                              Emma Lawn

                                I only clicked on this because you have that top on from my favourite YouTube video of all time 😘xx

                                Desiree Osterman Makeup



                                    1:111:15. Oh really?!?! 😂😉. Similar innuendo level for me I think! 😂

                                    Sarah Jane

                                      Glad you are making use of the frill top xx

                                      Little Voice

                                        What percentage is the vitamin c please? It doesn't say on the link above


                                          Awww, you're wearing the "prop" shirt! At least that Zara haul was only 3/4th a fail 😘
                                          You look beautiful!

                                          Tinisha Searle

                                            Wonderful video as always 💗. I hope that you've had a lovely weekend. You look beautiful by the way .

                                            june june

                                              Fab video thank you x. What top are you wearing during the space nk visit? Love it xxxx

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