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      Go-To NO FOUNDATION Makeup Routine!!

      Here’s a video where I show you my go-to everyday makeup look! Hope you enjoy!! Thanks for watching! Xoxo Products I Used: …


        Just beautiful. (:

        Hannah Gff

          Simple and beautiful ❤


            ohmagad you look so good in purple!!!!!😮❤

            Jessica Shuman

              Botox is not scary coming from another anxious girly. You don’t feel it after the appointment and it wears off after around 5 months depending where you get it!

              Monica Rosales

                Oh my goodness! I've recently been doing a routine similar to this! I'm a mom of one and two and one on the way 😅

                Diana Carolina Vasquez Argudo

                  Hey Kathleen, so my Mom the last couple of years has done Botox. She doesn't get a lot, she's a little something. She still wants to be able to have expressions lol. I feel like off the bat, it's a little more intense than what it will look like. So for her it takes a week for it to settle and it looks bomb.

                  F Ali

                    😍 love this look


                      IM GAGGING AT ALL THIS CONTENT


                        you look so fresh, loving the regular uploads! ❤


                          I never judge anyone if that’s what you want to do then you do it if it makes your heart happy. I am going to tell you I get it when you are 30 you think it’s old, I mean I think we all felt that way at one time but now that I am 52 I am here to tell you you will look back at your 30s and think you were the hottest shit ever lol I honestly do not see these lines to what you speak of but I am also medicated for OCD so I get it and it really doesn’t matter what I see or feel it just matters if it would make you more confident. Just like a lot of people I’m going to say I think you are beautiful but I honestly do think you’re beautiful and I’m not just saying that.

                          Dawna B

                            Botox is pretty low key! But you do feel it, it feels like your forehead is cardboard lol. It feels like a heavy stiffness. But if you only get a little bit it's obviously not as strange feeling. And you get used to it . The only crappy thing is it wears off so fast, like in 2-3 months! And so expensive

                            Sheena banda

                              Love your videos!! I needed this today to distract my mind. Today marks a year my dad passed away and I’m trying my best to have a good day.

                              Annie Lawless Jacobs

                                I'm so happy you are loving our lip balm!! Thank you so much for sharing!

                                Gaby G

                                  You’re a stunner Kathleen! Thank you for these awesome tips ! It’s perfect for summer/spring. I clearly need to add a few things to my cart 😅😂❤

                                  Kristen Dunagan

                                    I just laughed so hard at you rubbing the filler. I had to rewind a few times to be able to pay attention again. 😂 I swear that would be me. Lol

                                    Olivia H.

                                      i’ve gotten botox for migraines, and you don’t feel it at all and the injection really doesn’t hurt! it’s so awesome honestly lmao


                                        That second brush you used looked so good!! I thought it was going to be too bright but it’s so good



                                          Lauren Hughes

                                            Love this type of tutorial, thank you!

                                            Also, I was off YouTube for a bit, so I might have missed it. But why did you stop doing your Boxysherm unboxings?

                                            Natalia Głowacka

                                              Our Queen of beauty😘❤❤


                                                This is also my go-to favorite way to do my makeup! Skincare plus setting powder 🥰 I'm going to film and post this same style video/makeup look today ❤️ I'm so excited to grab that brightener! I've used the rare beauty eye primer the way you use the brightener for years now!

                                                Tori Jade

                                                  Kathleen I’ve been watching you for years and I love you so much! You are so funny, so real, so beautiful, so kind! You’re the best! I was having such a horrible morning! I have a 16 y/o daughter who has severe Bipolar disorder with hallucinations and we finally got her hallucinations under control and someone said something horrible to her yesterday at school and my heart is broken. She’s is paralyzed with anxiety and sadness because of it, she can’t even get out of bed. I came to YouTube to get my mind off of things for a min and drink my coffee so I could take on the day with her and here you are making me laugh on a day like today. Thank you! Love you sweet girl ❤

                                                  Evelyn Prieto Capó

                                                    Botox isn't scary at all. It's less scary than filler. If you go to the right injector who listens to what you want. Check out Femme Aesthetics & Health.. Idelsis is the best!


                                                      I hardly lauhed to botox video😍🤣 I have never did botox and I do not think I can do it. Scare for injections and infections.

                                                      Sherrie Stewart

                                                        I have never done Botox or fillers. I am 61 and am blessed with genes that have me with a little under eye crinkle but no real lines on my face. My skin is very dry so my must have is moisturizer. At night, I use hyaluronic acid and cover my face with a moisture cream. If I had to pick a makeup item, I guess it would be mascara. Your skin looks beautiful and you have intrigued me with your setting powder. I usually skip powder because of the dry, tight feeling. I might have to try this one. 😄


                                                          You don’t need botox, you look stunningly beautiful it’s mesmerizing 🤍


                                                            I feel like getting Botox is like getting a tattoo. In the beginning, you swear you only want to try it out just a liiiiiittle bit with a tiny tiny tattoo, and before you know it you're covered everywhere. You just can't stop. Eventually, you just convince yourself you look great and everybody else is just haters.

                                                            Kathi Haynie

                                                              It helps to have beautiful skin as your base!

                                                              Daniela Lou

                                                                Kathleen botox is meant to be preventive! You can start at the age of 25 to prevent future wrinkles 💛

                                                                Lucky babe

                                                                  You look 25, not 31.

                                                                  Jessie Alcala

                                                                    Yay what a nice early morning surprise 🥰🥰 ilysm!!!

                                                                    Elisabeth Yosephine

                                                                      Can you please make your updated skincare routine?

                                                                      Josselyn Castillo

                                                                        Love you Kathleen thank you for this video. 🙂

                                                                        Kayla Courtney

                                                                          so many uploads yay!


                                                                            One of your old videos popped up in my recommendations and got me thinking, I'd love to see you recreate some of those looks today. Looks from 7, 8 years ago but with new products and techniques! Also an updated favorite brushes video would be great!

                                                                            Tiffany Harless

                                                                              The Queen is back! Baby! 💕💕

                                                                              Helena M. C.

                                                                                botox is amazing ! she will use a cream to numb the areas, you can still feel a little pain…some doctors use ice before applying. pain….nothing major. Dont lay down for a few hours, and the botox will take a few days to paralyse the muscles. Don´t wait until there is a lot of wrinkles, my mom says she regrets not using before ! my botox lasts for 8 months (I try to not make a lot of expressions), my mom lasts only 5.

                                                                                Louise Warren

                                                                                  So beautiful


                                                                                    Hey Kathleen can u recommend a good sunscreen for me please?
                                                                                    I mean now that u brought up how important it is lol


                                                                                      I felt the same exact fear with botox and wanted just a tad bit too and finally did it after years and years of fearing it! It's amazing and super easy, not painful at all! And my skin looked so so so nice!! I was so insecure about my fine lines and botox fixed them so so so much!

                                                                                      Dee Luther

                                                                                        Great Video As Always
                                                                                        Gorgeous thumbNail Tho
                                                                                        Beyond Beautiful You are
                                                                                        Ur Makeup Always On Point
                                                                                        Nice Ass Cheeks Bones
                                                                                        Good morning
                                                                                        Have a Marvelous day Too
                                                                                        Happy Fabulous Weekend Ahead
                                                                                        Stay Bless N Be Safe Always😇

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