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      Going on a rant while I do my makeup...

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a SUPER ranty grwm where I do some Valentine’s Day inspired makeup. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!


        Hi guys !!! I hope you enjoy this video!!! Ps- I hope you don’t take what I said about designer stuff, the wrong way. I think you should show and be proud of what you buy (it’s your damn life lol) but I also think it’s important to show OTHER things too. .. also! I wasn’t talking about Jaclyn in this video lol. She actually does a good job of showing her personal side as well.. talking on stories about her insecurities is good because it helps ppl connect to her and feel like they are not alone. I was specifically talking about those accounts that have no personality behind them. THOSE drive me crazy. Anyway, Lolololol you get me. ILY!!!! Xoxo have a good weekend! Happy Valentine’s Day!


          I can listen to rants for hours only if it's from YOU 😉


            Kathleen love you so much but didn’t you get breast implants girl? And you’re telling us to love ourselves but you so far in the video haven’t brought up how you have given in to your insecurities and done surgery. 🤷🏻‍♀️

            priscilla darling

              i completely agree with everything you said wow

              Lily May

                this looks beautiful💞

                ilsa arshad

                  Please try farsali powder liquid

                  Christine O

                    Pencil hips unite! 😅😘

                    Angel Dd

                      I watched one of AlexandrasGirlyTalk videos where she advised to unfollow some people in order to decrease their influence, I started seeing the difference after I started unfollowing them. My mood doesn’t change that much… and yeah my ☀️ in in ♋️

                      Angel Dd

                        I agree.


                          for ur 1st rant.. u should send messages to the people who are affected by the people-with-luxury-life pics.. not to those people who flaunt their luxury.. why..? coz they have money to buy them, to use them and its their right for them to post it if they wanted to.. BUT for those people who feels insecure for no reason from watching people's life, they are the one that has problem.. its either they can work harder for them to get what they envy or juz live ur life accordingly to ur capability.. dunnot compare ur life to other people.. live the best of what u got.. this is the message u should delivered.. not mad at people who can afford and live their life to the fullest.. hmmm.. u urself are rich and like u said, u too have designer brand and all, juz bcoz u dun post it on ur social media, doesn't mean what other people do is wrong.. i juz wish for u to juz stick to makeup and stop trying to give 'advice' that is not relevant at all with u.. like u tried to be humble but at the same flaunting of what u have..

                          Zoe Leung

                            Lol shoutout to those accounts where it’s just close up shots or half naked posing, no clothing items necessary
                            (Im joking)

                            Gianna Fallon

                              It's so sad, my little sister gets bullied in school because she doesn't get enough likes on her tik tok videos so she can't be in the other girls "group"… and they're in 5th grade!

                              Amy Ionitov

                                Girl stop spreading so much hate! People you're talking about actually work hard for they designer bags and breaking a sweet in gym everyday to achieve that curvy hips and you just staying here with your fake ass boobs and "never been to the gym" figure throwing shade for no reason..

                                Kayla Lindsey

                                  Manes by Mell is the BEST curly hair guru. Her videos have helped my curls so much. I’ve been on my journey for about a month now.

                                  Misty Parsons

                                    Your rant about influencers showing off all of their designer items, flashy cars, and their mere perfect houses is totally annoying and I definitely agree 100% with everything you’ve said!!🙌🏻👏🏻👍🏻💯 Wishing you and Danny a very happy Valentine’s day!! Love you, Kathleen!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ⚡️✨⚡️

                                    Maryam Butt 1116

                                      Love your makeup and you❤

                                      Lisa Lisa

                                        I hate that also, but I always feel sorry for those people and never envious. I feel they are incredibly shallow, and Need to purchase things to feel better about themselves. So I don’t relate at all, and then don’t subscribe or support them. It’s like that’s all you have to show us about yourself… sad.

                                        Emilija Angelovska

                                          Hahaha I went to actually check how much a Chanel bag costs. I thought maybe $1000 boy was I off


                                            After the video you posted a while ago I went and unfollowed so many people! It absolutely has had a positive effect on me. It’s pointless to follow those perfect people and who just “flaunt” all their stuff. It’s not relatable at all and only causes me to compare and wish I had those things. I now follow people I feel connected to, and people who inspire me on a deeper level. So thank you for your words.

                                            Corina Kelley

                                              Let your fears go ….. or will you let it define your life and your marriage. The more you give it power the more it will control you. The more you decide to take control of it it will take less control of you. Fight it! Stop letting it control you. Anxiety feeds off of your fears. Call on Jesus. He is making me stronger every day.

                                              lindsay reynolds

                                                You can do it!!! From another curly girl, you won’t regret it !

                                                Destiny Walker

                                                  “Toyota Corolla” RELATABLE. 😂😂

                                                  Ashley Brown

                                                    Yay Kat! Thank you for speaking my feelings! And shout out to my Toyota Corolla Camille! lol Love you Kat hope you had a very chill and happy Valentines Day!

                                                    Najat Margani

                                                      Agree , you're absolutely right👍

                                                      lindsay reynolds

                                                        I couldn’t agree more. I used to watch SOOOO many youtubers, and now i really just watch you, kristi, and taylor. I can’t even handle the other junk.

                                                        Raina Fitton

                                                          This is why I can't watch Jeffree Star much anymore, I like him and all but, shit man, I just dont care about your Birkin bag no more

                                                          You talking about this is the reason I always find myself coming back to your channel (yours and RawBeautyKristi's)
                                                          I'm seeing more and more people express this same opinion so I hope there will be some kind of change soon.
                                                          I'm scared this generation is going to grow up to be too materialistic (therefore shallow) with all these people shoving expensive stuff in their faces 24/7, it's just too much, its damaging to society's character in my opinion.


                                                            #alexandreagarza is that influencer you were describing 😋

                                                            Melissa Moore

                                                              This video 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


                                                                I think those kind of influencers who pose just with luxury brands and so, they do it because it's "their brand", it's what they sell and people follow them just for that (and thats how they make money). I mean, every influencer has a "thing" you know? Like there are the earthy-natural super nature consious ones and the super rich-perfect life luxurious ones, or the ones who are "just like you" who show you "their flaws" and maybe you dont identify yourself with any of them, and feel they're fake but there are other people that look up for them and admire them and dont feel bad for that. Don't take me wrong, i totally agree with you that life its not perfect and that everybody has ups and downs and, believe me, i post one picture every other month because i just don't care about social media or what people think about me, i feel i am the least milennial milennial thats ever to exist, BUUUT i understand there are people who were born with certain abilities or job preferences, and between those preference, the are the ones who, as a job, choose to be that girl who is super rich and luxury, and there is public for that type of women🤷🏻‍♀️ even if we can't undertand it or appreciate ir haha

                                                                Kinsie Romero

                                                                  Yaaasss I can’t wait to see your hair. From one curly to another this makes me happy to see someone with curly hair be represented! Especially from my fave beauty tuber❤️

                                                                  Gisela Gaona

                                                                    What type of brush do you use to make that smoky shadow liner!!?

                                                                    Anna Duhon

                                                                      I love how the comments went back to the bottom where they belong 💖


                                                                        when you sprayed that mist i literally said OH MY GOD out loud 😂😂😂😂

                                                                        Cassandra SM

                                                                          La pinta equals flex culture

                                                                          Viviana Cora

                                                                            You are so right about people flaunting stuff. It makes people judge themselves for the things they can have. Also around the holidays so many kids were asking for some outrageous stuff and its because of what they see on instagram and other social media.


                                                                              dude i see those bags so much and im just like….. THAT IS LIKE 3 MONTHS OF MY RENT???? it also kind of drives me crazy. but also, to each their own. i just dont follow people like that anymore.

                                                                              Stately D’Mello

                                                                                The rant we never knew we needed

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