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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I talk about a buncha used up beauty products! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products I …

      Cayla Brossman

        I love these! Old school YouTube>>>

        Lauren Rivera

          You NEED to try the philosophy fresh cream warm cashmere version of the perfume because it smells exactly like the marshmallow fireside candle😍

          Kelly Pernot

            I enjoy watching these videos. It’s interesting to see what products you loved and used entirely. Soooo yes ! More of this ♥️

            Julia Z

              I'm on my 3rd container of the Deva Curl matcha hair mask!! It's so good!

              Aarti Parmar

                Yes, please do this type of video ❤❤❤

                Amy f

                  Dam i came here from mile higher hopeing u would hv some zodiac videos but cant find any 🙁

                  Lisa Maria

                    Empties can encourage others to use up their products rather than always buying because they see others constantly getting things. It’ll show them some people actually try and use products up… last year I watched a few empties/hit pan videos and made up my mind to try to empty as much products I can by the end of the year. I didn’t have a lot. But keeping what I had made me feel good knowing I can use up products if I set my mind to it.

                    Courtney Marlo

                      You HAVE to try the Shea Moisture hair masks! I use the honey yogurt one as conditioner. They smell delicious and they make curly hair so incredible.

                      Eve Wasley

                        Please please please do an updated beauty room tour!!! Been a subscriber for so long and watched the first one you made, but desperate to see another one!

                        jen h

                          Has the nirvana black dry shampoo been discontinued? I haven’t see it in the store for a few months and it’s out of stock online.

                          Adelina Bianca

                            I love this kind of videos! I WANT more

                            Susan K

                              I love empty videos.

                              Emily Nessing

                                Empties videos are so satisfying please do more 😊💕

                                Michelle Neo

                                  Kathleen, love all your so called “old school” videos. There’s too much of those bashing, bitching, dragging-people-through-mud kind of videos. You are truly one of the few beauty Youtubers that don’t get involve in those dramas. So yes please old school videos! Bless you! 🙏🏻

                                  Marina Arias

                                    Love "old-school youtube" videos 🖤!!

                                    Pixie Stix

                                      I agree with you about the Philosophy fragrances. I stopped buying Baby Grace a few years ago because the fragrance went bad so fast. The same thing happened when I bought their Purity cleanser and few other skin care and shower products. The fragrance goes off before you are half way through the product, even if you use it daily. I don’t buy their products anymore.


                                        if your city takes plastic recycling (esp for the wipe packaging), i hope you can take advantage of that! love you and your videos <3 <3 <3

                                        Brookiee Savannah

                                          I love empties ! Yours and Tatis empties are my fav

                                          Ashley Pierson

                                            I love these videos!!! I have been loving your channel for a long time!!

                                            Gabbie Conlon

                                              Keep the old school videos rolling!! I live for them 🌟

                                              Jade S

                                                your old school type videos are my favourites !! i love watching things like this ❤️

                                                Anai Acuna

                                                  A Kathleen empties will not be complete with her Koh Gen Do wipes loved this video keep old school youtube 👍🏼😊💕


                                                    You gotta try the Canmake Gokubuto Mascara!!!!!
                                                    ITS A TUBING MASCARA!!!

                                                    it won’t stay if you cry but on a daily basis, it doesn’t smudge or flake! It lengthens and gives me volume! Seriously my fav mascara ever! Even the lash paradise can’t beat it because it smudges on me. You have to wait for it to dry a little first, so maybe about 3-5days of use before it starts getting good!! Because it’s a bit wet initially BUT PATIENCE IS KEY!

                                                    D C

                                                      I miss Empties Videos!!

                                                      Vernice To

                                                        Can you talk about how you recycle/throw away the packaging ?

                                                        Klara from Switzerland

                                                          Omgggg all these makeup whipes plastic packages freeeeak me out. All that plasticccc. I really hope there will be an alternative one day!

                                                          Clara Martin

                                                            Empties videos are the best!

                                                            Caitlyn DeLoach

                                                              I love that you are old school YouTube!! Keep it coming!

                                                              Danielle Bergmann

                                                                I like these videos.

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