Gok Helps Blind Bride Lucy Find Her Confidence | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

Main Gok Helps Blind Bride Lucy Find Her Confidence | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Gok Helps Blind Bride Lucy Find Her Confidence | Say Yes To The Dress: Lancashire

      Bride Lucy lost her vision 5 years ago, and now she needs to find the perfect wedding dress to make her feel confident on her big day. Catch Say Yes to the …

      bonifus sisters

        She is lucky to have a boyfriend who didn’t leave her even after turning blind..gok is indeed a beautiful soul..

        Shreeja Guha

          So much love for Lucy and tons of respect for her to be husband. She's absolutely beautiful 💓

          Natarra Buck

            How beautiful is Gok ❤️

            Anna Graser

              Whose cutting onions? BEAUTIFUL!!

              Bobae Queen

                I’m crying this was wonderful

                Allison Kouimtsoglou-Gale

                  What a really wonderful person Gok Wan is.He’s soooo sensitive and has a beautiful soul.



                    al muminah

                      I appreciate her fiance for not letting her down after she lost her eyesight…it takes courage to be a man of words

                      Smileyrie James

                        Love the way Gok helped her experience all the elements of the dress & feel beautiful… but hope she got to try on more dresses so she could know if one really felt beautiful to her, instead of just relying on what someone is telling her.


                          my eyes are leaking for some reason


                            I never thought this would be a struggle for blind people

                            Priyanka Jaiswal

                              She look so so so beautiful ❤️

                              Kate RH

                                She is stunning, and as usual Gok is fabulously supportive.

                                Ms. Rafael

                                  The 10 unlikes are the devils

                                  Lamesha Mosely

                                    I swear I hate crying😭 But she is beautiful😩❤️

                                    Aubrey Edwards

                                      She sees sparkles like Molly Burke❤️❤️




                                          Gok looked so overwhelmed when she quoted him on the "fox in the snow" and "making your own narrative" part, bless his heart💕And the bride looked beautiful 😍

                                          Ordany Robles

                                            just AMAZING !!!! so happy to know there are great people like Gok out there. and Lucy is such a gorgeous girl.

                                            K junction



                                                GOK and her boyfriend who not left her post losing her vision are true men in this world ❤️

                                                Mass Mama

                                                  Gok made me cry.
                                                  The way he got her to visualize herself with references from when she could see is amazing.
                                                  Bravo Gok, and she looks beautiful!


                                                    If any episode of SYTTD has made me tear up, this is it. Gok is quite the philosopher/psychologist/all around thoughtful, warm thinking human being, isn't he?


                                                      *sniff-sniff* This is such a precious episode to watch – even down to the camera-work of following her fingers trace over the different elements of the dress. Gok, you went about this appointment in all the right ways! 💕

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