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      Good molecules. Better ingredients. Better results. Lower prices. It’s amazing. While The Ordinary was great it mostly contained one ingredient with some slip.


        Actually, I don't think GM is better than The Ordinary because a lot of GM products are full of essential oils with a high potential to irritate the skin. Since my skin reacts quite often to fragrances I'm not going to try these products. The price difference also depends. It's a bit odd to say GM is cheaper. Overall, it's actually not. And if you react sensitive to fragrances and essential oils stick to The Ordinary. Their products are very mildly formulated and I never had problems with any of them (doesn't mean all TO products are good and effective, because many of them are not!)

        nur gurcan

          The ordinary 💕👍👏💐

          Vera Limpens

            I'm not really happy with the ph of some the products of this brand since the natural ph of the skin is 5.5. The ordinary does focus on that as well and works incredible. The serums from the ordinary do contain more ingredients dan 1 btw. 🙂 thanks for the review but I'm sticking with the Ordinary.

            Time Axl

              That is great but I will still remain a the ordinary user. I have 2 big reasons for it. I dont live in the US in fact I live in a country where most products are imported however the ordinary has a base in my country which makes it environmentally aware. My second reason is that I dont like multi function products. I want to be in charge of what something does to my skin. The skin is our largest organ and I like to know what the ingredients are without having to write down a whole book about it.

              M Daze

                Squalane Oil (Ordinary 30 ml) $7.90 Squalane Oil (Good Molecules 13 ml) $8.00.

                Missy Bee

                  I don’t know why but I read the first line as “good morning molecules” and I thought that was the new name for us in his fanbase lol

                  London’s Rock

                    Oh no Wayne, we not about to do a 2016 craze again lol. The Ordinary really saved my skin. I mean, it's still rather shit but it could be a lot worse and I have you to thank you for that!

                    Gillian Wills

                      I prefer the fact that I have zinc in with my nicinamide… I'll stick with The Ordinary or Revolution if TO are out of stock…


                        These are exact dupes for the ordinary if I’m not wrong? Would love to see a closer compare video.

                        Angela Petta

                          I will have to check this new brand out. Thank you, Wayne.
                          Cheers 😉 🌷


                            I started using The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid (2x a day) and Niacinamide (once, three times a week) ans I have way more breakouts than before… anyone else experienced this?

                            Ann Söderberg

                              You look bomb!!!!

                              Lipgloss & Lacquer

                                Just ordered. Will let you know what I think.

                                Samantha Xiong

                                  Anyone have suggestions for an exfoliating scrub that works well for super super dry skin?? I've used so many, but when I use it, my skin is still flaky and it doesnt really do anything 🙁 I've wasted so much money on trying to find an exfoliator. Someone please recommend one to me! Also, any suggestions on a great cleanser for dry skin?

                                  Sue Mitchell

                                    Estée Lauder only owns 27% they aren’t going to change anything.

                                    shireen Ibdah

                                      I am confused about this now…but the sweater of yours I love it

                                      Jennifer Castaldo

                                        Omg another great sweater!

                                        Chrissy Moss

                                          As you referred to the prices in $'s does this mean that it's a US brand and not available in the UK????? xxx 💕💕💕xxx

                                          kimberly sivits

                                            maybe you’ve found an actual use for those silicone applicators, if all the serums would fit onto it.
                                            not that you don’t want it all over your hands every time, but do you open all the bottles before you drip the product into your hand?


                                              I love that you say you don’t use skincare in the day because everyone else always has a “day routine” and a “night routine.” But my philosophy has always been, treatment at night, prevention in the day. So I have a very detailed and dedicated skincare routine at night, but I only use sunscreen in the day. EVERY DAY. Especially because I use acids and retinols at night and these make the skin more susceptible to sun damage. AND I use a sunscreen from either the UK or Japan because unlike American sunscreens, they actually have not only SPF ratings that rate how much UVB rays are being blocked, but the PA rating that rates the UVA rays (the ones that actually cause aging) as well.

                                              I don’t understand WHY for years dermatologists have told us to use sunscreen every day to “prevent the signs of aging” when our sunscreens don’t even do that!! Even if they are labeled “broad spectrum” they don’t have enough of or the best ingredients to block those UVA rays. So that’s why I get mine from overseas (thank God for Amazon lol) The one I actually love and have used for years now is the Japanese Bioré Aqua Rich Watery Essence. It literally feels like nothing on the skin, it sinks in in seconds, it doesn’t leave a white cast, it doesn’t have that sunscreen smell, and it’s SPF 50, PA++++. Basically the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. (And it’s pretty cheap too!)

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