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      Gynecologist Answers Commonly Searched Pregnancy Questions

      An OBGYN answers the most Googled questions about pregnancy! Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series …

      erin marithe

        yes. atleast 90% are virgins. thankyou


          If you eat apples while pregnant you have a boy and if you eat watermelons you have a girl. In sims


            7 months into pregnancy and can I just say acid reflux sucks butt

            Yana S

              This lady is very educated and well-spoken!

              banana lemon

                Pregnant japanese women eat sushi and they’re fine

                Figuring It Out

                  I'm actually pregnant and I know because one of the effects I've had was hearing the babys heartbeat. Lol I'm excited

                  Bronlyn Bates

                    Her skin is just GLOWING 💜😩

                    Kim Jong-un

                      People say I’m pregnant and I think they’re right. Pretty sure I’m overdue


                        Can we appreciate how useful she was?

                        stan kpop you coward

                          i can't have kids ( infertility runs in my family ) , but these are interesting

                          Taslim Khan

                            i need doc like u

                            w h a t e v e r !

                              I’ve been single my whole life… what am I doing here?😂

                              Margie Medina

                                What a beautiful and intelligent woman!

                                Lindsay Stillman

                                  is she pregnant?

                                  Talented Thando

                                    I love these

                                    Savannah Wright

                                      i’m 15. why am i here?


                                        I deadass wish she was my doctor


                                          Ok, I get alcohol is really bad for the baby but what about in a case that happened to my step siblings mom when she was pregnant. She had to drink a beer a day cause she wasnt producing enough milk for twins. Is this common??

                                          Keyi Nsa

                                            Why am i watching this…


                                              I like this kind of video

                                              Pourya Bigonah

                                                In 200 years the most common Google question will be: did people really use human bodies to create children?

                                                The Dog

                                                  10 views and 600 likes? Go home YouTube you are drunk

                                                  doriane l.

                                                    such a professional and fun woman.

                                                    NotYourPerfect Mom

                                                      I'm pregnant with my 3rd child

                                                      srh nrbg

                                                        I recently had to do a breastmilk google because 1700’s philosopher Immanuel Kant had in his book that because cows eat a vegetable diet and their milk can harden into cheese, if mothers eat a pure vegetable diet, their breastmilk hardens.. like ???? Okay

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