Heartbroken… a REAL day in the life right now

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    Sarahs Day
      Heartbroken... a REAL day in the life right now

      Dedicated to the sweetest, kindest and most selfless soul I’ve ever known. I love you Grandma x. SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT EBOOK FITNESS GUIDES!!

      Tanya Rogers

        So sorry for your loss hun our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family 🌻 and I hope your week ahead brings some happiness xx 😊

        Pascalle Pointing

          Hope you and your family are doing okay. Thanks for being so real and authentic.

          Lisa Oudheusden

            I am so sorry for you guys.. hope you find love and strenght in family and friends ❤

            Bognar Evelin

              Everything happens for a reason.

              Kayla Cassidy

                I'm so sorry about your lose, last year my granny had a stroke we all said our goodbyes, but luckily she has a very strong heart and still is here. But I do know how hard it is to lose someone special. All my thoughts are with you and your family❤

                Emily Page


                  Kate Pryke

                    Sezzy don’t worry we are all definitely here for you
                    One like = 1 prayer for sezzys family 🙏🙏🙏

                    Aaliyah Mokomela

                      Does anyone know the name of the song when Sarah starts working out? Thank u ❤️

                      Tess W

                        the way you've done this is so beautiful sarah. i love this type of vlog where you share the more 'real' aspects of your life and show us that life isn't always perfect and sometimes it throws tough stuff at you. thank you for taking us along this journey with you. may your grandmother rest in peace <3

                        Franziska K.

                          Sending you endless hope and hugs, Sarah! ♥️ Thanks for being so real and open! Favourite youtuber 🙂

                          Sara Murtonen

                            About to watch the video and I just Want to thank you for being so real. Not a lot of people are and for a teenager you really are inspiring with how honest you are. All the best and you are In my prayers ❤️❤️

                            Lena Me

                              I feel you! ❤ Lost my granny last year and it was really hard because I was really close to her. But still reminded me of how much I love my loved ones. Send you love and strength! ❤

                              M D A

                                11:37 we love kurt for loving you

                                M D A

                                  I’ll pray for you and your family. 😭❤️

                                  Katie Cooke

                                    I’m really sorry to hear xx

                                    Paula Ivey

                                      Love you sezza ❤️

                                      I Let

                                        You handle things so well. Sorry for your loss ❤️

                                        Kyrstyn & JP


                                          Nicole Nicolova

                                            I hope that you are better now. It is sad but it is also a part of our life. I love you♥️💓

                                            Emma Niskanen

                                              Sending you and your family all the love I can give ♥️

                                              Faith Fit Fi

                                                Oh wow… totally balling .. I still remember the pain of losing my Grandma… it's rough !! You're so right though… it's such a reminder to treasure our loved ones. Praying for comfort in your family. You'll see her again one day. xx


                                                  Hey! Where are those shoes from that you had on while getting ready for the gym? 🙂

                                                  claudia Davies

                                                    who else called their grandparents after this

                                                    Sammie Grumley

                                                      We love you, Sezzy .xx. Sending so much love and support your way

                                                      Google Account1

                                                        Love your chanel so much ,i have been watching since you posted your tanning routine ages ago 😂 so i love watching your chanel and your family grow!!


                                                          ❤️ sending love to you and your family.

                                                          Morgan Mack

                                                            I’m so sorry for your loss Sezzy! You are such a light to so many people so I am sure that your grandmother was too! I am praying for your family!

                                                            Giulia Casbarra


                                                              Anam Shah

                                                                Who else is crying 😭

                                                                Emma Caroline


                                                                  Bettina Rae

                                                                    So much love to you Sarah. My four year old this morning said to me ‘I don’t like that lion king movie because when the Dad dies it makes me miss your Grandad’. This blew me away because he was only 2 when he passed away but he still remembers. I’m glad fox will get to look at photos of his great grandma and him as a baby when he gets older. Very special memories. 💜

                                                                    Maoriprincess _1

                                                                      RIP Thelma

                                                                      Anna Sutcliffe

                                                                        sending my love sarah – stay strong xoxo

                                                                        M W


                                                                          Kadeisha Moses

                                                                            Hope your okay gorgeous your going thru a tough time and your grandmother will be looking down on you and be so proud of what your achieving in life we all love you and are here for you be strong Sarah ❤️

                                                                            Joya Peri

                                                                              I’m sorry for your loss. You are so strong and such an inspiration…thank you for being you! ❤️

                                                                              Cheryl Baker

                                                                                I’m so sorry for you. I know what it feels like. Sending you a lot of love ❤️❤️

                                                                                Elli Skouf

                                                                                  I didn't want to cry but the last part got me.. I am sorry for your loss, but as we can all tell your grandma has lived a very full live with so much love❤

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