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    All Things Adrienne

      Help Me Plan My EXTRAVAGANT Thanksgiving Party

      When I do Thanksgiving, I do it big. Thanks to Rakuten for sponsoring this video! #ad Sign up for Rakuten and get $10 absolutely free: …

      All Things Adrienne

        What are you doing for your Thanksgiving?

        stephanie s

          You need funnel cakes!!!!!

          jikirit salem

            Na wa! Calm down u guys …….. she is nt beating the animals what wrong with you guys n being so extra…….. it’s just like going to the zoo …… animals love kids …. she just wants them to play and have a good time ….


              You should do some vintage carnival funny stuff like a bearded lady or something like that

              Penina Lafoga

                No to the animals

                Mirelly Cuatianquiz

                  No elephant

                  Nondumiso Shezi

                    I can't wait to see how all of this comes together 😆❤

                    F A

                      Minus the animals, please.

                      Leandra Hadzi

                        Love all your ideas but NO ANIMALS PLEEEEEEEEEEASE. And party planner, please don't make that suggestion to any of your other clients. Its 2019 and animals rights matter.


                          Adrienne please no animals. An animal is a life, they do not deserve to be taken away from their home to entertain at yours. Hope you change your mind and think about what you can do to help the animals suffering in this world instead. God bless xxx

                          Gloria Hoyte

                            Aya Morgan, what! How you arrived at that, Adrienne is still a young woman, when you
                            hear people talking about aging, that's when a person is around 50/60 up she is still
                            in child bearing age, you making her old! It would be better if you had said Adrienne
                            Look gorgeous, but please don't used aging yet!!! It's too early!

                            blanche mhonda

                              Can you please show us the Thanksgiving party.

                              Berenice Reyes

                                Ok I’ll be there at 6 😅😁

                                Jazmine Wilson

                                  I know you eat vegan for health reasons but, if you do more research and dive into what the lifestyle is about you might be able to identify more with why everyone is the comments is saying 'no' to using animals as prompts. No disrespect at all I'm just trying to shine light on a very sad issue that happens a lot. Hope you look into it and change your mind. Hope your day turns out great though! ☺️

                                  Shanelle Sealy

                                    Hello i like your sweater.

                                    Ana A Andrade

                                      Please no to the elephant. Your chance to be an advocate for these beautiful creatures. They’re not for entertainment.

                                      Izzy Moreno

                                        Adrienne please don't add the animals to the list 🙏🏻, we know your party will be amazing regardless! 🎉

                                        aurora sam

                                          I LOVE ADRIENNE'S OUTFIT SO MUCH

                                          Ramadimetsa Machete

                                            I can't wait to see all this coming together. Please make a video of this day.. im LATERALLY getting so ecxited !.

                                            Dreams happen . .

                                              Adrienne is wearing a clue the flamingo

                                              Nelda Garcia

                                                No baby elephant unless it’s actual Dumbo 😢 Glam carnival games is enough 💎

                                                Kimberly Blalock

                                                  It’s not wack because it will turn out fly and the kids will love it!

                                                  Grace Smith

                                                    I think baby goats or sheep would be cute and fun but definitely not girrafes or elephants

                                                    Star London

                                                      Dont nobody wanna eat at ur house. U dont wash your hands chanel

                                                      Patricia Ortega

                                                        Maybe add some apple fritters or mini fried apple pies 🥧 like McDonalds. In order to use the app do you have to shop online? Because the only online shopping I do is Amazon.

                                                        DANIELA MONDRAGON

                                                          Can you do more videos that aren't sponsors?

                                                          Like i love your own idea
                                                          Not because its sponsor.



                                                            Serious question , why the baby elephant.

                                                            How does taking a baby animal away from it’s mother JUST FOR A PARTY make sense at all?? And it doesn’t even go with the theme???

                                                            joselyn quintero

                                                              Vegan?? And getting a petting zoo. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!


                                                                im so excited for this turnout! Adrienne is me planning my friendsgiving!!

                                                                Laurel Flint

                                                                  I LOVE you Adreinne… PLEASE…NO animals!! It would be extremely traumatic for any animals. Also it would be potentially dangerous for the animals & people. Those wild animals may come to you drugged up, & don't forget they are naturally WILD!!

                                                                  Makayla Matthews

                                                                    A peanut stand with the cotton candy and popcorn stands!

                                                                    Nami Diazuba

                                                                      wtf was the point of this video

                                                                      Elaisha Murrell

                                                                        No petting zoo!

                                                                        P R

                                                                          No animals, really unnessary. 😒😞

                                                                          May Lee

                                                                            Sweater is giving me flamingo 🦩 vibes.

                                                                            Jabou baa

                                                                              I’m really happy for you that you’re that blessed to share it with your family 💋

                                                                              Shelly Bee

                                                                                Today is the day my dad was killed and his favorite holiday was also thanksgiving, when they went thru his pockets they found his note pad that he always carried and it said, To invite a person very close to him that he wasn't talking to, for Thanksgiving dinner but was killed by accident right before SO he wasn't able to invite that person and it was so stupid on WHY they weren't talking, ANYWAYS 🙏 IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY THAT YOUR DINNER IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and THE LORD CONTINUES TO SHOWER YALL WITH BLESSINGS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND GOD BLESS🙏🙏 OH THE PERSON HE WAS SUPPOSE TO INVITE WAS me🤦🤦🤦😭😭😭

                                                                                Melanie Moore

                                                                                  You look pretty, sis! 🥰

                                                                                  Daughter of Zion

                                                                                    The over 130👎is all the native Americans saying what in the hell are you doing celebrating my murder and they are rolling around in their graves on this pagan holiday while the most high is crying and looking down at what this world has come to and can't wait to seal the 14400 chosen Israelites so he can come back to destroy this hell hole and anyone that's following the heathen ways of this world. 🙏


                                                                                      Save your money …you doin tew much

                                                                                      Ruba Sawaqed

                                                                                        Please no animals….. it's cruel and not what their purpose is….. 😔

                                                                                        V V

                                                                                          Kids are not good with animals. Animals are not for entertainment

                                                                                          Adriana De la Torre

                                                                                            Hope you consider not doing the elephant idea. Kids and animals do not go well. People don’t understand the amount of stress they can cause animals just by touching or basically being all over them. Please take into consideration the well being of the animal and don’t just think about it for entertainment purposes. You’re better than that, Adrienne.
                                                                                            Un abrazo grande desde Puerto Rico

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