Here comes the sun ! New summer pinks collection

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    Lisa Eldridge
      Here comes the sun ! New summer pinks collection

      So obsessed with this stunning mood film featuring my summer pinks collection.x Music courtesy of Albin De La Simone …

      mrk mpd

        i hope someone out there is already taking notes for her next launch. . .lol

        June 06

          Hier kommt die sonne …

          Angela J

            Just gorgeous shades! ❤️

            Angela Alay

              OMG! You didn't need to be in a bathtub full of fake diamonds to convince me how great these lipsticks are
              You only needed 29 seconds video shooting the lipsticks

              Cristina Alfaro

                Already ordered 2! Can't wait!

                Carol Liu

                  got twoooo: Skyscraper Rose&love of my life!!! I so wanted to buy Go Lightly, cuz it to me looks so much like the Audrey Hepburn shade, but i know it won't look good on me. Anyway, such a collection!!!

                  Deidre G

                    Lisa I know you can do it. Your next collection should include shades that every skin tone can wear.

                    Wafa Jan

                      No one cares

                      Emily Stemp

                        love it

                        Amanda Ward

                          Will there be a restock?

                          Dianne S.

                            I've never seen such amazing lipstick advertising. The visuals the music …. divine!! 😍😍

                            LiggoKiggy AG

                              Ahhh yess, I’m so excited for mine to arrive!!!😆❤️❤️

                              Sha Ron

                                They are so pretty

                                Lily Gold

                                  I bought one!

                                  Lucie Taylor

                                    What’s the best lip liner to match #1 if you have light skin?
                                    Ive just had a notification to say that mine has been dispatched!


                                      Okay 👌🏻 love the video, love the lipstick, love the monogram!

                                      Lisa is

                                      Michelle Robinson

                                        Will more be made? The two colors I wanted are already sold out. I missed out on your velvet reds and now these! I want to cry. That Rainbow Spill and Skyscraper Rose my heart skip a beat! I've done a few looks inspired by you on my IG! I would love one of your lipsticks!!!

                                        Anti Lizzeth

                                          Oooooo I got chills 😭

                                          B A

                                            Do they ship internationally?

                                            Olivia Arnold

                                              I just purchased two shades and I'm sooo excited! This is my first ever purchase xx


                                                Ooohhh I'm obsessed 😍😍😍

                                                1969Vanessa G

                                                  I remember when Monica Lewinski was interviewed by Barbara Walters post Washington drama and the talk post interview was not about the drama but what color lipstick she was wearing. One of Lisa's lipstick is a much better version of that color, the color I've been looking for since that interview. Yes, I've been long suffering, which is over now.

                                                  Galini K.

                                                    Awsome video.🌼😍
                                                    I also wanted to ask about this business with Russian customs. On your website you say that "Russian Customs authority regulations stipulate parcels can only be sent to registered business addresses and must be for commercial purposes" – I'm not sure about all the particulars, but I do order makeup and skincare from UK websites like CultBeauty ot SpaceNK and the parcels are totally allowed to go through customs.


                                                      So pretty! I love all the colors. Amazing work, Lisa! ♥️ Well done.

                                                      Ann Thomas

                                                        Are any of these shades the color of your prized Audrey lipcolour?


                                                          Will you have a nude collection too Lisa? x x


                                                            These are stunning. I am so waiting for velvet jazz!


                                                              You do an excellent job of informing customers about their order and the shipping process starts very quickly. My lipstick has to cross an ocean to get here; I'm so excited to receive Skyscraper Rose and REALLY excited to hopefully have an opportunity to purchase Velvet Jazz when that group is restocked. My Velvet Morning has usurped my YSL lipsticks. I still can't get over the texture of that one; it truly looks like the velvet of a ribbon or the seats in a Broadway theater.


                                                                Ordered Go Lightly today..super excited! 😘

                                                                Vida Talab

                                                                  They look even more beautiful in the promo. Great job Lisa! Looking forward to getting mine in the mail.

                                                                  Simone Schroeder

                                                                    order is coming to switzerland tomorrow. so happy

                                                                    Nicole Matson

                                                                      Ordered mine yesterday🥰 can’t wait to get it!

                                                                      Jade Lee

                                                                        Wow no hairs sticking out of them. Or weird bubbly back holes 🤔

                                                                        Tiffany Michelle

                                                                          Stunning! I don’t wear lipstick, but now I might!

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