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      Here's What It Takes To Be Friends With The Kardashians

      Kardashians Are Not Friends With Just ANYBODY. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Ruthann Monsegue

        The beginning sounds superficial 😔😒😒


          Jordyn got burnt??? Really or she couldn't find a single man. 😁😁😁😁😂. Spreading fake shit as usually. I'm not rich n it takes alot for me to call someone a friend.

          alicia ali

            Malala can change them to normal people if they become friends with her. All American teenagers have good sat score.

            gladiator legs

              Omg!!!! U losers that follow these frauds are pathetic!!!! Yeah Khloé lost her weight, changed he face through personal tracing…lol. Knife and lipo suction is what created the new kardashians…dad was a scum bag to gain wealth and “fame” from oj….these pathetic women have built off that. Sad. Which ones are ojs kids?

              W C

                Who would wont to be around them there all sluts nasty ugly ho’s!! they think there pretty lmao 🤣 there a perfect example of inbreeding the whole family is a waste of life they have no real friends just bought friends I can’t believe they think there good looking don’t they ever look in a mirror!

                Nicole Kaye

                  Anyone who wants to be in their inner circle are crazy!!! The mom runs the whole premiere around Khloe’s broken heart 💔 and Khloe’s saying not to be judgemental that this is her life. If you live life so publicity and get paid from it you have no reason to cry about the judgment like I said in the beginning THEY MADE THE PREMIERE TRAILER AROUND THE CHEATING SCANDEL THAT SHOWED KHLOE LOOKING LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN!!! and Tristan isn’t once talked bad about as much as Jordyn is!!!!

                  Kimberly Martinez

                    They(Kardashian) are full of shiit

                    Danette Smith



                        These people are very unhappy….

                        Dylan Mok

                          The plastic family

                          Joe Huddy

                            I’d do anything to be friends with them


                              This is an example when you trade your soul for the world. Nothing last forever!

                              Lynette Dates

                                You have to Always be in the Background and be a SLAVE to them as Maleka is to Khloe and jordyn was to Kylie, even though she never liked the way kylie Treated her…

                                Jonathan Thompson

                                  🔥KhloeKardashian So Needs Me🔥

                                  Devin Reis

                                    Be a THOT?

                                    TheMuffinMan ?


                                      Susan West

                                        I believe everybody deserves a second chance and so I'm hoping that the Kardashians will choose to give Jordan a second chance.

                                        Sonja Dunn

                                          Yeah no thanks

                                          Dani Radausiga

                                            I wouldnt wanna hang out with the Karashians even if they were next door neighbors 😒

                                            Delores Wakin


                                              problematic princess

                                                But koko was arrested in season 1 of kuwtk for drink driving and Kim made a porn and kendell did that pisi ad the same for each of them messing up in some way :/

                                                Dubs Up

                                                  If u can recall kim's time as paris hilton's assistant then u know it's about a life of servitude and convenient verbal abuse.

                                                  Stacy Coleman

                                                    I wonder if a friendship would ever be equal even with non disclosure agreement? Would it be all about them? Or would they really gove a shit about an ordinary friend…

                                                    charlenefrida emilia

                                                      Blah blah blah😩😩😩 I'm tired of the stupid Kardashians….just cancel the fucking show

                                                      Donna Smith

                                                        They used to be relatable now they are just evil. EVERYTHING they do, is done for their own benefit or they wouldn't be doing it. If they are not getting some kind of publicity behind it, they would not be doing it.

                                                        Arlisa Worthington

                                                          Being friends with HIGH class HOES and PORN STARS can be found ANYWHERE…😹😸😹😸😹😸😹😸😹😸😹😹

                                                          Marlon Navas

                                                            Some are very ridiculous but I understand some cause they are famous and don’t really know who can be their real friends but like come on if the person seems chill and knows who u r doesnt matter if they are rich or not

                                                            Gretchen Hardy

                                                              Not having a soul?

                                                              Danni Bishop

                                                                These ppl are so 🤔🤨😑……….overrated. I not a fan of these ppl. Those culture vultures……… always want attention

                                                                winnie banks

                                                                  they live like they ain't gonna die

                                                                  Katharina Nikol

                                                                    No, i dont think that their stands are to high, if they arent, the show wouldnt be nearly that what it is today, if their friends could talk about inner cyrcle secrets & Co; the show would never be that interesting and exciting (best example the Jordyn Woods/Thompson scandalxD), even before the next season begin!;))

                                                                    Charlotte Brackenbury

                                                                      Who cares about those stupid chavs who don't deserve to be rich and famous both special

                                                                      Mary Sonzogni

                                                                        Jordan burned herself.

                                                                        Akresha Curtis

                                                                          A bunch of bitches

                                                                          Simran Pereira

                                                                            Who is Kendall Jenner's best friend?

                                                                            Johnnes Kano

                                                                              Is that Natalya!? 12:04

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