here's why I left LA… and I'm not going back

Main here's why I left LA… and I'm not going back

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      here's why I left LA... and I'm not going back

      Mk B

        Hi Karen I’ve been following you for 4 years and I’ll always support you. I could see that you were struggling the past year, please take care of yourself and do what you need to do! Much love xo

        saruni lin

          So much smiling in this video! I can tell you’re in a better place, and I’m happy for you. Keep on truckin on the right track~ You’re so strong, being subscribed to you I’ve seen the ups and downs you’ve shared with us, and what amazes me is you’re going through these different phases in life so quickly. You know how many people have a “party phase” and it seriously fucks them up? I feel like you’re so good at naturally dealing with things in a healthy way. You get what you need out of something, then when it starts to become unhealthy you move on. LA did what it needed to do, and now you can move on and you DID. Anyways, those highlights remind me of Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany’s. Sending support 💗

          Air Wolf

            We love and support you. You are wonderful person and you motivate me to do something. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Love you so much.

            Chelsea Reyes

              Thank you for sharing 💕

              Meghan Hughes

                these are my favorite videos from you! just sitting down & hearing about your life! I hope you're well karen!


                  Love you Karen! So glad to hear about the positive changes in your life and you look amazing. You're truly an inspiration <3


                    Girl, I am so glad that you have taken this step. You are such an inspiration. I am sending you lots of love and positive energy ^_^

                    Estephanya Perez

                      Thank you for sharing this video with us! I've had a rough year so far and honestly I don't want to carry all the weight on my shoulders anymore, but it's hard but you encourage me to see the hope in life that we should all have regards of what has happened in our past. I hope I can have a similar mentality soon as well 🙂 these heart to heart videos make me look up to you and comfort me in times of change and distress.


                        Hey Karen: ) I just wanted to say I’m really glad you’re open and honest with us. To be honest, 2019 so far hasn’t been my best year. I just haven’t been myself and I’ve been feeling super lost. I feel like I can’t tell when i’m really happy sometimes and I’m in the process of figuring things out. Knowing that you, someone who I feel has done a lot and is someone I can admire, have had your own fair share of human struggles but have been able to help yourself really inspires me and gives me hope. I really hate feeling lost and I have lacking motivation, especially since up to this point in my life I’ve always felt super motivated and cheery and as someone with a clear outlook on life… but like I said, seeing you sort your way through this really helps me keep my head up and makes me want to look forward for what’s to come in life🙂 I wish you the best and I hope that you find lots of happiness❤️

                        Brooke Hudgins

                          hi karen, i've been watching your channel for some time now and you've always inspired me to find my creative spark. you've had such a positive influence on me and i always look forward to your videos to give me the inspiration i need. i'm having a really really hard time trying to find out who i am and where i want to be so it's nice to know that even while we see you doing so well, that even you had trouble finding the path you felt you were meant to be on. thanks girl for everything you've presented to us of yourself and your journey, as well as, your knowledge of make up and fashion. 🧡💛💚💜

                          Ivana S

                            I recommend Utada Hikaru Laughter in the Dark Concert on Netflix. I watched it today & it was a beautiful experience!

                            Zach Newsom

                              Epic bedtime story

                              Mikie Jae

                                wow, you're such a beautiful soul

                                uwu potato

                                  I love you Karen <3 You're one of the youtubers I've really followed since about 5 years ago and I'm so proud of you for being so reflective. It's an amazing skill to be so self-aware, honest with yourself, and learn from your experiences and understand your feelings. A lot of people are so scared to get therapy because it's so stigmatized, but I've seen how much it has helped people around me and I'm glad that you're also helping people feel comfortable with reaching out!

                                  Anna Daws

                                    I have been following you for years and I had a feeling you have been feeling confused towards your channel! And that is completely ok! You are such a sweet and creative soul, by moving away from a place that you didn't connect with, without a doubt you'll find clarity soon girl!

                                    Laura E. | heyloe


                                      Laura Yamaoka

                                        Good road to take. Follow the yellow brick road. ✌🏼to happiness 🎋


                                          Been watching since I was in college 6 years ago! So crazy how long ago that was, will always love your content! Take care of yourself Karen ❤️ you deserve everything you have achieved


                                            The soundtrack of neon genesis evangelion is awesome to write to :)) also the album Tigermilk by Belle and Sebastian ! Glad you’re starting to feel whole again. Been going through a similar thing but I’m starting to see the light so this makes me really happy to see

                                            Trisha Le

                                              I absolutely love how vulnerable you were in this video. I've always looked up to you because you're a strong, positive role model. Definitely continue to take care of yourself and your mental health (I'm definitely doing the same too)!

                                              The mind is so powerful and we end up hurting ourselves in the end by overthinking, over-processing things, and I admire how much strength it took to pull yourself out of your situation and to seek help.

                                              You're definitely not alone and I want to wish you nothing but the best for you and your family.

                                              Kristin M.

                                                you’re really sweet and just listening to you talk calms me. i’m happy you’re making moves for yourself and your own happiness. right now i’m doing the same thing for myself by moving out of my parents house because we aren’t really getting along anymore. hopefully i’ll find some peace with them after a little separation. best of luck with everything, always cheering for you 💓

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