Highly Requested ! My Favorite Nose Ring Necklace & Fragrances

Main Highly Requested ! My Favorite Nose Ring Necklace & Fragrances

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      Highly Requested ! My Favorite Nose Ring Necklace & Fragrances

      Use my code poisonflowerivy30 for 30% off your first month at Scentbird My Picks of the month ! Candy by Prada …

      Neek Neek

        Is them 25mm one or two pair

        cierra stanley

          Thanks for the tips.. As u can see I have a nose ring… Been trying to find a real one!! 🥰🥰


            Yaaasssss I love this set up it really brings out that true melanin hunny!


              This makeup 🔥 🔥 🔥❤️


                Honey that bright crystal by Versace is the bomb! Got it for Christmas and I'm almost out lol

                Kay Banks

                  Love the necklace

                  Djinia Sylvestre

                    Visit: www. sylarabeauty.com for good and affordable hair ladies and they have 10inches to 40 inches

                    Naomi D

                      I love Ivy…lip gloss queen, beautiful skin, nice hair and so elegant

                      Samitra Vash

                        At this point can I buy the lashes off your EYES😳😭😩

                        Dollface Fay

                          That color on your lips can we talking about that 😩😩 i need it !!

                          v porshe

                            Hey girl thanks for sharing and we need a nail tutorial

                            Lashae Gray

                              Love the background. You are so beautiful.!


                                If you have a Costco membership they have lots of fragrances for the low. They also have premium hair products as well like olaplex and Briogeo. I got the pump size of Don’t despair hair mask for $55. And skincare too I love Costco 😍😻


                                  I actually really like the background Ivy💖

                                  Breanna Khalila

                                    You’re just so beautiful ❤️

                                    tiesa smith

                                      Anyone tell you that you favor reginae carter ? Nice video girlie 😘👌🏽🤘🏽

                                      Robyn A

                                        Loooove this & the quality and background is bomb.

                                        Shi Scott

                                          You’re so pretty!!!

                                          Danyel Johnson

                                            My girl coming through with the gems !!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Love you boo ❤️♥️💕

                                            Kourtney Chism

                                              I wear 2/3 of the fragrances💕


                                                I'm so glad you did this video, I hope you do your fave lip glosses next 😍

                                                Kayla Nicole

                                                  Giving my lhh vibes

                                                  De’Etta Monique

                                                    This look is EVERYTHING 😍


                                                      Great video 😊

                                                      Tracy’s Way

                                                        Yassss Ivy I’m loving the new background!! It looks like your on a LHH confessions 🥰💘😂

                                                        rayya muhammaf

                                                          Lip gloss details 👀

                                                          Sarah Lee

                                                            Lashes ivy❤️❤️where are they from o need the exact pair. U look badd af in this videro😍👀

                                                            M C

                                                              Girl you are so gorgeous 😭😭 love your videos!! 💕

                                                              Vicky Newsone

                                                                You are amazing!!!🔥🔥💣💣

                                                                desiree h

                                                                  Gorgeous skin 🍫✨


                                                                    I wanted to know sooo bad didn't wanna pry! Wont He do it!!!


                                                                      Filming set up right now looks nice!

                                                                      Aimee Rowe

                                                                        I appreciate it sis

                                                                        Lydian Mitchell

                                                                          It really looks like you talking on Love and Hip Hop 😂🤣😂

                                                                          Rayne Storm

                                                                            I was literally looking up nose piercings last night lol that’s crazy and then my fav YouTuber upload a video about it wow !

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