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    Wayne Goss

      This palette is only $65! Amazing value for 15 eyeshadows! LINKS! US UK SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES …


        Swatches on your face! You funny delightful man!

        Suzan Storm

          You're so sweet… but I'm so tired of the warm shadows.

          W G

            This video is great 😂😂you're very funny 😋

            Rachel Collins

              You are so wonderful! I love your reactions and your obviously being honest. I think I want the Biba and this one for Christmas…or maybe minis because I have way too much makeup.

              Ddawg M

                I just checked a couple details- the Sunset palette of 15 shades retails for $129 usd for 37.5 grams, and this Sunrise palette, also 15 shades, is $65 for 19.25 grams product.

                So yes, half the product but half the price.

                Material Diamond

                  Everything about this video I LOVE 💖💋

                  EMI V

                    I actually love the idea of smaller pans!! It is nearly impossible to finish a palette before it expires, and since I have to take good care of my eyes I have to get rid of it after, which feels like a waste if there is a lot of product left. This is above my budget but I like the idea

                    Hoo Me

                      Love Wayne, love Sam n I trust their opinions but I have to say, I was not impressed with Natasha’s pallets. Purchased the Biba n Sunset pallets, returned both. Wasn’t worth the price based on the quality.

                      Cumberkisses Bailey

                        Loved this! Never seen shadows swatched this way and I really enjoyed it.

                        Candy Howard

                          Heeyyy Wayne… love a new palatte and I really like that one. Love the warm tones as well! You know Wayne I think you are just getting better looking as time goes, the lazer treatments must be working… take care! See you next time 🙋🏻‍♀️🌻🌹🌺

                          Belle Lopez

                            Gorgeous Wayne! You now own Face Swatching. 🤣 Pastel looks great on your skin.

                            As for your veiny moment, try taking Collagen powders (they do work) in hopes to thicken your skin. NOTE: YOU may look younger as a side effect. 😘😘


                              I say it all the time, but you seem like such a sweet, genuine, and honest person. I always enjoy your videos, I learn a lot, and I’m left with a peaceful vibe afterwards. It’s refreshing.

                              Emily Hutchinson

                                Love these videos xox


                                  Brush swatches, brilliant! 😊

                                  allison wood

                                    This look…coming to a runway near you!


                                      Oh what do u say about kylie skin

                                      L J

                                        The bruise Wayne use arnica cream

                                        Jina Kay Henry

                                          I really appreciate your honesty, Wayne. It’s one of the things I really love about you!!

                                          Leonore Gatti

                                            I always knew you had some Cherokee blood in you. lol

                                            Leona W

                                              Love your swatches thank you!! You don't like mustard yellow? It may not be the most exciting of colours but personally it works well for my eyes and brings out some gold flecks. I'm addicted to mustards for how they work😂 love your videos thank you thank you!

                                              Harmon McCraw

                                                These colors are absolutely hideous — you'd look beaten up putting this crap on your eyes.

                                                RAI SSA

                                                  OMG such a good way to swatch


                                                    The color don't look that pigmented.
                                                    A very big PASS for me.

                                                    Petra Lins

                                                      I love you, Wayne. I want to see everyone start swatching on their face because of you. You break all the annoying YouTube rules, and just do you, it's the best!

                                                      The Merz

                                                        Hehe What a pretty boy. Excited the palette is lower price & I'll never use all that shadow anyway. 😉 I'd love to see a tutorial on deep set eyes. Hmmm perhaps you have, I should check. TY!


                                                          You look like a colorful red indian with those swatches on your face 🤣🤣

                                                          Patricia Roberts

                                                            I love you putting them on your face!

                                                            Jocelyne L-Fab

                                                              Hi – for broken capillaries, my dermatologist uses electrocauterization. Old fashioned but effective.

                                                              Rita Baker-Marsh

                                                                Beautiful pallet. Thank you for our review.

                                                                Melissa Chen

                                                                  Well for scars derma e has a scar gel that i love because it helps fade them in a few weeks when usually mine take years and the gel is only 15 dollars

                                                                  joanne baker

                                                                    You are a bloody legend!! I laughed so loud….swatching colours on your face gives a better representation of what they will look like when you use them. Who else but you would be game enough to do it!! Thanks Wayne xx

                                                                    ms. Barbie Conover

                                                                      I didn't realize it was only $65 I've always wanted a Natasha pallette but couldn't spend that kinda of money$65 is still high but I can get there , and this is the first one I've ever really liked . I'm going to have to suck up to the husband I guess lol 😂

                                                                      Carol C.

                                                                        Yay for face swatches! Brilliant! Please make this "a thing"!

                                                                        chess valenti

                                                                          Please do a tutorial using these colors! I don’t understand how the purples got in? Would really love to see you in action using this!!

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