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      It’s time to bring back an old friend… today I’m back with my HITS AND OH GOD NO’s 2.0! In this video, I’ll create a full makeup look using only my current …



        Lindsey Kruger

          I’d love to buy Mitchell’s palette, but it’s gone. Hope they have a restock!🤞🏻

          Minutes Of Us #HKZ #FamilyVlog

            And yes i voted for yah! 25 votes worth it! 💖💕💝❤️

            Glamourholic Gurlsss

              Hey guys! Please support each other. Stay connected😘



                Fatima R.

                  Your videos are like a TV channel u love everything about your channel!! Production is on point👌best makeup youtuber ever👍

                  Vanya Eleniel

                    Can you do a video about your favourite makeup brushes?

                    Elina Rohleder

                      Where can you order the colourpop products to Germany/Europe?

                      Joyce Davadilla

                        I love when influencers apply their monthly faves for us to see rather than just showing the product…

                        Charlotte King

                          It just doesn't do much for me.. = it doesn't make me look like someone put cake on my face

                          Bristi Alba

                            I voted for you!!! I really hope you win 🥰

                            Nour Mari


                              richa tuteja

                                Why are your videos coming at such long intervals…hope everything is going great at your end…miss looking at your face on a regular basis…

                                Christa Marie

                                  Yes please keep doing these!

                                  Lorienzo De Garcia

                                    I actually would watch that program. Looks fun.

                                    Perrine D

                                      I'm so happy to hear you talk about Juvia's foundation again ! I bought it after your 1st review but couldn't find the right primer to go with it (I didn't wear the foundation during summer because, you know, summer, but fall is coming so I'll wear it soon). I'm glad you helped with this video !

                                      Cara MacDonald

                                        Hey Nikki,
                                        Can you start putting the price of things on screen and commenting on the fragrance ??

                                        julia rumińska

                                          when she didnt pull out the fenty powder I was like "whAAT¿"

                                          Leila Ali

                                            Whenever I try one of your make up looks it always looks like a total mislukking

                                            May Poi

                                              Now I know the captions on this video are auto generated… but they took her name Nikki for the N word.. in the first four seconds of this video and it shook me.

                                              shabab quli

                                                Love from India ❤

                                                Christina Smith

                                                  I couldn’t find the bronzer brush on their website😫Can someone tell me where I can find it?


                                                    My grades are defined a mislukking

                                                    Emma Sandford

                                                      I looooove that HITS & OH GOD NOS is back! I also filmed a review of the MMMMitchell palette on my channel! It is amazing!!! 🙌🏼❤️


                                                        Has/will Nikkie review Jackie Aina's ABH palette???

                                                        Never higs

                                                          nikkie no…no no no no…your foundation is not good darling…your skin than looks like very dry plastic …

                                                          Sofie Skogly

                                                            When were you in Norway?

                                                            Taylor Mclean

                                                              Do half a face good products and the other half oh god no's

                                                              Atelisha Harilal

                                                                Yay! Love it

                                                                Diane B

                                                                  Probeer “ vogelverschrikker” volgende keer als woord. Leuk voor Halloween. En dat is zo leuk als mensen dat proberen uit te spreken. De gggg ggggg 😂

                                                                  Balahatun Güvel

                                                                    YASYASYASYASYAAAAAS GIIIRRLLL I WAS WAITING FOR THIIIISSS

                                                                    Maddïe Pegasus

                                                                      "And I just want to say, if you do NOT like full coverage looks–"
                                                                      Me: steer clear of this channel.

                                                                      Haha, no hate tho!

                                                                      Snazzy Avocado

                                                                        LMAO THE CAPTIONS IN THE BEGINNING DLWLSMKS


                                                                          If I did that makeup look, it would be a total mislukking

                                                                          Marian Avilés

                                                                            Yay! Love this video! Back from the past 🙌🏻 🎉

                                                                            Amy Aubergine

                                                                              does this remind anyone else of Charli XCX album cover?

                                                                              intan wafi

                                                                                I will wear this makeup just for buying groceries… I don't care.. This looks is awesome..!!

                                                                                desi kuiper

                                                                                  Yes yes yes my fav series is back


                                                                                    uOma UaMa uUmA

                                                                                    Annelore Bijnens

                                                                                      How you do your make up is never a mislukking 💖💖💖

                                                                                      Daniel Kikos

                                                                                        Me trying to recreate one of your look is a misslukking 😬


                                                                                          OMGONF FIWKJAJQHQJQK YOU'RE CKMING TO INDIA TOO?!?!?!?!


                                                                                            Uhm the intro when she says “hello Nikki to the rescue”
                                                                                            Well I have captions on and it changed the word Nikki to the N word. Just so someone can fix that somehow. Like ASAP

                                                                                            Tanjina sharmin

                                                                                              Hy Nikkie I love you and your makeup also ….god bless dear♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

                                                                                              Poornima Kaul

                                                                                                Please mention which lip-liner did you use in this video?😖😖😖🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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