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      Hollywood Doppelgangers That Will Creep You Out

      20 Times Celebrity Doppelgängers Fooled You Subscribe to our channel: …

      Maggie F

        What about Courtney Cox and Nelly Furtado?

        jessica vhinse

          Ant Man And Starlord Lookalike

          Zanele Renitha

            I thought that jamie persley was margot mom they look so damn alike

            Becky Smeilus

              Nina Dobrev has to many doppelgängers

              Harumi Ayame

                Great voice over. Don't watch often but great talent.




                    clones….been happening since the 1040's….check it out.

                    Sweet Life**,

                      Rachel Bilson and Kaia Gerber should have been on this list too

                      Shana Gordon

                        Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds is a streeetch… kinda similar, but not twins

                        juhi Dhand

                          Ed Sheehan and Rupert grint

                          Weight Loss Dietitian

                            Who came here after watching the thumbnail hits like

                            Ajay Chakraborty

                              Just saying Catalina Otalvaro looks quite similar to Adriana Lima #just saying… 🤔

                              Francine Arcieri

                                This was unique they do look so similar most of the celeb matches cant get over it although Katie perry and Zoey de schannel dont look thst simikar


                                  Billie Eilish and Scarlett Johansson

                                  Oktay Dogan

                                    Nice video and interesting channel content. I am an actor myself. Thanks for sharing. See you again soon.

                                    Casie B

                                      Most of these look nothing like each other

                                      Amarachi Ogoke

                                        Lea Michelle and Camilla Cabello

                                        Θεοδώρα Δρόσου

                                          Zooey Deschanel looks EXACTLY like Molly Burke. Is it just me or they are almost the same person? 😂😂

                                          David Jackson

                                            Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill?

                                            Electric Fan

                                              Ryan Reynold and Ryan Gosling do not look a like lol.

                                              angelica grace

                                                nina looks like cher lloyd not victoria

                                                True 2disney

                                                  kim kardashian and nicole from the pussy cat dolls

                                                  LOS IVES

                                                    Melissa Benoit (supergirl) and Lily Reinhart (betty in riverdale)

                                                    Aundrea Williams

                                                      Come on, if you just look at them, majority of them are not identical at all

                                                      Erica Lockman

                                                        I hate Lily Collins she’s so dramatic!! Like can you breathe without sounding like you are snoring?!

                                                        Ayesha Windsong

                                                          Alexis Bledel and Dakota Johnson also look surprisingly similar.

                                                          Rachel Henning

                                                            I don't see the similarities between Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gossling. Lol

                                                            Caroll Danvers

                                                              Emma is ugly dont look nothing loke m r


                                                                Katy Perry and Piper from OITNB!!!


                                                                  Emma doesn't look like Margot, maybe from the same family.


                                                                    Nina and Victoria, yes! I would see them separately for years and I thought I kept getting this girl's name wrong.

                                                                    Cora Britton

                                                                      My mind is freakin blown right now 🙀

                                                                      Jamuna N

                                                                        Julia micheal and anushka sharma

                                                                        Scarlet Torres

                                                                          Dude all famous people look the same not just in today but from years ago. I feel like there is a mold they have to fit because damn I swear all famous people look the same from now and then.

                                                                          A Nguyễn

                                                                            Billie Eilish and Scarlett Johansson

                                                                            LiliBear 2153

                                                                              I don’t see Lucy Hale looking like Selena Gomez at all except except the dark hair

                                                                              No shade😂

                                                                              Shamshed Ali

                                                                                Jimmy Fallon and josh randor!!

                                                                                gamer3 girl12

                                                                                  I arlready found my "NICE TWIN" she is not my real twin but she DOSE HAVE EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE

                                                                                  Taylor Demorest

                                                                                    i think Mila Kunis and Vanessa Hudgens look a lot alike!!

                                                                                    Juanita Kratzer

                                                                                      I look like Millie Bobby Brown and Halsey! When I shaved my head people went crazy telling me I look like Millie and then as my hair grew everyone started saying I look like Halsey!

                                                                                      Kaylee F

                                                                                        I have a younger cousin that looks so much like me that when my mom put her senior picture on display my dad thought that it was me and I had gotten some new pictures taken. Her dad has even mistaken me for her a couple of times.

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