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      HOLO TACO Unicorn Skin EASY Ombre Design

      Suzie creates a gorgeous Ombré using Holo Taco Unicorn Skin from Simply Nailogical. #holotacounicornskin #simplynailogical Suzie’s Premium File Kit and …

      isabelle Dim

        Bonjour je vous suis de france ..je vous adore
        j'aimerais savoir ou vous avez acheter votre fauteuil a pedicure ou la marque du produit svp !!! mille merci pour votre aide

        Sips Tea

          My goodness these are gorgeous!!

          Lotus Kaye

            Thank you Susie and Cameraman! This is such a welcome distraction and I truly appreciate it. 💗💗

            Judy Hoffmann

              Beautiful 😍😍

              Megan B

                i wanna start practicing acrylic nails, is there any brands on the cheaper side for starting out and when doing coloured nails is it better to buy gel polish than coloured acrylic powder? Ty x💞

                tia vergauwen

                  Hey, Susie is it possible to do a fill over acrylic with polygel? If so how would you go about it? Would it be the same way as you would apply the polygel by itself?

                  Miressa Salazar

                    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL 😭😭😭😭😭


                      🤯🤯 amazing Suzie!!

                      Chardel F

                        Aaahhmmm… Ok… Ima need these… They look like an inlay. So beautiful.

                        Kerry Clark EDM Arbonne

                          All I could think was man those nails will take forever to dry with that thick of top coat

                          Selita. R

                            Can you do a video on fiberglass nails

                            Dana Doozer

                              Ugh, now I NEED the holo taco kit! The glitters look incredible over the blue base coat!

                              eloise hodgson

                                I think a collaboration with simplynailogical is needed when life goes back to normal. Stay safe everyone

                                eloise hodgson

                                  I think a collaboration with simplynailogical is needed when life goes back to normal. Stay safe everyone


                                    Your music is heavenly 🥰 just as your nails 🤗👍

                                    40is Amazing

                                      Anyone have any advice for someone trying hard to grow out their nails after acrylics. Everyday i clean my nails. Once a week I use a 5 sided nail file on my nails to buff them and smooth them and I use a clear top coat from opi, And twice a day I use vitamin E cuticle oil. I also take collagen in in powder form.


                                        These colors are gorgeous! Flakies have always been my favorite “effect” nail polishes. I love your methodical and whimsical teaching methods! It makes me feel so peaceful. I’ve been binging your channel since the quarantine. I was wondering what sort of UV/LED light you would recommend for a do-it-yourself (non professional)? I want to order some supplies to get into nail building (I have over 100 regular nail polishes) but want to dive into building now that I do have a bit of time on my hands? Thank you! ❤️ From California.

                                        Charlene Jo

                                          That looks so easy!

                                          Katie Eckler

                                            Wow those are beautiful

                                            Fabian Heider

                                              Watching Suzie's videos made me get to the point where I want to get acrylics really bad just to try it and see how one can function with them on in every day life 😅
                                              Now would have been the perfect time. Dang it. 😂

                                              Ashley Clarke

                                                Wow looks incredible!!

                                                Blueberry Cupcake

                                                  it reminds me of stained glass or butterfly/Dragonfly Wings

                                                  Loz Brown

                                                    They look so beautiful, Suzie!

                                                    Sarah Fajardo

                                                      THIS IS STUNNING

                                                      Maria Trombley

                                                        I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE ur videos!!! You are a wizard at doing all things nails!! Thank you so much for helping ppl get the best out of their nail projects!!! I APPRECIATE YOU MISS SUZIE!!!!💅🏽❣️💖


                                                          Yayayayayayay! SuziexCristine 😍

                                                          Shresh Ramsout

                                                            Holy cow those are some beautiful nails!!

                                                            Anthony Martinez

                                                              Gorgeous! Thanx for the extra bonus videos Suzie!!

                                                              monique damen

                                                                it is beautiful, but i can not believe it's gonna dry!!!!!

                                                                frida banuelos

                                                                  Susie could you try the kiss e file


                                                                    How long does it take the layers to dry? I always wanted to try this out.

                                                                    Ashley Graziano

                                                                      this doesn’t have to do with this clip but where do you get your drill bits? i’m having a hard time knowing where to find them and what websites to trust. i’m just a diyer but i do acrylic and the bits that come with e files are just not good enough

                                                                      Jen Kouw

                                                                        I love how much of a cheerleader you are for Cristine, Suzie! She has always admired you so much, that's how I found you! I love seeing professionals supporting each other ❤❤❤

                                                                        Elizabeth J

                                                                          Beautiful!!! Y'all need to collaborate, I would love to see that. Probably would have to be creative about doing it with everything going on.

                                                                          Panchita Bell

                                                                            I want mine done next,😊

                                                                            Antonia Franco

                                                                              Can you please do a review on the kiara sky AND young nails e-file!! I love your honesty and unbiased-ness!! Big fan! I’m a new licensed nail tech and don’t know where to purchase a good nail efile from!! Help!!


                                                                                This makes me what to buy her products even more!!! Lol

                                                                                L L

                                                                                  Love these nails.

                                                                                  Liz P

                                                                                    Omg Suzie has an acrylic kit available again! I just bought the young nails line 😭😭 had I known Suzie had a kit I would have bought this instead 😭😭😭😭😭😭


                                                                                      So glossy, go Cristine!! 👏

                                                                                      Alejandro Cor

                                                                                        This looks AMAZING. But such thick polishes must take SO long to dry

                                                                                        Veronica Anderson

                                                                                          Am I the only one who loves iridescent glitter over white nails (or even a light pastel color)? I see so many tutorials with dark nails. But iridescent over white is stunning. ☺️

                                                                                          I might have to find some iridescent gel polish and recreate this look, but with white!

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