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      Holy Smokes some of this is Actually Pretty Great! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE » » » PRODUCTS …


        The reason I’ve stayed subscribed to Tati for many years now is because of her genuine curiosity and love for makeup. She has so much knowledge beyond a typical makeup channel.

        Heather Corinne

          Try mixing a matte and a dewy foundation. Love it with l'oreal infallible!

          caleb weetman

            I love the pallet BH Brazil! It's so beautiful and pigmented, you should try it out

            Ashley Lamora

              Your hair looks the best ever

              Steffi Pheng

                Love you Tati, but the buxom plumping stain is applied wrong. They're meant for you to build up the pigment everytime it fully dries. You can't apply them the way you would with lipstick/lipgloss. A little goes a long way but generally you'd start with the middle of the lips and spread is out with/without brush. You can find so many videos on how to apply lip tint, it's a very popular asian makeup trend.


                  No one:
                  Literally no one:
                  Like actually no body:
                  Tati: holy smokes

                  k k

                    Tati, I’m always curious when I watch these videos if you keep some kind of Excel spreadsheet so you remember if you liked something or not? Or do you just remember all this makeup, like the Buxom lip stains for example, just by looking at them? I would never be able to remember everything with all the makeup you try.

                    Christy Woods

                      Plzzzz try Tina x bhcosmetics pallette!!!

                      Christy Woods

                        Glowy blush toppers are in this year!

                        Christy Woods

                          Girlaktik is one of the best brands!

                          Christy Woods

                            The foundation doesnt match you tho.😪

                            Christy Woods

                              I WANT YOU TO REVIEW THE NEW DOSE OF COLORS FOUNDATION!!!!!

                              Tavreta Matsuno

                                Some tints/stains are really good for another lip looks, i use them every day:)

                                Abby Trenga

                                  I choked on my food when she said “and now I look totally dead but with great lips” 😂

                                  Tracey Anita

                                    I loved the look with just lips and brows. Maybe throw on mascara and it is just so pretty

                                    Saimah Shaikh

                                      Hey I've recently posted my first ever travel vlog would be great if you checked it out. 🙏❤🇮🇳

                                      Jane Jane

                                        Why are you trying to put lip plumper over all that concealer on your lips? Girl! 😂

                                        Renée Paquette

                                          Is she wearing Holo Taco one coat black???

                                          Patrice Marie

                                            Tati, I really don’t like the way u are doing the contour it’s muddy and way to low… it really looked better the way u used to do it

                                            Real Leigh Real Beauty

                                              I loved the way your eyebrows turned out in this video. You should definitely play with that more

                                              Jay D

                                                Love your videos and your reviews! I’m ready for your next video already 🤣🤣

                                                Gabby Kelly-Schultz

                                                  Omg Tati you have gorgeous skin you are practically the queen of skincare I would love to have you judge my skincare routine

                                                  Amethyst Daigle

                                                    That hand mirror is the business!! I need one!


                                                      “And now I look totally dead….but with great lips”

                                                      Abbey Lamb

                                                        I would love to see you try some Josie Maran.

                                                        Lauren Whiteside

                                                          I’ve never noticed this before but did anyone else get Katy Perry vibes once her eye makeup was done, or am I seeing things?! 😍


                                                            random question about bronzer (if anyone is reading this). When I am doing makeup on men who shave their heads- do you still attempt bronzer along the hairline… which isn't there or do you skip that?

                                                            The Echelon

                                                              Well, i believe those type of lip stains actually work better on bare lips and i feel like depending on the stain power they might need even more precise applications than liquid lipsticks and glosses.

                                                              Felicity Noelle

                                                                Would love for you to do a video of underrated/underdog products that have surprised you and that you love! Love watching your channel and love your quirky personality. 🙂


                                                                  Great content as always, I love that you keep it fresh and interesting 🙌

                                                                  Lena Solo

                                                                    😋Tati, please do not show your uncovered face! I am very😧scared and I want to call your doctor!😄Give me your beautiful face picture!😀


                                                                      She applied the lipstain like a lipstick and then complained it wasn't consistent ..a stain is meant to be light and minimal and she poured it on almost in layers 🙄


                                                                        She really doesn't know yellow is the original counteractive color for redness? This is classic. Green is the new trendy thing that will pass.


                                                                          Anyone else wish Tati would “go out in the field” and show herself buying makeup? Or really just about anything other than putting on makeup at home. Don’t get me wrong, she’s amazing but a change of scenery and mixing things up a bit would be great. 😊

                                                                          Megan Wille

                                                                            That BH cosmetics palette is so underwhelming. Wayyyy too powdery on the mattes

                                                                            Jane Moore

                                                                              Please do a nail polish favorites video your nails are always amazing

                                                                              Destiny Kuehne

                                                                                Love you so much tati!! You videos make my day!!!!

                                                                                Barbara Farina

                                                                                  Hey lady, quick HALO question.
                                                                                  Can I use all 3 at the same time? [Kiwi, HSN and the new Ladies blend] 😉

                                                                                  Julie Cao

                                                                                    i just finish watching stranger things and im still crying

                                                                                    mario valdes


                                                                                      Lesley T

                                                                                        Holy smokes! Love you Tati!!!

                                                                                        Gaia Semiglia

                                                                                          loving the eye look!

                                                                                          Britt King

                                                                                            Unfortunately the liner/mascara dry out super quick bc both are smaller than normal

                                                                                            Ana Sabolovic

                                                                                              So you wash your hair and all that microplastic goes down the drain…

                                                                                              Rae Bean

                                                                                                what is she doing? this chicks crazy…

                                                                                                Elley mae x

                                                                                                  You should review holo taco! 💿🌮

                                                                                                  Lisa T

                                                                                                    Where is that top from? I’m obsessed with that color!

                                                                                                    Dannelle Utsch

                                                                                                      I want to see what that Revlon peach jelly would look like as a creme eyeshadow.

                                                                                                      Sigrid Nygren

                                                                                                        I actually LOOOOVE you're unboxing videos! They are my favorite videos! Give me moooore!

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