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      Homeware Shopping: Not Your Standard Haul!

      Some bits and pieces I’ve been buying for the #house, including some crazy cushions and a beautiful chest of drawers! There are quite a few weird and …

      D Connor

        Fab video Ruth, your style really appeals to me. Really enjoyed the quirky pieces and agree that a good statement wallpaper can make such huge difference to a space. I follow a blog called stylebyemilyhenderson and recently they linked to a site called Chairish which has (amongst other things) some awesome mid-century modern furniture that perhaps may take your fancy…https://www.chairish.com/style/mid-century-modern Only caveat being that according to their site at present they only deliver to an address in the Continental US.
        Sidenote: Great kimono and would love to know where your earrings are from!

        Jo Leipold

          Your plant friends look pretty good. Peace Lillies should be very potbound b4 repotting to a lgr size. (Blooms better when root bound.) You will will know when that time is as they won't perk up much after being watered due to low soil to root ratio. Jo

          Just me

            La Re Dou Te with the T

            Marie Diana

              love love your home and how you are decorating it. Ruth, are those huge mirrors anchored to the walls. It worries me to get them for my home in case it falls on one of the children. xo PS: Do you know the symbolism of the Bubble Gum Girl.

              sofia’s studio

                Hi Ruth, is that "where the wild things are" poster in Angelica's room? can you share where did you get it from? thanks!

                Janet Teehan

                  Love your home and decoration. You are absolutely right about spot on about having white walls. They can look dingy and cold. White only works in a rooms that get a lot of sun light! I also prefer vintage furniture over modern- better made for the money. Enjoy decorating! I love Ralph Lauren for inspiration as well as Farrow and Ball of course!

                  Christie ray


                    Katie Metcalfe

                      I love it Ruth..looks great so far. Can't wait to see how the bedroom turns out.

                      Judith Black

                        You should check out Ormiston House Design as I think you would enjoy their restoration story and interior style.

                        Margaret Frook

                          Use your bath mats!


                            In keeping with the monkey theme you should check the monkey lamp Seletti makes! 😄

                            Cheryl Adams

                              Hi Ruth, I like the white paint and cleanliness feel of your home. The beams and all look interesting. Those rugs in your bathroom are beautiful. The armoire in Angelica’s room is my favorite. Thanks for the tour. It was very nice of you to buy Mr. AMR his cushion with a monkey print.

                              Elizabeth Paredes

                                Yaaay!!! Beauty video!!! Miss you makeup tutorials

                                Jessica Laskey

                                  The bubble gum girl looks a little like Angelica! Adorable!


                                    the seletti stuff is so your vibe you should keep if it looks good in situs as you wont see the plasticky backs on the shelves! or buy something else from the Toilet Paper range. they have fun enamel trays etc


                                      Beautiful home 😍

                                      Magdalena Sz.

                                        In the second bathroom, what do you think about a mirror over the fireplace? I like a colour of your bathroom's tiles. You have a beautiful make-up.

                                        nicola offert

                                          Your taste is refreshing, one minute it's a pink plastic head, and the next it's a period armoire. Always fun, stylish and never boring ! 😘

                                          Jane Michiel

                                            Steam will affect the gold leaf on your beautiful painting. I too, am an artist, and have tried many coatings to prolong the life of gold leaf….but alas, steam is the enemy!

                                            olivia mulholland

                                              Luv the way you mix vintage & modern pieces 2gether. Stealing ur style !

                                              Nancy Stark

                                                What an interesting selection Ruth.I just love this video , your taste is exquisite! X😘

                                                samantha hemingway

                                                  Yes you would pronounce the 't' in La Redoute. Gorgeous as always. I love the juxtaposition of mid-century pieces with modern pieces.

                                                  Grace Kennedy

                                                    that gold painting! 💙💛

                                                    Grace Kennedy
                                                      Grace Kennedy

                                                        Aw your wallpaper will be gorgeous Ruth, I'm in a small 1930s house with alot of the original features stripped out and am hating the areas we've painted white – no soul! love love your bubblegum head and eclectic taste. ❤️

                                                        Lipstick Konniption

                                                          Exquisite 💋


                                                            La Redoute: you pronounce it with the « t ».
                                                            In french the final consonants are usually silent, except of "c", "f" and "l" which are generally pronounced like Chanel. La Redoute there is a « e » after the « t » so you would pronounce the t

                                                            Ahahah hope that’s useful information!

                                                            All the best, love your videos and love your new house!


                                                              you’re so pretty but everything in your home is singing a different song … i’m so confused 🤷‍♀️

                                                              but you’re so pretty


                                                                I absolutely love that Holly Delaney piece! I would put it over my living room fireplace, front and center! In fact it would really be quite spectacular with my decor in there. Perhaps you could decide to hang it at my house!😏🤗😉😁 And I concur with buying quality antiques. They just don’t make them like that anymore!

                                                                Lulu Manu

                                                                  5:36 With. A /t/. Love the pink girl clin d'oeil in a potentially classic environment. Ouh!

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