HONEYMOON IN ITALY // Our Time in Lake Como!

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    Alex Centomo
      HONEYMOON IN ITALY // Our Time in Lake Como!

      We went to Italy for our honeymoon and had the best time ever! Follow me on instagram: Follow Dan on instagram: …


        Dan going up the stairs is literally me whenever there's a little bit of height haha


          I feel so bad laughing so hard at Dan's going upstairs, but it's so funny🤣🤣 Ugh, Italy, Como, Positano my dream destinations😍😍


            Loved every minute of this ✨ thank you for sharing such a beautiful time with us!
            I’m going to Florence, Italy with my boyfriend this summer and I can’t wait 🍝❤️

            Katja Vestergaard

              ❤❤❤ adorable

              Katie Larison

                You guys are the sweetest couple I've ever seen!!! Love you both so much and wish nothing but the best for you both. Love watching your videos and love your connection to each other!! ❤❤❤

                ch Jao

                  I've missed your podcast already!!!!

                  Michyy nicole

                    I'm glad you guys had an amazing time (:

                    Julie Jigsaw

                      Alexxxxx you look SO happy like you're glowing in this video and your honeymoon sounds like it was amazing guys 😍😍😍

                      Laura Rivera

                        Italy looks like a dream! 😍 heights are super scary! I would be the same as Dan

                        Jenna Powers

                          Just there in June for a family vacation! It was incredible

                          Tiffany L

                            omg dan going up those stairs gave me secondhand anxiety hold crap!!! beautiful but omg no. so happy for you guys!


                              Peep the CMBYN reference

                              Sophie De Foer

                                Lugano is super fun, my dad lives a few minutes away is Switzerland and i still go and visit him there event year 😍


                                  Do you remember where that church you climbed was exactly? would really like to go there


                                    Lago Di Como is so pretty. I've been there once cuz I'm at Lago Di Maggiore every year since my family has a house there. You should definitely visit that lake next time you decide to go the north of Italy but stay mainly on the eastern side, it's less touristy, not like there are that many tourist in the first place

                                    Michaela Boivin

                                      Your honeymoon sounds incredible! I think it’s so great you guys took a break from social media to enjoy each other 😊 also I love how well Dan explains things haha

                                      Xara Axioti

                                        Pls make a video with the hairstyles you do/like the most bc you are g l o w i n g and i need your ideas. Ly❤️

                                        Xara Axioti

                                          The pictures she took in italy..😍😍 i need a video about poses for insta bc i look like an awkward potato every time

                                          Xara Axioti

                                            Ive been watching her since she started yt and watching her grow to this amazing mature funny kind woman just makes me so proud. Shes thriving i wish i could give her a hug ughhh i wish she came to Greece soon ❤️

                                            Simply Anais

                                              I laughed so hard when Dan was going up the stairs but its literally me omg 😂😂 also so happy that you had an iconic time in Italy !! i myself went to greece for ten days and had sm social media breaks and was so proud of myself bc i barely do them but it was so worth it !!

                                              About a girl&the world

                                                aww you guy looks so happy and relaxed, I am glad that you had such a wonderful honeymoon (even tho I did missed you and your content)

                                                Natalie W

                                                  I'm so glad you enjoyed your honeymoon! I have some of my own pictures of lake Como on my Instagram @nwphotography2017 if you wanna check them out!

                                                  Josy Lopez

                                                    Does anyone know what boat tour that is? Let me know! I am planning a trip to Italy and would love to do that tour!


                                                      Dan going up that staircase is a MOOD oh my god

                                                      Madeleine Marchese

                                                        Ahhh I love this so much ❤️❤️❤️

                                                        Lola Holly

                                                          love you, you are one of the perfect couple I haver never seen, and wow Lake como !! I was there last year with my mother and I can tell it's magical, I suggest you to visit Major Lake and the Garda Lake, if you never did ^^ <3


                                                            STOP WE WENT TO LUGANO TWICE IN THE LAST YEAR! Not many people know about it but we love it 😍 one of our favourite spots


                                                              i can see how happy and content you guys look filming this! this must've truly been an amazing trip

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