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    All Things Adrienne
      HOT Tips for Dry Legs | Winter Skincare

      At #AllThingsAdrienne we ain’t about that ash life. Use code ATA50 for $50 off your Kenzzi: #ad _ Thank you Kenzzi for sponsoring this …

      All Things Adrienne

        What are your winter skincare tips/routines for keeping your legs looking HOT?


          foot and leg porn appeared in my suggestions. I dont mind

          Caitlin Feltner

            “It’s a good leg it gets me around”😂😂

            Regina Bruce

              Please don’t say all skin tones when the website itself says not recommended past the clay 2-3 skin tone.

              Lory Lopez36

                I take oil baths once a week and use Palmer’s coco butter lotion that’s in the tub. Morning and night. But at night I add moisturizing oils to the coco butter. Soft asf

                Mosin Raza

                  Basically take a bath in chemicals b4 leaving the house.

                  Candy Hartso

                    So I suffer psos (facial hair) can I use the laser hair remover on my face?

                    Rachael Santiago

                      who has all this time to do this when u got to go out

                      Karina Molostova

                        When you start writing your name on your leg… Haha you are so enjoyable to watch

                        Shay Tha real

                          Girl stop acting like winter in LA is freezing cold 🤣🤣♥️ try living over here in Toronto where it goes below 0

                          Jen Star

                            Hola mi amor 💖 eres la mejor. I am Boricua I live in PA n as you know it’s cold so I make my own scrub. I use coconut 🥥 oil brown sugar and honey 🍯 and scrub away then shave and add more coconut 🥥 oils
                            And repeat


                              Thank you Adrienne! I ordered the Kenzzi with your code and really enjoyed this video! 🤗

                              Isiah Garcia

                                I bet lil mamas boy rob k is probably spankin the monkey to this

                                Miz Kane

                                  I use to play tic tac toe on my arms/legs/whatever. That’s what I thought you were gonna say lol

                                  Irma Quinones

                                    Thank you adrienne ima be purchasing all of these!!!

                                    Angie Mares

                                      Adrienne! Let's get those tips you gave Tamara that resulted in her second baby! LOLOLOL

                                      Jia Peyton

                                        Happy Tuesday Adrienne ❤️

                                        Terri Shepherd

                                          CeraVe all the way.

                                          Sayeta Zonen

                                            Celebrate the ash? 😂😂😂😂😂

                                            Beauty for ashes

                                              i’m stoked 🥰 thanks for the beauty secrets babe. i was wondering how you stayed tan ALL YEAR round lol! you’re so cute. 🧡

                                              Virginia Macias

                                                Cactus prickly feeling lol 😂

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