HOW I KEEP MY SKIN CLEAR/ SMOOTH + My Fav Products (for night time)

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      HOW I KEEP MY SKIN CLEAR/ SMOOTH + My Fav Products (for night time)

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is my NIGHTLY SKINCARE ROUTINE! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products I Mentioned: Glossier Milky Oil …


        I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!
        Thank you for allowing me to take the time to work MAH LIFE lol. Love you guys xoxo

        Alison Karnoff

          I have 2 fave cleansing balms. High end one….Drunk Elephant. $34. It’s soooo good. Then Pixi has a duo cleansing balm and regular cleanser in one huge jar. I think it’s $18 but it is 2 cleansers in one package.

          Tavdog 10

            Use the drunk elephant melting remover instead of the farmacy one! I changed to that and it is very similar

            Pammy G

              I have really sensitive skIn and I love the Banila Co clean it zero cleansing balm as well as the Enature Moringa cleansing balm. They last such a long time and they do an amazing job. 😊

              Raafia Ahmad

                You can give a try on the Body Shop chamomile makeup removing products. I guess there 3 products in this range. I had used the cleaning balm long time back. I don’t know whether it is a dupe or not. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                Lindsey Kuhle

                  I loved how glowy the Glow Recipe Pineapple serum made my skin look, but apparently my skin is also super sensitive to it because it made the skin around my eyes swell 😩

                  dolcelauri 7

                    I use the Kose cleansing oil! It’s Japaneese and I buy it on yes style and it’s cheap but good. What happened to the precleanse from dermalogica? You don’t like it anymore?? I think you would love the cerave hydrating cleanser

                    M Missa

                      Kathleen: “uses milky oily cleanser”
                      Kathleen: “it feels kinda milky…and oily..?”

                      Emily Hilburn

                        also you may have malassezia on your forehead


                          The Hado Labo cleansing oil is amazing for taking off ALL of your makeup! 👍 It's on Amazon and a Dermatologist recommended it on YouTube.

                          Emily Hilburn

                            girrrrlll you gotta take all the fragrance, essential oils and dyes out of your skincare routine

                              Jasmine Mills

                                Marula oil seems to be the secret to Kathleen's incredible skin so I go out and buy marula oil💁‍♀️

                                Dayanara Rocess Camet

                                  Omg Thataylaa just made a video about best cleansing balms!! Her top two are the pharmacy cleansing balm and the dupe for it which is physician so formula perfect matcha cleansing balm! You should try it! Love you Kath!😘🥰♥️


                                    You should try the physicians formula matcha cleansing balm. Thattaylaa highly recommends it and so do I. Works very well!


                                      Kathleen I already saw some recommendations in the other comments and definitely want to recommend you to look into Korean skincare! I have dry sensitive skin as well (your foundation recommendations are life changing for me) and I found that many brands like Pyunkang Yul/Innisfree etc have really helped compared to more expensive Western brands. Hope you could give it a try for your videos ❤


                                        Now I want to nourish my skin 😅💓💓💓

                                        Makeup By Nicole N

                                          Coconut oil helps lashes grow as well

                                          MsKelly S

                                            I love every single video that has to do with skincare!!!

                                            MOHAMMAD FARHAN

                                              Yaaaa we missss you

                                              Paula uwu

                                                I really like the Bodyshop Camomile Balm and the makeup removing balm from Lush

                                                Irina Rasskazova

                                                  I can't wait for this nail polish!

                                                  Elisabete Prino

                                                    To substitute the farmacy try the clinic take the day of. It's wonderfull 😏❤️

                                                    Alyssa Cascos

                                                      Taylor swift coming out with her new single and Kathleen uploading a new video….there is nothing better❤❤❤

                                                      Velya Tjiarso

                                                        baby oil is my favourite make up remover


                                                          I find it so annoying when beauty gurus talk about their beauty routine and say nothing about the ingredients in the products the use. Do your job lady, do some research, make an informative video.

                                                          Maly Yang

                                                            Best dupe for the Farmacy cleansing balm is the Physicians Formula matcha cleansing balm.

                                                            Luyu Li

                                                              So beautiful

                                                              Leah Scarlett

                                                                Could you do video about good anti-aging skin care?

                                                                Jessica Diane

                                                                  Do daytime skincare routine please! Dermatologica precleanse and daily microfoliant are awesome

                                                                  Alexis Evans

                                                                    Yes to the morning skincare routine 😍

                                                                    Lies Vhr

                                                                      for a great replacement for the balm, I would recommend the Korean brand called " Banila co" its there balm clean it zero! mmmh my go to is a oil makeup remover ( I also have sensitive skin) is DHC deep cleaning oil. its 200ml and pretty cheap considering the size <3

                                                                      Christine Natasha

                                                                        MORNING ROUTINE


                                                                          Can you explain the plastic in the farmacy clean balm?? It’s my favorite!!!

                                                                          glamorouslyhana 91

                                                                            Hello beauty 😊 do you know the brand Yves rocher? They have products made with camomille and they are very gentle and with a good compo. Dm me on instagram @cosmopolisbeauty …I will show you my post about it 😘😘😘

                                                                            Sabrina Tajudin

                                                                              Please try Banila Co Cleansing Balm! They have 4 variants such as the original for all skin types (pink) < BEST SELLER. Revitalizing for Oily SKin (green) Purifying for sensitive skin (purple), & Nourishing for dry skin (yellow).

                                                                              Kristen Cunningham

                                                                                The bliss makeup melt-wet/dry jelly cleanser is really good. I found mine at target. It takes off all my makeup. And moisturising

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