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    All Things Adrienne
      How I Planned my DREAM Wedding | Hi-Low Hacks

      These are some big hacks for your big day! _ PRODUCTS: Badgley Mischa Shoes: White Dress: Blue Clutch: …

      All Things Adrienne

        What are some of your wedding hacks?

        Nicole Roz

          Great tips n advice

          Destinee Gaitan

            Adrienne is so humble! I love her so much! It’s always been a dream of mine to meet her

            Sarah Betz

              I have 8 girls, I haven't really spent any money on them yet! I'll be buying them little gifts but thats it. They pay for alllll their own shit

              Triple A’S Family

                My loving family of 4 won a $98,000 dream wedding. Thought I'd invite you to check it out. Let me know if you do.

                Sarah Sekasi

                  Adrienne, God bless you honey🙏🏿😘
                  Thankyou so much for the very amazing ideas! Wow! I pray that one day I will get remarried and use all your brilliant ideas…. Thankyou so much for sharing your beautiful beautiful ideas and love❤️ I love you so much🤗

                  Daisy Alexandra

                    Hey Love this so much and love u so much Question When are the XIXI rose gold rings restocking

                    God’s chosen1

                      Great tip

                      blanche mhonda

                        Great tips. Wish l had money to have a wedding

                        Sarah Davis

                          I have helped plan several weddings, but doing a wedding for basically $500 was an awaking for me


                            Thank you SO much for these tips! I’m currently planning a destination wedding…also planning to invite 100. I’ll definitely be trying to reuse my ceremony flowers and having styrofoam tiers in my cake LOL

                            jayelove _u

                              My wedding cost my family under $7000 including my dress..all brides mades gown and groomswear…… And it didnt look it….. Cheap wedding with Luxurious results..

                              Raquel Gonzalez

                                Getting married March 20, 2020, I needed this ❤️

                                Elizabeth Peralta

                                  That dress though 😍

                                  miz dior

                                    EVERYTHING about you speaks of elegance. I would have never guess, that you are a wise budget spender! I enjoyed this.

                                    Savannah Houck

                                      Please do a tutorial on this hair!!!!

                                      Isabelle McCurdy

                                        Lol, I haven’t gotten married, but my siblings had a BIG bridal party! It was like 10 or 12 people! Lol, can’t remember the exact number, been so long!!! 😂😂

                                        Christin Tran

                                          Absolutely agree with everything! Got married a few months ago and am so thankful for hacks like these. ALSO I’m SERIOUSLY vibing with those throw pillows in the back. Been Searching everywhere for ones that I would love for our new home 😭😭

                                          anon a

                                            She’s so small and adorable but she thinks SMART!


                                              You look stunning!!!!!💗💗💗💗

                                              Clarissa Sumpter

                                                For my wedding party I had my girls pay for their dresses, shoes, and flower bouquet.

                                                Jada Seymone

                                                  i'm 16 so i'm clearly not getting married soon but i'm so invested into this video

                                                  Yul Nikita

                                                    Awwww to the giving Key idea ❤


                                                      I loved this video! Thanks for making it less intimidating 🤍❤️you’re a real one😘

                                                      Ale AR

                                                        One hack would be to create your own invitations if you are interested in having a paper form. Literally go into a Michael's or Hobby Lobby and buy an invitation kit, use 40% off coupon and just print them out at home. For my Quinceanera I made my invitation and it's not difficult at all.
                                                        For wedding arrangements, if you are not able to create your own, you can visit your local high school ( if they offer a floral arrangement class) and strike a deal with the teacher. In my Senior year, my floral teacher had us create wedding arrangements.

                                                        cec g

                                                          I would love to see your wedding video hope to see that soon

                                                          Thandiwe Mwanza

                                                            THIS ISNT A VLOG A!!! Please research it, it actually requires you moving around the day recording what you’re doing. Would love to watch an actual VLOG from you though ❤️


                                                              I’m sorry but HOW IS $65 FOR A DRESS CHEAP

                                                              Nayelis Minaya

                                                                Can you please share your mom’s black and white cookie recipe? 💕


                                                                  Love your videos, from the twins princess and diamond

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