HOW I Shave My Face! 4 YEAR UPDATE!

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    Carli Bybel
      HOW I Shave My Face! 4 YEAR UPDATE!

      YAY YOUTUBE IS BACK WORKING! LOL! —————————————————————————– HI MY LOVES!! I hope everyone had a great week! Today I …

      Carli Bybel

        Who’s been around since the last shaving video?!!

        Fiona Honeywill

          I sort of want to do this but same time so scared :/ I wish your Dad well its so nice your Mum is helping it all is so very draining so take time for yourself at time i know ho hard it is to care for a love one. <3


            I personally have to shave at least once or twice a week (i prefer 3-4 tho) since my hair grows back like crazy but I would still recommend it. I'm someone with dark and thick hair but I get the same result if I shave or wax so I prefer the painless method lol. Just make sure you moisturize before and after (i prefer moisturizing before hand as well).

            Also that nose part, I'm so glad to not be the only one with nose fuzz and I hope your dad gets better soon ♥

            sage bates

              Bless Carli for being one of the few unproblematic beauty gurus. She was one of the first I subscribed to! 🥰


                Keeping your Dad in my prayers ❤️

                Mary Joyce

                  Prayers for your dad

                  Rachel Elizabeth

                    THREADING!!!! Yas

                    N Sims

                      Would dermaplaning last longer?

                      River allen

                        omg i was watching the old video just last night wth

                        juveria nausheen

                          Carli can you please provide link for those flowers! They are beautiful

                          Maria انصاري

                            You’re so feminine and angelic it’s honestly beautiful. Thanks for being such a great light on YouTube 🥰

                            Jayme Blondie R.N.

                              God bless your father, I’m a nurse.. stay positive and pray! Both work without a doubt!Ooohhh I need those flowers.. where r they from?? Anyone know??

                              Ashleigh Jacobs

                                yes please ! we need a tour

                                Haley Greenland

                                  Have you tried the Ole Henriksen glow2oh dark spot toner in the blue bottle? Highly recommend if you haven’t tried it. I took before/after pics and after 1 week saw a big difference, and after 2 weeks a huge difference. Love your videos btw! Been keeping up with you for so long!

                                  A C

                                    Praying for your dad


                                      You should look into sugaring if you’re allergic to wax. Most sugar paste is made from lemon juice water and sugar & is much gentler on the skin than wax

                                      Raquel Angel

                                        Michael todd makes a really good one and im its reasonably priced especially if u get a 20% coupon!

                                        Евгения USA

                                          May be I can shave pores on my nose

                                          maryam hassan

                                            love you carli you are so amazing

                                            Sabrina_J _J

                                              Wait what happened to her dad??!!!!!!! 🤭🤭

                                              Aleja J. Parra

                                                Despite all you are going through and have been through. I'm glad you are back to your new and improved yet old self. IDK but I'm loving your energy. And may your dad and everyone be in better health and keep the love going. Much love from Cali 💚

                                                Jessica Painter

                                                  I’ll deff be praying for your dad!🙏🏻💕

                                                  katie brignoli

                                                    I’m so sorry about your dad, I’m praying for your whole family ❤️

                                                    Mike Villanueva

                                                      Do a tattoo video plz 😩😩

                                                      Shanice Jackson

                                                        I just really want to know how she got rid of her dark circles

                                                        Shay Taliaferro

                                                          sending positive vibes for your dad


                                                            Been here over 3 years now keep on inspiring small YouTubers like myself 🇹🇹

                                                            Shay Taliaferro

                                                              kijo white soap, amazon for dark spots i use it, so far so good

                                                              allyiah simon

                                                                God ive been watching you for sometime now. You legit have no personality. Its a good thing your life is interesting and you’re pretty.

                                                                Anny Rodriguez

                                                                  3:40 do you have a piercing under your tongue🤭🙀

                                                                  marina kasparov

                                                                    For dark spots I use a glycolic acid toner, there’s ones by ole henriksen, the ordinary, pixi, kind of everyone? Xox


                                                                      I have VERY dry skin (no matter how much I care for my skin) and my method is twinkle razors plus a THIN layer of coconut oil to let it glide not drag. Just a tip for any fellow dry skinned ladies 😊

                                                                      Melissa Flores

                                                                        Finally !

                                                                        Sandy g.

                                                                          She looks like Emilia Clarke to me

                                                                          Elizabeth Farmer

                                                                            Hi Carli my name is Beth and I’m a licensed esthetician. If you are starting to experience dark spots or what we call hyperpigmentation, I would strongly suggest you try the Power Bright TRx products from Dermalogica. They are sold at Ulta Beauty or online and have worked beautifully for my clients. If you had to choose one to try I would go with the C-12 Pure Bright serum but the 3 products from the line work best together. You can also try the travel kit just to see how you like them and Dermalogica is also cruelty free!! Love your videos and the kindness you bring to this world!

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