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      How I'm coping with my anxiety | Random Rambles

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video about everything and nothing at the same time. I just wanted to ramble about how i’ve been feeling & what i’m doing …


        This video is all over the place…. I just wanted to tell you how I WAS feeling… and what I’m doing now to STOP MYSELF FROM EVER feeling like that again! I’m doing good! I’m happy! I have a positive mind set and I’m fighting through my anxiety every day! And you can too! Xoxo

        Shams M.

          It’s at 4:22 sounds a lot like you have agoraphobia, it is easily treated and it is because you had a an anxiety attack in a public place. You can treat it by taking baby steps, and try to feel completely comfortable when you go out whether it’s a dog or your partner or even a blanket (which I use myself lol).

          Sending you so much love and support❤️❤️

          Victoria Ditomasso

            It can be so helpful to hear the "basic" recommendations to read, watch & listen to positive content & go outside. When I'm really depressed and/or anxious, I can't get out of bed & just watch youtube for days. In that state, I would really benefit from hearing these suggestions. Of course I (and most people) know those things help, but when you're deep in it you need help to even think of doing those things. So thank you for making this, I know it's going to help me & I'm sure it's really helping other people

            Vickie Kennedy

              I have anxiety, have panic attacks. Watching youtube and "Friends" help me a lot.

              Kaeleen Brave

                Please please do ocd. This video was a gift from God. Thank you.

                Cassie Cordon

                  I'm currently reading 'Girl, wash your face!' It's helping me beat my post partum depression and anxiety! It helps so much! My sister recommended "you are a badass" as well! Keep fighting. You are amazing! Meditate- positive affirmations. Therapy- you are right about nature helping too 🙂 hugs

                  Bernadette Scott

                    Yes! New Girl helped me too!!

                    Chabely L

                      Kathleen I love you so much but you need to go to a professional and get the help that you need. Don't get auto diagnosed because that is not right.


                        I understand what you are going through Kathleen. I would recommend to try to limit your caffeine in take it will help you. I love coffee and I know you do as well. But it will help you long term. Also if you have anxiety of what is or might happen. That is no way of living. Miss live your life. You have so much to offer the world. I love that your are brave enough to bring this forth. Keep your head up miss. Sending good vibes your way.

                        Yadira Perez

                          This used to be me for many many years… I was so afraid of snails, raccoons, dogs, animals, going to a corner store, that I never left my home. The fear of what could happen consumed me. I too was addicted to true crime stories… I read about it and I watch it a lot. My anxiety was severe with panic attacks… If I felt panicky in public I couldn’t keep it to myself. It would turn into a debilitating panic attack… I would be so embarrassed…
                          Fast forward years later. I got help. I have a therapist and a psychiatrist. I take medication and I feel a whole lot better. Like so much better. I no longer fear snails, dogs, or raccoons… I can go to the corner store. I still have anxiety and I still have panic attacks, but it’s not the way it was when I was in my 20’s… It does get better. ❤️

                          Lesley Mejia

                            I’m so proud of you for expressing how you’ve been feeling! Your feelings are valid and it’s okay go through what you’re going through. We’re all different and experience different mental challenges. Breathing techniques always work for me when I feel flustered, sad, or angry. I legit teared up when you said New Girl and Friends cheers you up. Friends got me through an extremely tough time in my life. Stay up girl ❤️

                            Bree Lyons

                              I have anxiety just like you though mine is a little different. I wanted to ask you if maybe your catastrophic thoughts come from your dad's motorcycle accident years ago. I'm totally not trying to act like I know you or everything about you but thought that might bring you some clarity that it might stem from that. and if you know that, moving forward it could make things easier. Sending you lots of love and I'm super proud of you!

                              Josie Estes

                                Just sending much love🥰 I have had the same issues for years. Thank you Kathleen. You are a inspiration 🥰

                                Hazel Mari Go

                                  Matthew 11:28

                                  28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

                                  RoamArrow Romero

                                    One piece of advice. We don’t know what today or tomorrow will bring. There is no exact safe place. I believe you overthink a lot. And like you said watching or reading articles about murder, kidnapping etc. don’t help your anxiety. You have to start changing your perspective on life. You are your worst enemy. Remember that. Stay strong and get out. You are young and need to travel more. Life has so much to offer than staying trapped at home.

                                    Amaranta Reyes

                                      Thanks so much for this video. I do encourage you to keep doing them, speaking just about how you feel, how the anxiety strikes, your experiences, that helps you and surely helps us who suffer anxiety, panic attacks, depression, claustrophobia as myself. I do recommend doing zazen meditation, it has helped me a lot. Keep going, you are doing great.

                                      bh gq

                                        the show that heals my soul and makes me forget about how shitty i feel is desperate housewives HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I'm so proud of you, you are strong as hell 💛


                                          I needed to hear this. Thank you for sharing Kathleen!

                                          Zainab Khan

                                            I was also focused on others that one day I realized that I've hurt myself so much in the process, this is where I realize that it's about time that I start doing what I've done for others. About time that I start loving myself the way I've loved others. You're very brave :*

                                            Sherry Tiller

                                              I think the reasons we like true crime are: 1) It legitimizes the fear in our minds. "I'm not being ridiculous; this horror is really out there. The threat is real." 2) We take these stories as warnings and feel a temporary safety in imagining that if we avoid similar situations, we retain the power to protect ourselves.

                                              Sarah Swan

                                                yes yes yes Kathleen, thank you <3

                                                lupita alejos

                                                  Yes! More anxiety videos, please! I would really like to learn how you cope with it while traveling, especially while on an airplane. Best wishes ✨

                                                  Brittany P

                                                    Oh Kathleen! Never be afraid to let it out! Just like you are an escape for us, we can be an escape for you. We will always be here to listen. <3

                                                    Victoria Guevara

                                                      I’m living with continuous overthinking, you’re not alone.. love you Kathleen!! I’m trying to fight it ! We got this!

                                                      Anxious Gurl

                                                        Its so hard for me to walk out of my door. I feel the same as I get older it seems to get worse. My heart aches for anyone with anxiety, panic, OCD, and depression. =(

                                                        Katia Uribe

                                                          Do you go to therapy? You shouldn’t be dealing with all of these by yourself 💗

                                                          Nicole Hebdon

                                                            I can relate so much to you talking about your mental health and just want you to know that your videos are to me what New Girl is to you💕

                                                            Summer McIntosh

                                                              I love you so much bb❤️❤️❤️ that book helped me soooo much. I’ve been diagnosed recently with a severe panic disorder & ocd. I’ve been treated with the wrong medication for nearly 5 years from misdiagnosis. It’s been rough but things like music, reading, doing things I love & making the active choice to train my brain into better thinking have all helped tremendously. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, it makes me feel a hell of a lot more normal lol❤️❤️ YOURE AMAZING


                                                                The Office helped me with my depression so much. It’s weird but it made a difference

                                                                Zoe Seebald

                                                                  Don’t ever feel like your feelings aren’t valid!! There’s always going to be people who have it worse unfortunately but that doesn’t mean your life issues don’t matter. You should really try taking some time in the morning, maybe outside, to stretch!!! It’s weird how relaxing it feels when you just focus on your body and breathing. It almost feels like a high. Maybe that sounds weird but definitely try it! I’m going to attempt to meditate more as well. Also, movies and shows always help take my mind off things when I’m upset. You should watch more funny and romantic movies, I guarantee it’ll take your mind to a better place. Love you girl and keep pushing! You got this, you are strong and you matter!!!❤️❤️

                                                                  Anna Beauty

                                                                    I never comment on videos but this is EXACTLY what i have been dealing with for years on a daily basis. This video is spot on 100% how I feel and ive never heard or met someone who feels this same way 😭😭😭 Thank you a million times for this ❤️

                                                                    Robyn Boyle

                                                                      I think it's totally natural for you to feel this way. It must have been really traumatic when your dad had his accident. Have you been to therapy Kathleen? I can't recommend it enough. I'm almost finished my training as an Art Psychotherapist and as part of the course I had to be in weekly therapy for the last two years. Hope you feel better ❤️

                                                                      Omega Susy_

                                                                        Don't feel guilty Kathleen, that doesn't do you any good. Try to focus on your healing. I really suggest you to spend more time with people, even if you have to force yourself out, because if you have obsessive thoughts, they can bloom perfectly when you are alone with them, so they can go on in your head in a repeat. The other thing I ususally do when I catch myself being in a circle or terrible thoughts is to tell myself to stop, many times loudly and I do something to distract myself immediately. Be brave, if I can do it, you can do it! <3


                                                                          What New Girl is to you, is what you are to me. That’s the best way I can describe it..
                                                                          I freaking love you and I’m forever thankful for you. 💛


                                                                            I wish I could click the like button 1,000 times! Thank you for doing this. It helped me a lot. We love you! 💛

                                                                            Savannah Shives

                                                                              How did the CBD help your anxiety and everything else?!

                                                                              Marta Wólczyńska

                                                                                I remember that 10 years ago, when I visited Paris with friends, we were in one of the museums. Probably modern art, but I do not remember exactly. Through the entire height of the museum, you could have to move by escalators that were made of plexiglass. And the wall next to it was glazed. Halfway through, I started to shake, cry. I did not know what was going on, but I was sure that everything would be broken soon. I had to leave the museum in hysteria. I've never felt such fear before, at the same time I felt that it was terribly stupid. The next day we were on the Eiffel tower and I was afraid that I would feel like that again, because eventually it would seem that the structure is not stable and safe. But everything was ok. Crazy.

                                                                                Whit Stone

                                                                                  U need to start trying to see how manifesting and that has helped me put subconscious and positive thoughts. Our minds are powerful. Do u believe in God or anything…..try to realize the universe/ has u!!! Angels… I promise!!! True crime flips me out. I love all Kendell Rae s videos but I cannot wait for a fascinating Conspiracy vids ( hint: Tell HER..I know u can) lol but plz i love ya. U are a badass …I love I love reading books

                                                                                  Stephanie Carmona

                                                                                    I love you ❤️ thank you for these videos. You always speak what I’m thinking and feeling and it’s truly a relief. I hope one day I can meet you and give you the biggest hug.

                                                                                    Sabrina Anderson

                                                                                      I have been going through this for 18 years. CBT therapy helps so much it breaks that negative disc in your mind. And it takes all your fears away and it puts your mind and life in a new perspective. Please research this and this will change your life for the better!

                                                                                      xChronicBeauty Gurux

                                                                                        Yesssss catastrophic thinking ! That's me all day everyday. Thinking of the worst case scenario. I sometimes think like, do I want this to happen? Is this why I'm thinking about this ? Thank you for mentioning this !


                                                                                          There's a book called "Unf*!% Yourself" that I think you would really like!

                                                                                          Whit Stone

                                                                                            I completely freaking relate to all!!!! As I get older mine gets worse. Mine is Fear as well. Remember fear is temporary. I know wasier said than done. Do u have anxiety medication? I hope so. I cannot imagine living without having that as a back up. OMG it is what I have chatostropic thinking! Omggggg!! Holy moly # Kathleen Lights guurl ♥️


                                                                                              I have a thing I do every time I'm stressed or about to have a breakdown … I eat a mint … or a few 😂 I think this (or whatever works for you) triggers the happy switch every time.

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